Pachyderm Relaxing On The Beach

 With Passionate Pachyderms you never know where you’ll find us next.

From New York to L.A. and all points in between, Passionate Pachyderms spends a lot of their time on the move.

Two of the most active, engaged, and involved individuals you’ll ever meet,  They are The Brutally Honest Elephants In Every Room!

  • Graphic designer/Artistic Director
  • Owners of three small businesses
  • Professional Fund Raisers
  • Large Event problem/crisis resolution professionals
  • Large Event planning/organization consultants
  • Video producers / Directors
  • Event Security consultants
  • Event promotions /Advertising Consultants
  • Motivational Guest Speakers
  • Presenters of the  Educational programs:
  •  Fighting Back
  •  How the Radical left took over Washington, the White House, and America, and what we need to do to get them out, 
  •  Rules For Conservative Radicals
  •          Campaign Consultants
  •          Activists
  •          Bloggers
  •          Event vendors
  • Video producer and Director

The opinions of Passionate Pachyderms may not always be popular, but they will always be BRUTALLY HONEST.  

We Tell It Like It Is, and We Never Forget!  Elephants ROAR,  We don’t bow, or apologize, and neither do the American people.


“Like” us,  on Facebook  and “friend” Chuck Pithy on Facebook as well. You can also Contact us through our web sites: and

To invite us to attend, vend, speak at,consult on, or assist with your event,  or schedule our educational programs, please contact us through our web site contact pages, or via our Facebook page at

What makes Passionate Pachyderms and Pithy Pins different from every other organization?

Pithy Pins is a small family owned and operated private taxpaying small business like any other, with one HUGE EXCEPTION, our staff is made up entirely of volunteers.  Unlike some organizations where contributions, donations and financial support go toward paying rediculously high salaries to those in charge, NO ONE GETS PAID HERE!  Funds raised from the sale of our merchandise is used entirely to help finance continued participation in the fight to save our Country, and preserve it as our forefathers intended for future generations. These funds enable us to make contributions to worthy RIGHT minded Conservative candidates, help support the Grassroots Tea Party Movement, many of its individual organizations, and helps limit costs associated with the presentation of our educational programs, political Conservative advocacy activities, and our consultation/problem resolution services on rallies and events nationwide, as well as associated travel and lodging expenses.



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