Pachyderm Relaxing On The Beach

 With Passionate Pachyderms you never know where you’ll find us next. From New York to L.A. and all points in between, Passionate Pachyderms spends a lot of their time on the move. Two of the most active, engaged,…

A Handy Pachyderm

Pachyderms come in all shapes and sizes, this one is handy, lol.

The Herd Gathers

It’s coming…. Can you hear it? Can You FEEL it? It’s time, You know this! Take a STAND FIGHT BACK! Fill The Field! Saturday October 12, 2013

Word From The Herd

Here’s what Patriots are saying.

Pachyderms Getting It Done

Sitting things out is no longer an option. STAND UP AND DO WHAT’S RIGHT!

Pachyderms Love Their Ipads

When you have no fingers an Ipad is the perfect way to blog, lol.

Join The Herd! (Welcome and Membership information)

We are a Conservative Political action/Advocacy/and watch dog group with over 2.5 million members world wide! We DO NOT, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL MONETIZE OUR WEB SITE, VIDEOS, MEMES, OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH PASSIONATE PACHYDERMS….

This Is A Citizen

We are not black, white, or any other color we are all Red, White and Blue.

A Storm’s Brewing

Look out DC, a storm’s brewing the likes of which you’ve never seen.

A Time To Stand

    It’s time for us to stand for our beliefs and country. Join The herd, and Make a Roar They Can’t Ignore!

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