I Need Help Writing A Bill

A guest blog by  … Joe Schmuckitellie

I have got some problems and I need some help.

I need someone to help me write legislation. I want to write it in very plain language, not in legal speak. I want it written fairly quickly and I need it marketed to the American People before it goes to the Congress and Senate.

The reason I want to tell the people of it before it goes to the government for action, is that we have the ability to pass a bill before it comes to the floor of either house of government, simply by running our mouths!

Key points in the bill, and I am Very open to input, need to include some of the following:
Terms served in the Senate, by any one person, shall be limited to two (2) terms.
Terms served in the congress shall be limited to three (3) terms.
If a person wishes to run for the office of the President of the United states, part of the original filing shall be an acquisition of a certified copy of your birth certificate and all of your academic records and arrest records shall be open for public scrutiny.

I’m not a ‘truther’. I’m just friggin tired of hearing about it! As far as the term limits I am proposing goes, when a person can make a career out of elected government service, an environment of corruption is encouraged beyond what many can deny. That brings me to pay for those individuals.

Knowing that we do have to allow for poorer states, the average salary of the top 3 states and the bottom 3 states, shall be used as a bellweather for the salaries. If you want a raise, encourage growth for the common person. I’m going to go a step farther, though. Currently, if a person serves in the federal government, they can retire making over 100k a year, AFTER EVEN 1 TERM! Unless it is a medical retirement, our military members can rarely retire until after they complete 20 years of service. If you decide to run for an elected seat, know that you are going to have to re-enter the work force and look your co-workers in the eye. We might be able to toss you a pinky to chew on, but the days of a full rack of ribs for former members of the government are over. Get a job if you get hungry.

If a law is brought before the congress and president, if it is passed, the congress and president shall be subjected to that law as well. No outs for special people (you’re not special, anyway). The people who make our laws should not have the attitude of “Do as I say, not as I do”.

We’ve got to balance the budget. The country as a whole, brings in more money than it needs every month. Why are we 17 trillion in debt. And as far as money goes, we need to look at some of the people we give it to, and how much, and were that money goes. If     a country’s population wants to kill Americans or our allies, that government shall not receive any support of monetary value. That includes arms or advisors, as well. America can debate natural disasters as they happen. We are a generous people.

An action that I would employ would be to pull out of the United Nations. When international law attempts to interdict and over-run American law, the writers of that law need to park their desk elsewhere. America has a document that spells out the law of our land. It’s called The Constitution. Make your own laws and we will make ours.

Why do I need help with this stuff? Why does it need to be marketed to the people first?

I’m just a regular guy with a high school education. I’m not a rich guy, by any means, except for the love I receive from the people around. I probably drink to much. I have piss poor credit and I’ve been married and divorced 3.5 times. Some would also question why I say Fat Boy is the best friend I’ve ever had, and is a life long battle buddy for me. In the media world of today, I would not be described as credible. If thoughts like this get into the right heads with the right hands pushing them, they may be able to bring about some Positive change. I think that’s probably why Texas has a Cruz missile for a senator. The people of Texas are pretty positive.

1 person can make a difference in this world. Let’s get thoughts like this to that one person

Much of what you have written would certainly make a difference if you get someone in each the house and senate to sponsor it, then it goes nowhere.  there is no mechanism for such legislative action from the people

Joe Schmuckitelli:
If some congressperson or senator were to get the same ideas from 50 people in a day, I think someone would go get the boss…

If this congressman or senator was concerned about the people, you would have to get to the right person.

Joe Schmuckitellie
Like I said…We need to find that person.

Call to action;

by  Joe Schmuckitellie

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