A Word From Convoy Participants & Supporters; Freedom Isn’t Free, Be Thankful For Those Willing To Pay The Price Even When You Won’t

By Passionate Pachyderms

We’ve read your impassioned pleas asking freedom fighters and truckers to leave your city.  

We respect your desire for all the noise and grid lock to go away, and I’m thinking that right about now, you are desperate to find a way, ANY WAY to make it all STOP

We get it, truly we do. Your reasoning is occasionally surprisingly coherent for those who have been forced to endure such frustration and chaos, even if it’s only been a few short days. 

Our guess is, (please correct us if we’re wrong) that you thought in the weeks leading up to our arrival in “your city,” as we traveled across two countries, that you, 

  1. Didn’t know a thing about it, (because the main stream media refused to report on the movement which grew by tens of thousands every day, and gained world wide support, while your PM/President assured you, it was merely a “small group” of wrong thinking individuals, and it was not worthy of anyones concern or attention. ) 

B. You made the mistake of believing what your MSM and Government was telling you, even though deep down you know the government and media have been guilty of lying, creating false news, manipulating actual stories and facts to suit their agendas and narratives. This is especially true where mandates and all things Covid related are concerned. You also chose to not prepare for the coming storm, even though you were repeatedly advised to do so by those inching ever closer to “Your City”.  

C. You thought that like all the other demonstrations, rallies and protests held in “your city,” if they did make it to the inner sanctum where you live, that it would last a day, maybe 2, 3 at most. Then like the others you’ve endured, everyone would just filter out until only a handful remained who would be quickly dispensed with by the government you listened to and appear to have trusted with blind loyalty like all the other pathetic sheep too mind numbed, brain washed and dumbed down to be able to think for themselves. 

You are no doubt fully vaxxed, and carry your vax passport proudly where ever you go…

That is if you’re not one of the millions who have suffered catastrophic life altering permanent side effects from those vaccines, which by the way, don’t actually stop you from getting Covid. They don’t protect others from getting it from you either.

In fact, it’s more than likely those vaccines have actually weakened your own natural immunity to a point where, if you do happen to get covid, and have to go to the hospital, you’ll no doubt be exposed to and contract far worse infectious diseases.

Diseases which of course, due to your now seriously weakened state, your body may be unable to fight off naturally like it otherwise might have had it not been assaulted with an untested, non FDA approved vaccine, which our governments have been lying to us about from day one. 

Governments who, by the way agreed not to hold the manufacturers responsible for any liability, ya know,… should really bad things happen as a result of them injecting it into your body. 

 (Pssst, When we say “really bad things,” we’re not talking about extra toilet time, a day of fatigue, fever, headache, all over body aches, or a sore injection site. No sir!)  We’re referring to massive heart attacks, serious heart problems in young people, massive strokes that render one vegetative matter FOREVER.

Significant neurological effects that are so severe and long lasting you are no longer able to function in daily life, let alone feed yourself, work, leave your home, condo/apartment, walk, talk, think clearly, take a shower without assistance, or even wipe your own backside.

 Oh and those are the “not so bad” MAJOR side effects.

We haven’t yet mentioned the ones that are causing women to miscarry their babies, give birth to still born babies, babies with severe birth defects, deformities, and developmentally catastrophic issues, all of which have increased in frequency by astounding numbers since those wonderful, safe, effective vaccines came on the scene. BTW, the evidence of this is irrefutable and mounting!

No doubt if you have children, you presented them like lambs for slaughter to be pumped full of these poisonous toxins too, even though they had nearly ZERO chance of a serious or deadly covid infection. 

Sadly, many of those children will find out in coming years that due to this vaccine, they will never be able to have children of their own. 

If you don’t yet have children, don’t worry, the likelihood of that ever being possible once that jab is delivered, drops significantly.

Once that poison enters your wife, girlfriend or daughters bloodstream, the chances of infertility, failure to conceive, and carry a child to term plummet significantly as well.   

This information does not come from a whacked out, right wing, nut job, who read a headline or two.  It comes from highly educated individuals with PhDs, who have done thousands and thousands of hours research, read all manufacturer related materials pertaining to side effects, as well as the materials which have to date been released under the U.S. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT.

Manufacturers insisted upon being allowed to keep these findings hidden from probing public eyes for periods ranging from 75 to 150 years. We said, “Ahhh no way dude.” and sued for open access due to the ever rising number of people suffering from these effects.

THAT is how badly they wanted it kept secret. 

They knew. 


let me say that a third time, 

T H E Y  K N E W,

EXACTLY what would happen when their vaccines were given to human beings. 

