By: Passionate Pachyderms on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 10:24pm  (Very long but contains some great information about what to look for, and what you may be up against.)

Prior to reaching the very difficult decision to expose the following information publicly,  every possible  alternative  avenue imaginable was exhausted to accomplish fixing the extraordinarily deep dysfunction detailed here.  It is generally believed that this depth of dysfunction is the direct result of years, perhaps decades of incestuous cronyism, nepotism, and Good ole’ Boy mentalities, in addition to a practice of habitually overlooking, and/or excusing inappropriate, often unconstitutional decisions and actions.  This  distinct lack of checks and balances, coupled with a lack of any real or significant consequences for those involved on the state level,  made this sort of dysfunction inevitable, perhaps that was the whole idea.



When  the extent, and depth of dysfunction at play was discovered, it was recognized that due to the enormity and multi faceted aspects of it, any changes would be difficult to accomplish and would come slowly.  Tenacity, and intestinal fortitude enough to withstand the wrath of the chosen ones would be an absolute requirement because that wrath had been perfected by guarding, and doing literally anything and everything needed to insure that continued control of the organization remained only in the hands of a select few and their chosen ones, so it could be used primarily for their own causes  and personal agendas.


 These agendas catered to  a very specific pool of pedigreed individuals, and those they anointed  who exhibited extremely limited, or no desire to “Rock the boat” or upset any applecart, regardless of how rotten the apples within it became.


EVERY opportunity was afforded both the Sheboygan County Republican Party Executive Board and Committee, as well as the Republican Party of Wisconsin, (both past and present leadership) to effectively resolve these and other issues over a period spanning three years time. They did nothing.


The following pages are meant to provide insight into what is and has been going on beneath the surface of the SCRP for more years than anyone freely cares to admit. None of it will come as a surprise to anyone currently involved, nor anyone who has been, or  has attempted to become involved at a leadership level in the past.


Sheboygan County Republican Party (SCRP) members are wondering what’s been happening beneath the surface of their organization. Many are asking why they are no longer  “getting  anything” for their membership dues. They want to know, why they’re not receiving emails, newsletters, or alerts, anymore, and why their party has done nothing to keep them informed or involved during the first half of this year, especially  in light of all that has been going on in Madison, and indeed throughout our  nation.


SCRP members can’t understand why phone calls aren’t being returned. Why no one is responding to requests for information anymore, and why no one bothers to consistently update the Party’s Facebook page one a regular basis.  Many are frustrated because they aren’t being informed of monthly meeting times or places any longer, they’re  justifiably upset because calls requesting that information are not being returned.



 A number of these good people, are asking what happened with the audit of the past two years worth of Treasurers records, which was  called for, seconded, unanimously voted in favor of by the membership,  and so ordered at the caucus on January 28th.  Members are demanding to know why the results haven’t been announced to the membership as promised.  Why written requests for that information have repeatedly gone ignored,  and why, on several occasions, members that inquired about, and addressed these issues on the Facebook page out of  frustration, and as a last resort, have had their posts deleted from the party’s Facebook page within hours of their having posted them.



Why does SCRP have time to read and delete members posts, but not answer them? Why is the SCRP censoring their members comments and opinions, but not addressing them, to the extent that any member feels “forced” to address the issues publically in order to have them addressed?



Some have asked why they aren’t being offered opportunities to become involved like they used to be,  others would like answers about why issues that affect them,  their families, friends and neighbors are going unaddressed, and completely without comment from the SCRP. 



For example, members want to know why Justice Prosser didn’t receive the support he could have from SCRP, neither did Governor Walker.  Why  hasn’t the SCRP given  Senator Grothman help, support, or assistance, and why aren’t members being told how or what they can do to help? Why don’t members have a place they can go in their county to obtain this information and get involved?



Members have paid dues which entitle them to the answers to these and other questions they’ve been asking.  Answers which will allow them to decide whether or not this censorship, lack of leadership, follow through and action, along with the obvious lack of priorities, should be permitted to continue, or if it’s time for it to stop.
They need to decide If it’s time to insist upon adequate representation from the political organization they are members in good standing of, and demand that it be run by individuals willing to devote the time, attention, and effort required to do the job RIGHT in a way members can be proud of, and assured is above reproach.

Many members are unaware that over the past three years, the individuals who identified significant  problems within the Sheboygan County Republican Party, made monumental efforts to turn things around.  Those same individuals devoted thousands of hours  to stopping the dysfunction, and reversing  the downward direction SCRP had taken.


