What The Trump Legal Team Didn’t Say

By Passionate Pachyderms

Rudy, Sidney, Jen and the rest of Trump’s legal team held a press conference on Thursday November 19th to expose the truth about serious irregularities, witnessed  breaches in election protocols, government employees being directed by supervisors to commit illegal acts with mail in ballots.

In addition to these “red flags” long after all of the voting was done and the polls had been closed, in the same early morning hours across the country, but only in large cities known to have democratic city government, many with histories of election fraud, truck loads of questionable ballots arrived. To be clear, it was announced that hundreds of sworn affidavits exist which detail that all of this occurred only once it had been announced publicly that ballot counting had stopped for the night, (though this had NEVER before happened in any election throughout the country before, and no reason was given for the ballot counting having been suspended for the night) and once it was believed that all Republican poll watchers had left for the night. 

In all of these cities Trump was in the lead by huge margins when the counting inexplicably stopped for the night. The ballots arriving in the early morning hours by trucks at counting locations in these cities, all of which located in all important swing states or states where the vote was expected to be close, According to witnesses sworn statements, the tens of thousands of ballots did not arrive in secure bins or appropriate official ballot boxes. They were not appropriately sealed or validated, instead they arrived in trash cans, plastic garbage bags, used cardboard boxes, paper bags, etc. The ballots were observed to have been marked perfectly (as if by machine) only for Biden in the presidential race but no other down ballot races were filled in, few if any of the ballots were marked for Trump.  According to affidavits, the stacks of Biden ballots were the fed into the counting machines multiple times illegally inflating the vote counts… It is important to note that according to the Trump legal team’s statements, because all of this was happening at the same times, in the same cities under the same circumstances it appeared to be orchestrated by a centralized entity calling the shots. Much to everyones surprise when counting officially resumed the next day in these locations, while Trump had been in the lead by significant margins the night before when they announced the counts had stopped for the night, now the numbers had changed to reflect Biden not only overcoming the large leads, but passing them and jumping ahead by tens of thousands of votes. Clearly all of this information once gathered represented very significant indications that election fraud had occurred.

All of this together with the discovery of countless Dominion voting machine issues, irregularities and the discovery that Dominion machines when operated by Smartronic software presented very significant opportunities for election fraud, vote switching, inflated counts, and more.

The Trump legal team was not holding the press conference to present each and every piece of evidence they’ed found over the past almost three weeks to the public, doing so would negate the proof that in fact does exist prior to their presenting it to a judge and /or jury in a court of law. The press conference instead was held to give the American voters an overview or offer them an “opening statement” with which they could better understand the enormity of all that had been discovered, the over 800 sworn statements collected, tell them of the almost exact same events occurring at the same time in Democratic cities across the country while the American electorate slept, and the astounding discoveries surrounding Dominion voting machines and smartronic election software used in those machines how it appears as though they have been used to steal the election and corrupt the American election.

Again, to disclose the exact nature of evidence uncovered, the number of instances found, the proof supporting each of those instances and the exact  nature of the impact each thing had on the overall election is something  that would NEVER be exposed via a press conference nor any other public setting as it would completely compromise the criminal case they are building against those responsible and involved. The names of whistle blowers and witnesses, their statements, addresses or locations similarly would not be made public to protect them from threats, violence, and intimidation which we’ve already seen examples of in the Michigan race.

The very idea that this experienced, smart, hardworking team would expose more than they did in the midst of their press conference is laughable to anyone with even an ounce of common sense or knowledge of how legal proceedings work, let alone wide spread criminal legal action which crosses multiple state lines and has possible international components, as well as hundreds if not thousands of individuals directly involved in committing crimes against our country and the electorate. 

Those in the media discounting the validity or doubting the very existence of the Trump legal teams evidence and proof that crimes have indeed been committed on a scale the likes of which we can’t begin to fathom, and insisting that because they were not trusted with or provided each and every detail, not spoon fed the enormous amount of evidence/proof collected thus far, rolled their eyes and insinuated that the Trump legal team must be making it all up (risking their impeccable reputations and careers in the process.) Manipulating the American public into thinking that the evidence and proof Rudy, Sidney and Jen spoke about was invalid or couldn’t possibly exist merely because they’ed refused to cave to the demands of untrustworthy, lazy, incompetent, partisan main stream media personalities with long histories of being void of any integrity, or objectivity. 

As for the others, political has beens trying to remain relevant, politicians who are realizing that their careers are more than likely over in this new political climate, or their possible involvement in illegal election activities themselves, and of course Democrats who, in spite of knowing full well their party has a long history of election fraud and illegal actions where politics are concerned, can not or will not allow themselves to believe or accept that when all of this is exposed and drug into the light of day, they will never again be able to steal an election for dog catcher let alone the highest office in the land, and the corruption and money train connected to it will come to an abrupt end. All of whom of course are doing everything in their power to discredit anything they can in a despite attempt to save themselves and their party.

So, for those of you worried about what the Trump legal team didn’t say, if you’re on Team Trump, take a deep breath, pray, and be thankful we have courageous warriors stepping forward to help drain the swamp once and for all! The fight is not over and your help will be needed. Be ready and willing to do your part when asked.

If you are not on the Trump Team and you are a politician, a government employee, or have been/are involved in politics and have been party to election fraud in any way shape or form, be it this election or any other, GET A LAWYER and be prepared for the corruption and money involved with it to stop very soon.

For all the rest, be comforted by the fact that FINALLY someone is doing something to clean up the mess politicians have made of our country. You may or may not like Trump for reasons that are your own, but he is the only president who has been committed to draining the swamp, identifying corrupt individuals and agencies, outing them and holding them accountable for their actions. If nothing else he deserves respect and credit for that.

Remember, whether you are a Democrat or Republican our CURRENT POTUS deserves respect, and deserves to be treated with the respect the Office of the presidency commands. Some day it may be the president YOU worked hard to elect and voted for sitting in the oval office and if you want him or her to be treated with respect you better remember how you treated Trump and those who support him.

“Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I am Passionate Pachyderms the brutally honest elephant in EVERY room,

and I tell it like it is!

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  1.  by  Charles Brey

    When I heard absolutely nothing from AG Barr, I knew something big was going on. It only make sense the DOJ would keep their cards close to the vest. I’m looking forward to watching it all slowly unfold, watching the leaves at the end drop until the branch withers and the rotten roots are exposed.

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