As a member of the passionate pachyderm herd, I understand that I will be expected to conduct myself in accordance with the following Terms of Service at all times when I am on this web site, and/or participating in any/all passionate pachyderms events or activities (online or in person.)

Further, I understand that I will be held accountable in the event my actions or behavior fail to meet these standards, or  in any way violate them.

I understand that these terms of service are in place to preserve the reputation and integrity of Passionate Pachyderms, it’s administrators, and members, as well as protect the “Passionate Pachyderm Herd as a whole,” and provide a safe, enjoyable, BRUTALLY HONEST environment in which to speak our minds and express our opinions openly, and freely.

I understand that some “herd members” are public figures, household names, and/or elected officials who are participating under alias’s.  I am free, (and in some cases encouraged) to do the same in the interest of confidentiality, privacy and security, and I  understand that this helps encourage free expression of thought without fear of reprisal.

I understand that the privacy of every member of the Passionate Pachyderm herd is  crucial, I agree to respect that privacy at all times, and have every right to expect the same.

I understand that from time to time, this sight may contain some adult humor, graphics, and/or language, including that which might be considered pg 13 or R rated subject matter.

I further understand that I will not be permitted to use vulgarity, excessive profanity, or pornography for any reason nor at any time while visiting this site,

I have a right to expect the site administrators to remove any such subject matter which might be posted within 24 hours of it being reported to them at their discretion.

I agree that I will not at any time attempt to solicit anything which might be considered consumer goods or services while visiting this site, nor will I attempt to manipulate,  encourage,  lure, or entice other members to leave this site by posting links or graphics for the purpose of solicitation of any product, goods or services not openly endorsed by Passionate Pachyderms. I agree to report any such links or posts to PP~ administration immediately in the event I find them here.

I  understand that I am not permitted to tag posts, graphics, videos, blog entries, or comments posted by Administrators, or members on the passionate pachyderms web site, or the Pithy Pins web site in any way, nor for any reason which results in monetary gain or any other unapproved form of compensation without express permission from Passionate Pachyderms and Pithy Pins.

I understand that and are PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED additions to a privately owned small business. They are a NOT TAX EXEMPT  CHARITABLE Organizations, and do not operate as such.. Any donations, contributions,  financial assistance, or support for activities, events, causes, campaigns, or educational programs organized, supported, endorsed, or offered here  are GREATLY APPRECIATED, however, they are not  tax deductible, nor are those donations governed by the same laws or guidelines that charitable organizations are.

Unlike other organizations of this type where the founders, leaders, and administrators draw sometimes eye popping salaries for what they do,  no one receives a paycheck from Pithy Pins or Passionate Pachyderms. All tasks and duties are performed on a volunteer basis by herd members.

All funds made from the sale of our Pithy Pins, donations or contributed financial support, are dedicated to helping further conservative causes and beliefs, supporting worthy Conservative candidates, covering  the rising costs of supplies, materials, operating expenses, travel/lodging costs to events, rallies, and presentation of our Rules for conservative Radicals program to Conservative Right groups across the country, as well as  helping support organizations, and entities dedicated to saving our country, and helping to educate and empower Conservatives to stand up and stand their ground on important issues. Yes, you read that correctly, no one gets paid. While we don’t expect this compensation arrangement to change any time soon, if at some point it ever does, we will revise this portion of our TOS accordingly.

 We reserve the right to revoke and or BAN any individual from accessing this site that we see fit in order to maintain the decorum and integrity of “The Herd” and its members.

You are adults, you’ll be expected to behave accordingly.  Respect others here as you would your sisters, brothers, and friends. They will do the same. Remember, we all have bad days, and many of us have very strongly held beliefs. Debate and heated discussions are welcome & encouraged.  Abusive, degrading,  derogatory  personal attacks, remarks,  or insults won’t be tolerated. Cut each other some slack, and always be respectful.

I understand that threats of physical violence,  harm toward any other human being,  blatant wishes of ill will or physical harm to person or property in any way WILL NOT BE TOLERATED EVER for any reason, PERIOD. NO EXCUSES.

We have a strong faith and belief in God, and welcome references to him here. HOWEVER,  this is not the place for bible studies, or scripture quoting class. Respect the fact that my beliefs may be different than yours,  others may be different as well, therefore please keep references to religion limited accordingly.

I understand that the administrators of this site, are free to add to, change or alter these terms of service at any time without warning as they see fit. 

I understand that by visiting this site, I am considered to be a member of the Passionate Pachyderm “herd,” and as a herd member I am prohibited from attempting to alter this site, hack it in any manner, shape or form, or in any way destroy, malign, impugn, disparage, degrade the sight, it’s administrators, or other members. I understand that the “Herd” is for all intents and purposes, considered a “family,” of sorts, that we are all working toward common goals, and have common interests,  and agree to support each other and defend the place that has been created for us to the best of my ability.

These terms of service are deliberately quite broad and all encompassing because we believe those participating with Passionate Pachyderms are adults, and therefore know well the difference between what is RIGHT and what is WRONG, have the intellectual capacity to know the difference between the two, and will strive to always do the RIGHT thing.

Thanks for understanding!! Now “Let’s Rocl!” PP~

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