Some members don’t realize that during that time,  in spite of almost constant resistance, reticule, lack of respect,  assistance, support or cooperation, this group of Stellar Conservative Republicans, (SCR’s) managed to literally transform the county party,  and bring it from near the bottom of Wisconsin’s County Republican Party ranking list, to winning Wisconsin’s “Top Republican County Award” in May 2010.


Some are unaware that, the SCR’s didn’t  just move the mountain, they rebuilt it.  The SCR’s found the financial backing to accomplish everything involved, and physically moved locations, not once, or even twice, but three times in just 20 months. While the SCR’s were doing this, certain Executive Board members, Committee Chairs, and the anointed ones, who were elected to lead the organization in directions that were in its best interest, did little if anything to help.  Instead, on more occasions then not, they deliberately made accomplishing tasks more difficult.
Picture the chosen and anointed ones, sitting comfortably in lawn chairs, on top of the mountain that the SCR’s were moving, refusing to budge, get up, or help. Instead,  just looking at their idle fingers,  demanding a committee be formed to debate the relocation of every rock and clump of dirt.  Insisting that the SCR’s plant every blade of grass meticulously at exactly the same depth and distance apart, one seed at a time, while they barked, “that’s not how we always used to do it.”  Demandingeach “unwritten rule” they dreamt up, be followed intuitively by the SCR’s  as they came to mind, while at the same time, maintaining the belief that, they themselves, were exempt from adhering to even the most fundamental, well documented rules and bylaws whenever they saw fit.
Then once the job was accomplished, questioning the validity of each previously discussed, voted on and approved expense, even those that had been generously taken care of,  donated, and / or paid by the SCR’s.  If you can imagine that, you’ll have some idea of what the SCR’s were up against in Sheboygan County. 

In spite of the obvious distain,  lack of assistance,  or  cooperation from the “Old Guard,”  their “chosen and anointed ones,”  (who collectively  accounted  for slightly more than half of the Executive Committee,) it became very obvious that the SCR’s were on the right track,  and were doing exactly what was needed to achieve what the “Old Guard” apparently considered to be,  unworthy of their time, attention, or assistance.



Never the less, due to the SCR’s dedication, the progress forward  continued. Membership  increased to numbers larger then had ever been documented within the organization before. Subsequently that number of interested participating members had a significant impact on the ultimate success Sheboygan County Republican’s enjoyed in the November 2010 election.
The continued phenomenal success and accomplishments so  unnerved and threatened the “Old guard”, that before long they began to actively belittle not only the accomplishments, but those who had worked so hard to achieve them as well.
The SCR’s said nothing. They felt their time was better spent achieving what they’d set out to, saving and growing their county party, turning it around, setting it back on the RIGHT path and making it into something members wanted to belong to and be a part of.  The SCR’s insisted things be done according to the organizations documented constitution, rules, and by laws,  that they be fair to everyone, and all were treated equally. The SCR’S  went out of their way to make sure everyone felt welcome  and encouraged to participate.  They did what they could to keep members as informed as possible, make sure things were done the RIGHT way,  and  when they weren’t,  that those issues were openly discussed  and appropriately objected to.

But, the SCR’s objections drew unwanted attention to those engaged in doing things according to private agendas, for their own personal gain, or merely because rules to the contrary or not, “that’s how they always used to do it.”
In their frustration over the unexpected, remarkable success of the SCR’s , certain individuals within the “Old Guard” opted to schedule a meeting with some of the SCR’s,  presumably in an attempt to intimidate and/ or manipulate them into giving up and walking away.


 At that meeting, the SCR’s were told basically, now that they had gotten all the heavy lifting done, and turned things around for the organization, they were no longer needed, wanted, nor welcome to participate mainly because of their “get the job done” approach to doing things, which had proven so successful.
The “Old Guard” recognized that the SCR’s had never done anything “wrong,” or at all”improper.”

 They also recognized, that nearly everything the SCR’s had accomplished, which the old guard was now complaining about, had first been tasks that were initially  assigned,  delegated to, or were the responsibility of others, but, that those individuals had either refused to complete the tasks entirely, couldn’t complete them properly, or never intended to complete them at all,  and never bothered to tell anyone until they had subjected the organization to  months of excuse after excuse about why they weren’t done.   Never the less, the tasks had to be completed, so they were handed off to theSCR’s each time,  who stepped up and did them willingly.



