BY PASSIONATE PACHYDERMS Everyone agrees the election was stolen, yet, we as a country seem to have decided that stealing an election is perfectly fine. We’re not shouting from the roof tops, we’re not mounting challenges…

Who Killed The Convoy Movement, A Brutally Honest Account From A Pi**ed Off Pachyderm

By Passionate Pachyderms In keeping with the Passionate Pachyderms commitment to always be “The Brutally Honest Elephants In Every Room” I want to be absolutely clear in disclosing that this article is based on my own…

A Word From Convoy Participants & Supporters; Freedom Isn’t Free, Be Thankful For Those Willing To Pay The Price Even When You Won’t

They knew.


let me say that a third time,

T H E Y K N E W,

EXACTLY what would happen when their vaccines were given to human beings.

The United States Of America, A Government Gone Wild

Acts and Deeds that were perpetrated without the consent or knowledge of those American citizens victimized. Deeds that when uncovered, were lied about, down played, and hidden to lessen culpability and financial responsibility for the ensuing damage done to the lives of in some cases, potentially millions of unwitting Americans who, until recently believed with every fiber of their being, that the government of the United States of America would NEVER engage in. 

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