Everyone agrees the election was stolen, yet, we as a country seem to have decided that stealing an election is perfectly fine.

We’re not shouting from the roof tops, we’re not mounting challenges to election results locally let alone nationally, we’re not coming together as Americans to do anything to right this injustice, protest the fact that someone who was not legally elected is serving (or appearing to serve) as President.

We’re not, as the citizens of the Unitd States Of America DEMANDING justice, DEMANDING in depth outside investigations of illegal activities, bogus results, or trails of how it was done and where the funding came from!

Why aren’t we stomping our feet, rattling cages, pushing back, and demanding answers from elected officials?

Why are we simply accepting this insanity and allowing the criminals occupying offices they are not entitled to hold to remain in them? And why, for Gods sake someone PLEASE explain to me WHY we are not exerting enormous amounts of pressure on the media and our courts for not doing their dam jobs and exposing the spider web of corruption that has become our government and judicial systems?

If ANYONE thinks that any of this will happen without your help and willingness to stand strong in your beliefs, that “someone else” can or will fill your spot in this fight, THINK AGAIN!!

In order to right this country, root out the corruption, and get the “RIGHT” man back in the white house, it will take each and every one of us doing all we can, every moment of every day.

It will take whispering about it in offices, talking about it in public, and screaming about it with a chorus of others which becomes a ROAR that CAN’T BE IGNORED and gets louder and louder until it drowns out and deafens the thoughts deeds and actions of the guilty and renders them useless.

It means pointing those fingers, exposing those dirty deeds and choking off the steady stream of funding required for those deeds.

A handfull of us can not possibly accomplish all of this. It will take all of us, it will take commitment, courage, money, great sacrifice and effort rooted in a foundation of determination to DO THE RIGHT THING!

Here we are nearly 2 years after the election, with our country going to shit, gas prices tripled, hyper inflation on things like food, housing, and everything we use on a daily basis.

REALIZE, This plan of theirs was years in the making. It required thousands of conspirators willing to risk it all to succeed. If we as Americans refuse to act with the same commitment, equal levels of determination, support and unwavering focus to root out the corruption, expose those involved in it, and prosecute every individual involved from the top to the bottom, forcing them to pay consequences so severe that it will stop all those considering engaging in fraud, treason, and corruption against our country and it’s people again, well if We The People refuse to stand and fight now, we will never be free again.


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