 Those tasks included (among others)keeping accurate up to date membership records,  donation records, attendance records, newsletters, returning phone calls, and mail, starting, maintaining and promoting the Facebook page, organizing promoting and hosting volunteer nights, making parade floats, encouraging member volunteers and participation in the parades and at other events, maintaining and manning headquarters, completing mandatory paperwork, reports and forms, some of which, when not completed on time in the past, resulted in hundreds of dollars  worth of fines being charged to, and subsequently paid by the party and it’s members on several occasions, fines which stopped when the SCR’s were taking care of things.



The SCR’s were told that their dedication and devotion to the organization had so unnerved certain “anointed ones,” that they had begun to feel as though the SCR’s were in fact “doing too much”. They were  giving so much of their time, energy, and support, accomplishing so many things, that it made the “anointed ones” look bad for not doing much, if anything at all to help. Those individuals now felt that because of this,  no matter what they might now opt to do, it would pale in comparison to what the SCR’s had already accomplished.”



Therefore, it was the “leadership’s” feeling that the SCR’s should just walk away from all they’d worked so hard on, and managed to accomplish, and allow those who had done nothing except stand in the way, or make things more difficult,  run them back into the ground where they were found. Those same individuals felt the SCR’s should be perfectly okay with the idea.
At the same meeting, one of the SCR’s was told that their “tendency to be brutally  honest and tell it like it is” particularly bothered some of the “anointed ones.”

 For clarification, the individual replied, “let me get this straight, I expect people to do what they say they will do, when they say they’ll do it.  I don’t give excuses, use profanity, lie, or appreciate being lied to, especially  when those doing the lying,  make it impossible for others to get things done. So  I call them on it,  and hold them accountable.  But I’m the bad guy?   I’m the bad guy,  because I refuse to play the “political correctness” game when I speak,  particularly where inconsiderate, or irresponsible behavior is involved, and because I have a perfectly reasonable expectation, that adults will live up to their responsibilities and commitments.  All of that is somehow a bad thing?” The answer from the “old guard” was “yes.”
Understandably frustrated , and bewildered, the SCR’s backed away . They  turned their attention, time, and efforts to those candidates who appreciated their ability to make things happen, and get things done. In addition, they continued to fulfill their responsibilities as board members within the organization, as well as complete any tasks the Old Guard specifically requested of them.



The SCR’s watched in dismay, as more rules and by-laws were broken. Headquarters went unmanned and unopened.  Members were unable to obtain yard signs, or campaign materials and information. Certain candidates were ignored completely, and others were blatantly lied about. Donations went unrecorded. Newsletters and important event alerts were no longer written  or sent. Telephone calls were not returned, plants went un-watered and died.  Floors went un-swept, un-washed, and un-vacuumed.  If that wasn’t enough, with the SCR’s gone,  three months of rotting, stinking trash piled up, one bag on top of another in the backroom of headquarters, because those piling it up, walked past it regularly,  but it was too much for them to set it out for the trash collector once a week.



Most importantly though, members began feeling ignored again. They became angry and unwilling to make donations to an organization that couldn’t even handle making sure someone was at the office during posted “open hours.” Fun and /or informative events for members stopped being held.  New member numbers fell to nearly zero. The number of renewing members fell to the single digits,  and then also nearly to zero.  All of this happened within five short months in the midst of one of the most important elections of our lifetime,  effectively  “undoing” twenty months worth of progress made by the SCR’s, who had given every waking hour they had to accomplishing it.



 The “Old Guard” did nothing. The rules and by-laws continued to go ignored and broken, resulting in an invalid,  unconstitutional election of new officers at the January caucus.  Most of those elected had been personally recruited,  and placed by the “Old Guard.” Several of them were not ” members in good standing” the night of the caucus as required and specifically defined within the organization’s constitution, (both past and present). Others had never been members, and  most had never been actively involved, nor had anything to do with the organization, or any of it’s activities,  let alone ever attended a board meeting.



Never the less, in keeping with the example they’d set from the beginning, those SCR’s who had records or information pertaining to their prior board positions, turned all of it over. In fact, they spent hours reviewing  the tasks and responsibilities they had taken care of, with the newly elected individual who would now be responsible for them.  These records and information inncluded all membership lists, documents and information.