They knew what would result in adults, and THEY KNEW what would happen in innocent children whose parents were coerced into presenting their little lambs for slaughter…… 

Like the manipulated, fabricated, twisted, fake info the main Stream Media, your beloved governments, PM, and President may have fed/feed you, (or perhaps didn’t allow you to know) about the CONVOYS invading YOUR CITY, which till now you have endured for the greater good, They have done exactly the same with vaccines.

Think lock downs, mask mandates, restricted socialization, vaccinations, promises of flowers, butterflies and everything returning to normal in days, school closings, business closings, canceled concerts, closed playgrounds, festivals, fairs, and cherished activities of every sort. 

Making DEMANDS and threats of death and destruction of the entire human race if you choose not to comply, that’s right, the deaths of billions of people WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT, (or so they’ve made you believe) if you opt/opted out of getting yourself and your family vaccinated with dangerous, largely untested vaccines literally made by the lowest bidder, that even the FDA isn’t stupid enough to have approved because they know what it truly is and what it will and will not do.

The various vaccines available all have long lists of catastrophic side effects, yet if you refuse them, and don’t get your little passport proving you’ve stepped up, did your part for your country and humanity, you’ll be prohibited from leaving your home, going to the store, eating out, buying gas, going to work, going to a bar, a ball or even a hockey game if you refuse, so really, I get it, what option did you have? Right? 

I mean, it’s Kind of like, under the circumstances, with a government out of control, refusing/stripping us of more and more of our rights and freedoms, forcing dangerous, possibly life threatening medical procedures likely enough to cause irreparable catastrophic harm for life, that multiple studies are in progress to determine why. A Government, that wants all of the facts hidden from us for over 100 years, and agrees to hold no one liable or responsible for the mind blowing costs associated with the cascade of serious health problems to come due to having had this vaccine. 

You have no control over a situation that adversely affects you and your families life for weeks, maybe a month or two at most. But we are there due to injustices which, if they are not shut down and reversed now,  may well be never ending, and continue to get worse, offering none of us a way out. Comply with the jab, or starve to death. Comply or loose your ability to provide for your kids.

Comply or no matter what you are ill or injured with, we will refuse to give you medical care.

Comply or we will not allow you to work.

Comply or you will not be able to drive/travel even short distances.

Force your children to comply even though they are suffering extreme trauma, psychological, and psychiatric conditions  due to lack of normal social interactions and cues because everyones face is hidden behind masks infecting their respiratory systems, restricting their ability to breathe properly, play, or engage in sports like NORMAL CHILDREN.

You see folks, you’re whining about being annoyed, frustrated, and bothered temporarily. It sucks yes but will you die? Not likely.

We’re taking about the health and welfare of ourselves and our families. Our children’s welfare, our very lives being in danger, and fighting for the right to say no! 

For the freedom to choose what is best for us, for the freedom to be left alone to raise our children and live our lives as we se fit without government constantly breathing its skunk breath down our necks.

We’re fighting for an end to these insane mandates which are ruining our economies, closing down small businesses at neck breaking speed, forcing prices higher and higher to the point we can no longer afford to feed our families or pay our mortgages and electric bills.

So forgive us if we laugh at the tantrums you display. 

Forgive us if we stare in disbelief as you kick and scream demanding your right to peacefully enjoy your domicile without the sound of our horns blaring,  when we’ve been struggling to live and just SURVIVE under this ever increasing tyrannical boot stepping on our necks, and forcing them ever closer to the ground for years!! 

Our freedoms stolen, our government corrupt, unfair, and ineffective, our rights to do a damn thing about it being stolen from us, rendering 

“We The People” fecklessly fucked without even so much as a kiss!

We’ve tried to talk, no one would listen. 

We’ve tried peaceful rallies and protests, still no one would listen. 

We demanded action, and we were told to sit down and shut up. 

Time and time again we came quietly in peace to redress our grievances, and time and time again governments response has been to take more from us.

NOT this time! This time we are Making a Roar They Can’t Ignore, we demand our freedom back! 

We demand the return of our God given rights which have been stolen from us  bit by bit. 

We demand our right to privacy, 

We demand government get the hell out of our healthcare, our children’s healthcare, and our doctors offices. 

If that means you can’t sleep for a week, a month, or longer, that sucks, DEAL WITH IT! 

Freedom isn’t FREE. You should be thankful for those of us still stepping up each time we’re called to fight and pay that price, even when you refuse to! 

#RESIST! Never give up! Never surrender!

I am Passionate Pachyderms, The brutally honest elephant in every room, and I tell it like it is!

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