The SCR’s also spent several more hours compiling an eleven page, single spaced,  type written list of those tasks, when they needed to be completed, how to complete them, and tips detailing ways to make the tasks as easy as possible. This was done  two weeks after the January 28th caucus, on Tuesday February 15th,  to allow plenty of time for the “Old Guard” to complete all necessary forms and paperwork, before the RPW deadline of March 23rd, a task that was specifically mentioned and discussed at length due to its huge importance.  
Immediately following the January 28th caucus, several members wrote letters of complaint and objection to the unconstitutional election, as well as certain individuals frequent, blatant disregard for following the organization’s constitution, rules, and by-laws, along with other issues.
The objections/complaints were sent to the RPW in Madison.  Those sending the complaints, were assured by RPW staff  that the situation would be “thoroughly investigated,” and “appropriate action(s) would be taken.”  They were also told they would be notified of RPW findings, and of any decisions made.  Additionally, RPW staff requested that copies of any substantiating proof of the accusations be submitted to them as soon as possible.  That proof was subsequently provided. In all,  it included copies of emails, donation documentations,  checks, dated membership forms & lists, recordings of messages, meetings, and phone calls, copies of letters, notes, documents, Government Accountability Financial Reports, and other supporting evidence totaling well over 500 pages, and 14 separate recordings.
All of which was forwarded to the RPW, and confirmed received, via registered mail return receipt requested.  Repeated attempts have been made to obtain status updates via emails, and phone messages to the RPW,  however, all  have gone completely unanswered and/or ignored.   Four months later, nothing has been done. This explains the reason The old guard and it’s anointed ones believe that they are, “untouchable.”
That being the case, it came  as no big shock or surprise, when this month, long time  members in good standing, elected officials, confirmed delegates and alternates representing Sheboygan County Republicans, were not sent notification of, nor invitations to, the Wisconsin Republican Convention in the Dells.
Often, these individuals were the only people who attended past years conventions representing Sheboygan County. Yet this year, their names weren’t included on any list as  Representatives, Delegates or Alternates.  


As Wisconsin’s “Top County Award” winners last year, (primarily due  to the work and efforts of theSCR’s) The Sheboygan County Republican Party absolutely should have been strongly represented at this year’s convention.
This is an important fact,  since this year marked the fourth state convention in a row,  thatthe Sheboygan County Republican Party, “Chairman” didn’t bother to attend. One need look no further than the Chairman’s repeated absence from state conventions, district meetings, and other important events over the past four years, to figure out why or how the Sheboygan County Republican Party has, with lightning speed, reverted to doing things and/or not doing things, in the same old broken, ineffective, dysfunctional way they “always used to do things.” As a result, the SCRP has returned to its comfortable,  and,  (in light of the population and the size of Sheboygan County)  embarrassing “bottom dweller” ranking on the RPW’s county party ranking list.  This is a truly stunning accomplishment to be sure, when one considers where the Sheboygan County Republican Party ranked just 12 months ago.
The reason?  It seems , the new leadership of the Sheboygan County Republican Party never bothered to submit the required list of delegates and alternates to the RPW,  sighting a “computer malfunction” as the reason.  Interestingly, none of the members in good standing we’ve spoken with, had any knowledge of any “computer malfunction.”
As a result, last year’s “Top County” award winners, the “Sheboygan County Republican Party”set a truly stellar example by not being represented at all this year.  Not by any of its delegates, alternates, members in good standing, not by the “Old Guard'” nor any of their  newly recruited “lack of leadership.”  

Frankly, as if all of this weren’t egregious enough, it becomes even more of an outrage, when one understands that those individuals who accepted “leadership positions” knew full well they would not be inclined to, able to, or at liberty to, devote the time, dedication, and/or the energy needed to  successfully accomplish all that was/is needed and expected of them.
In all fairness,  perhaps the “Old Guard” individual who recruited and placed them, didn’t bother to tell them all that would be expected of them. Perhaps they were never told about all the tasks they would need to find time to participate in, and/or attend and do, perhaps they weren’t informed about all the tasks they would be responsible for completing ON TIME.

Maybe that particular anointed individual was unaware them self, because of their own extremely limited participation within the organization over the past 4 years. Perhaps they had no idea what would now be expected or involved, or how high the SCR’s had raised the bar of member expectations.
Who knows, perhaps this “Old Guard” individual, only vaguely recalled some of the many times the SCR’s explained that “things were different now, a new day had come, and with it new ways of doing things and new standards to rise to, that members wanted to be involved and included, that they demand accountability, availability, and action, that they expect to be informed about and considered in decisions. How members now rightfully expect no less than a complete effort be made on their behalf,” and to “actually get something out of the yearly membership dues they pay, and donations they make”…
Then again,  maybe that “Old Guard” individual, couldn’t recall those conversations, because they were too busy dismissing each new suggestion, idea, and plan, or insisting things be done the same way  they “always used to do them.”  Perhaps it was because they were not present for 12  of those 16 monthly meetings,  and as a result were completely oblivious to the responsibilities required in the here and now. Maybe they were too busy defaming and demeaning those who were doing their best to provide our members with what they wanted and deserved to have all along.
In any event, I  don’t know about all of you, but I’ve had enough of this nonsense. I’m taking the gloves off,  turning on the bull horn, turning it up as loud as it will go, and telling it like it is.  I’m ready to point fingers, name names, and call the guilty parties to task. I am ready to demand better representation from my party, and insist upon more bang for my buck. I’m done cutting anyone slack, keeping quiet, and not “being divisive” for “the sake of the party.”
News Flash:  It’s not the people who have divided the party, it’s the leadership individuals in place who’ve refused to listen to them, and represent them.
It’s long past time to stop this.  Stop the never ending litany of excuses. Stop the lies, half truths, and twisted versions of things. Stop the irresponsible behavior exhibited by the largely nepotistic, often incestuous group of elitists so stuck on the way things “used to be,” that they can’t see, how things are.

It’s time to cut the line and bid farewell to those who see themselves as “rule makers,”  but not, “rule followers”. Time to show those who think they are “entitled” to hold positions of perceived authority,  who, exhibit little to no leadership ability, and even less ambition, or motivation to the door, and bid them a  polite but firm goodbye.
Are you being represented the way you expect and want to be by the current “leaders” of the Sheboygan County Republican Party? As a member, do you believe the current party “leadership” have done their part make you feel included, keep you informed, consider your position on important matters and stand accordingly?
How has the current SCRP leadership shown their support for our conservative Republican candidates and elected officials? Did they call and ask for your help in support of Justice Prosser during his recount? Glenn Grothman when he was in the midst of the recent recall attempt?  Or our Governor during the budget repair bill when those individuals needed our help?  Have you received any SCRP newsletters, schedules of upcoming  events and opportunities to get together with like minded individuals in the past five months?  Have they returned your calls, requests for information, or inquiries?

 If they are supposed to be “representing” and “leading” the membership, why didn’t any of them attend this year’s Convention? Why have they been unable to find the time to reload any/all “lost” information into one of their apparently all “broken” computers, so they might avoid being assessed fines for failing to complete required forms and reports to the government accountability board and the RPW?  Do you REALLY want your SCRP membership dues and donations to be used to pay for those fines again,  because of their failure to live up to their commitments and responsibilities? Don’t you think that money could be put to better, more advantageous use?  Isn’t  this very sort of irresponsible behavior, and “devil may care” attitude,  EXACTLY what led us as a Party, and as a nation, into this mess to begin with?  Are you really willing to support the continuance of it et nausea,  right here at home?  



I understand better than most, the mess will not be cleaned up easily, or without resistance from the “Old Guard” and their anointed ones. Understand that to them, a larger, successful, more actively  involved county party, makes it impossible to continue  doing little or nothing, and still maintain control for when it suits their personal agenda or purposes.  The more members get involved, the harder it is to hide things they should have done, but didn’t, as well as those things that that were done, but shouldn’t have been.



I can’t promise anyone much, but I can certainly promise that nothing will change on its own or without your help, involvement and voices.   For those who refuse to become involved until “things change,”  understand that they will not, and cannot change until, or unless, you get involved. If 15 qualified candidates run for office, but no one bothers to go out and vote on election day, no one can be elected. Nothing can be done because no one bothered to vote. (or in this case, attend meetings and caucuses). YOU MUST BE WILLING TO BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE! I can’t possibly stress this enough.
If you want things to be different, get up, and get involved. Do what you can to make it happen. The SCR’s did,  they gave it everything they had, and they succeeded beyond even their own expectations.
Unfortunately,  when the time came for those who told them they “wanted change,” and  “supported and appreciated everything the SCR’s were doing, the progress they’d made, and all they had accomplished,” to step up and say, “this is what I want my party to be,”  by simply being present at the caucus,  and voting in favor of allowing the progress to continue. Most didn’t bother to show up.
Apparently, It wasn’t important enough, apparently, they don’t mind the kind of hope and change we’ve had the past three years, and can afford gas and food prices that have tripled, while income levels have remained stagnant.  Perhaps your unconcerned that businesses,  both large and small are collapsing under the weight of this massive entitlement burden. That your friends and neighbors are struggling just to live,  and unemployment continues without any signs of improvement soon.
It all begins right here, at home. If you won’t make the effort, or do what it takes to make changing things a priority, why in the world should anyone else?  It’s no small wonder everything is such a mess, too many Americans are far too willing to complain and whine incessantly about how awful things are,  until they run out of hot air. Very few are willing to get up and do even the smallest thing about it, let alone put forth the efforts required to  make real change happen, or support those who do. The left knows this, they encourage it, they use it as a tool. You know this, and yet, so many just keep right on doing, NOTHING.
As our country continues to fail, jobs are lost, and more freedom is taken from us,  I know that  I  can look my children, and myself in the eye and say  “I did EVERYTHING in my power to stop it from happening.” I was the change I wanted to see.  I did the work, and gave my time.  I attended the meetings, cast my votes,  I made a noise, and I made it loud, I kicked, I screamed, I dug my heels in, and refused to move. But when I looked around for everyone else, only a few were there. The rest?  Well I guess they had better things to do with their time. But “I tried.” Unfortunately, too few people, can say the same thing.

  If you decide to take action, know you’ll need to do your part, and not give up. So will those who support you. The chances of any SCR’s riding in on white horses to turn things around, save the day, and do all the heavy lifting again are pretty slim. Though they would be the best, most knowledgeable individuals to chose for the job, given their recent experience, convincing them to do it all again,  would be tantamount to convincing a burn victim to run into a burning building. It’s not impossible, but it’s pretty unlikely after all they endured the last time.
If  you’re serious about wanting to clean up the mess,  have higher expectations, and want your party to actually represent you and your conservative beliefs and values,  look out for your best interests, and support the best Republican candidates for available elected positions, you’re going to have to step forward,  grab a broom, a mop, a bucket, and a bull horn, then get to work.  You’ll need to speak your peace, voice your opinions, get involved, and yes, perhaps even RAISE YOUR VOICE.  You’ll need to accept that “some people” won’t like what you say or do, no matter how you say it or do it.  Some will scream “that’s not the way we always used to do it,” incessantly, while still others, will tell you they are, “behind you,” or  “supporting you all the way”,  then when asked to step up, they’ll be “too busy,” “too tired,” have “another commitment” they forgot about, or be in the midst of the recent computer “malfunction” epidemic.
You’ll find that you’re going to have to lose the notion of political correctness too. Don’t be afraid to tell it like it is,  and swallow all qualms you may have about upsetting someone’s, anyone’s applecart, especially the “anointed one’s” because it truly is impossible to please everyone all the time. If things are going to change, the “Old Guard” and “anointed ones” are going to have to get used to a new way of doing things.
When someone is elected to a position,  any position, be it officer of an organization, or political office, they work for those who elected them as their representative .  They are not magical creatures,  incapable of mistakes or doing the wrong thing.  They are human beings just like you and I. They are subject to the same human frailties.  Everyone is entitled to a few mistakes and a learning curve to a point.  However when the line is crossed, things aren’t being done, commitments go unfulfilled, responsibilities are ignored, and excuses outweigh accomplishments, then It’s up to us, to remind them who they work for.


it’s time to hold them accountable, make sure the jobs get done, and get done in ways that are above board, fair, and RIGHT for all concerned. If someone can’t, won’t  or doesn’t, fulfill those requirements, it’s our job and responsibility to replace them with someone who will, preferably sooner rather than later.


The effects of a nation asleep at the wheel are all around us, how long we continue to feel those effects depends upon what we do right here, right now, it’s up to us. If we are afraid to step up and do the RIGHT thing here in Sheboygan County Wisconsin, we haven’t a hope in hell of doing it as a nation in 2012.

We’re an exceptional nation with exceptional people capable of exceptional things, but when we consistently accept mediocrity that’s exactly what we get, no more, no less. It’s time to expect and accept nothing less than exceptional from all Americans, but especially from those involved in politics at any level. 
All of this having been said,  one last question remains, WILL THE LEADERS OF THE SHEBOYGAN COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY PLEASE STAND UP,  STEP UP AND DO THEIR JOBS?      

The Passionate Pachyderms
Additional note added 6/17/11
Almost two weeks have passed since the initial posting of this information. No answers have been forthcoming. The SCRP FB page hasn’t been updated with reports of the huge events unfolding in Madison this week, info about any upcoming events they may be planning, info regarding the board meeting held June 14th and what transpired or was discussed at it, results of the Audit of the past two years treasurers records which was called for, seconded, voted in favor of and so ordered six months ago, but, by all known accounts, still has not been completed, nor any other information pertinent to Sheboygan Counties Republican Party members.  
As the days pass, and we draw ever closer to the 2012 campaign cycle, once again Passionate Pachyderms asks, where are those folks put in place to run this organization? Where have they been the past six months? What have they been doing regarding the organization, and why haven’t members been able to obtain answers to their questions for months?                                                              

In the coming months, after a very long, very silent period of inactivity, those folks will poke their heads up out of the ground, and tell us it’s time to renew our memberships, or that they are in need of money and volunteers for the 2012 campaigns. They will do all they can to attempt to convince all of us that, we need to contribute our funds in support of “their efforts.”                                                                            
What will we all hear as an excuse for this lack of action and activity?  Will they conveniently deny remembering any of the messages that went unreturned, all the questions that went unanswered, all of the unconstitutional actions that went unaddressed, and rules that were broken without consequence?                                                            

Will they in typical fashion, pretend ignorance of any of it, claiming they “knew nothing about it?” Tell one person it was all “this person’s” fault, and then tell “this person,” it was all “that person’s” fault?                                                                                           


Sadly, I don’t know.                                                                



Perhaps the plan is to just, dance around it all, ignore it, remain silent, and hope that everyone just forgets all about most of it.           
Perhaps they will tell us that they’ll “deal with it,” whenever an issue we address in public so they can’t avoid it comes up, or, in what has been past typical behavior, say something like, “humm we’ll check on it.” or maybe “yes your right, we really need to make sure that is taken care of.” When in actuality they have zero intent to actually do anything about it, nor to give it more than a passing thought. 
Take heart though, regardless of where they attempt to sweep it, whether it be under the rug,  a chair, a desk, or even a table, it’s likely that it won’t be possible for anything to stay hidden anywhere for long since people are aware of it, looking for it, and are committed to drawing attention to the fact that ALL of it needs to be cleaned up and dealt with appropriately.
We’ll keep you apprised as always, 
Passionate Pachyderms
6/20/11 Update:  Today, once again the RPW was contacted to find out why no response to filed formal complaints have been forthcoming from them. Those complaints are now more than five months old. When the reason for our call was explained, we were told that the individual to whom the complaints had been sent, (we’ll refer to him as RPW representative “A”,  who had assured us the matter would be “thoroughly investigated,” and “appropriate action would be taken,” was no longer working at the RPW in Madison.  We were then advised to “try and contact” representative “A,” at his new place of employment, a Wisconsin state senators office, where he is now a campaign manager.   We explained that we, and others, had been awaiting a response from the RPW for five months.  That at representative “A’s” request, we had taken considerable amounts of our time, effort and personal expense, to contact other members interested in filing complaints, provide them with “A’s” contact info, as well as his instructions.  We also traveled to Madison and met with representative “A”,  at our  expense regarding the matter, and subsequently took the time, and  considerable expense, again at representative “A’s” request, to make copies of,  than forward the more than 500 pages, and 14 audio recordings worth of supporting documentation  via overnight delivery to his attention, so the matter could be investigated and addressed.   We stated that at this time, we did not feel it was our responsibility to “try and contact”, or to have to “track down” anyone regarding the matter.  Instead it should be the RPW,  making all efforts to contact us,  and the other individuals who had filed complaints.   Surprisingly, unlike all of our other calls and emails in prior months, today’s message actually prompted a return phone call from another individual within the Madison RPW office, we’ll call him Representative “B”.    Again we explained all of the above to “B”, and inquired about the status of the investigation.   “B” remarked that he was unfamiliar with the matter,  but that, “the RPW doesn’t like to get involved with county party business.” We pointed out that it is the RPW’s responsibility to “get involved” in situations such as this, especially where serious unconstitutional, perhaps illegal activities and elections have taken place within a county party, and formal written complaints about those elections and activities have been filed.  Further, we reminded “B” that county parties are ultimately governed by, and operate under state party rules, constitutions, and guidelines. Therefore, like it or not, the RPW is involved, and is responsible for investigating and following up on these issues and complaints.  “B” stated he would attempt to find the package of information that had been sent, and the other associated letters of complaint, review them and get back to us this week.   While it is our sincere hope that “B” steps up, follows through, finds the package and proceeds accordingly,  because of the inaction and broken promises of the past five months,  and at the risk of sounding pessimistic, we won’t be holding our collective breath that the documentation, recordings, or additional complaints will be “found,” or that we will receive a return phone call from representative “B'” nor anyone else.  However, rest assured, if need be, another copy of all information submitted can be produced, (this time at their expense) and, we’ll be RIGHT here letting you know if, or when we hear from anyone at the RPW.   Passionate Pachyderms   
Additional questions asked by members…
by Passionate Pachyderm on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 7:48pm 
Since posting our original document, several additional questions have been asked. We decided to post some of them here. 


We encourage members to engage in discussion regarding this and other posts on Passionate Pachyderms, we invite you to always tell things as you see them, however, we ask that there be no profanity, and no direct personal attacks. In the event we feel comments are inappropriate, or become personal in nature, we will ask that you voluntarily edit, or remove them from our page.



Q: 80% of the items that furnished the 8th street location were donated by the SCR’s, an additional 7-10% was donated by other members. I would like to know where all those items went when the office closed, who authorized that to happen? The items were donated for SCRP use, and the use of it’s collective membership.  None of the items in question should be in use anywhere else currently, as doing so, might adversely affect the liklihood of members to contribute items, and/ or funds to the SCRP in the future. In most cases, items donated for use within the SCRP office, or purchased with funds that were paid or donated to the SCRP by members, and/or supporters, were never intended to be, “up for grabs,” or authorized to be, “loaned out,” “used” or “borrowed” by any individual, or entity, except in cases where that use is directly related to SCRP business.



Also I would like to know why those items, thier values, and contributor information, was not listed  anywhere on the last GAB report, as is required for every donation valued at $20.00 or more.



If significant contributions have not been listed or recorded, one naturally wonders, how many other donations and/or contributions also went unrecorded, and/or unlisted? This inevitably leads to all sorts of other questions, including,  whether or not donations were used for intended purposes, and possible motivations for not having recorded them. Under current circumstances, I’m certain everyone can appreciate this being of deep concern.
Q: I volunteered a lot of my time helping out the SCRP during the last election, in the past, volunteers names were submitted for Campbell Awards if they met the minimum number of hours required. This year, my name didn’t even appear as a Campbell Award winner, why is that?
Q: We really enjoyed the Volunteer nights and Rockin’ Republican Nights held by the SCR’s last year, why hasn’t this new group bothered to offer anything for members to get together, or stay involved? Especially since the next election is already beginning to gear up.
Q: I thought the 8th St. location was intended to be the SCRP’s permanent location, so members wouldn’t have to play “Where’s Waldo” every election cycle. Given that the “Old Guard” and the “anointed ones” voted to close the 8th St. location, just one week  after the last election, it’s pretty obvious that closing it was their plan all along. If it wasn’t, why were the SCR’s the only ones opposed to closing it? Why wasn’t the membership alerted, or given the opportunity to vote/decide on an alternative to closing the office, effectively stopping all community and member involvement? Shouldn’t that have been a decision made by the entire membership, not just the chosen few?
Q: When can we expect to see any response or answer to any of these issues?


Q: What justification was given to even suggest, let alone, authorize, waiving the “member in good standing” portion of the SCRP constitution?
Q: How did the, “Old Guard’s,” (in some cases) ineligible, “chosen ones,” (including themselves,) conveniently, win elected positions within the organization, on the night in question?
Q: Why was the unconstitutionality of it not mentioned, if not out of a deliberate attempt to manipulate the outcome of  SCRP officers?
Q: Why, without the benefit of a formal proposal, second, or vote of the members in good standing, (which were in sufficient attendance,) was this unconstitutional exception insisted upon? On what grounds was it allowed, and who gave the individual(s )in question, the authority to make that call without a vote?

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