2 Million Bikers Take D.C., But Where Do We Go, From here? The Direction Debate Continues




I received the following response to a post on facebook in which I welcomed a new member to Passionate Pachyderms, and invited him to check out our page, wwww.facebook.com/passionatepachyderms, our new web site, www.passionatepachyderms.com,  as well as inviting them to see our new video,

I am American” http://youtu.be/wBhlIKvWYsw  (Can be viewed in our videos section)


This individual is new to Passionate Pachyderms, and thus no doubt somewhat unaccustomed to our brand of “brutal Honesty” and open debate.

It is certainly not my intention to run anyone off,  however that being said,  I choose to believe we are all adult enough to engage in civil debate and discussion without that being an eventual result.

His response to the video and my invitation was to offer the following critique, (in fairness, his is the second in which I was told their feeling was that the Impeach Obama signs and those holding them somehow diminished the meaning and usefulness of the video. (I disagree completely) but read on, and see where the conversation goes from there.


“This is a GREAT video but I think it has one major and maybe fatal FLAW. Your background music says, “It’s not about party it’s about what’s right.” That is a POWERFUL line! Then two thirds of the way through you have protesters with “Impeach Obama” signs. I’m a Reagan Republican through and through and worked on the Romney Campaign and I was saying “yes” until that point. Obama is perhaps the worst president in American history on so many levels but, as most Americans, the thought of impeachment of our president, and he is our president, is abhorrent and advocating it puts those doing so on the fringe. I really wanted to post this, but can’t for that reason. To take this country back we need to do what Reagan did. Build solid Republican support while bringing Independents and Democrats to the party. He did it by clearly defining the Conservative Agenda while not going out of his way to alienate those he sought to bring-in. Fact is we are stuck with Obama for the next three years. We need to rebuild the Republican brand for the 2014 mid-terms and position ourselves for the 2016 presidential campaign. To do that, it can not be about party, and “Impeach Obama” makes it about party. If we do not make this about a REAL return to Reagan Conservatism and stay on message, we will lose the mid-terms, the next presidential election, and possibly the country for a generation. Stay on message and go after the American center. Leave the fringe to the Democrats. America is a conservative country, contrary to what the Left keeps saying. The people are ready to put country before politics. THAT is what is going to win elections and more importantly, THAT is what is going to save America! There you have it, one Conservative to another. Best of luck and keep me on your list.”

Thanks for your opinion! We absolutely respect and encourage everyone in our group to speak their minds without pussy footing around. We may or may not agree with you, but that isn’t the point! There will never be a time when we all see things the same way, or have the same opinions on things. That is FINE! We don’t have to agree, we just have to respect the other persons right to disagree.

“I agree with what you said however the goal must be the same, which is returning America to the conservative values which made her great. We have to get OUR message out clearing and we can’t do that by alienating half the country.

Again. “It’s not about party, it’s about what’s right!” What a POWERFUL line! I plan on using it.”

I’m sorry I disagree, I do not feel it will serve this country, nor those Americans who have been forced to plug their noses and vote for Republican Candidates who were less than what they needed to be and had ZERO FIGHT nor any clue about what the American people let alone, conservatives want or need, to do so again. If the message you want to get out is one folks can agree with, so be it. If not, prepare for the fight of your life, because it is coming. (And I say that with all due respect of course) I question you statement because as you pointed out, the words to the song are “It’s not about Party It’s about whats RIGHT”.

Using those words, you set about building your argument that those holding “Impeach Obama signs” didn’t belong. You base this only upon YOUR OWN assumption that those individuals are all on one side of the isle or another, however nothing could be further from the truth! Individuals on BOTH sides of the isle believe that this individual currently residing at 1600 Penn Ave. in D.C. has far overstepped his boundaries, and committed illegal acts against the USA and her people. This belief is not exclusive to Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or Conservatives. Perhaps you haven’t heard that as recently as the past two weeks, more than 40,000 former Union members have turned their backs on Obama and his twisted notions of “HOPE and CHANGE”. What exactly makes you think that any or all of those folks holding those signs are not some of those very same individuals? How do you know they are not? As the song says, “It’s about whats RIGHT”. Those of us on the RIGHT are not the only human beings capable of recognizing the difference between right and wrong, and therefore your argument is flawed at it’s core. We sir, are AMERICANS. It matters not which side of the isle we stand on, RIGHT is RIGHT and WRONG IS WRONG. What Obama is and has been doing to this country is WRONG. Refusing to take a stand is WRONG, Forcing Obamacare down the throats of those who don’t want it for the benefit of the few is WRONG. Constantly voting “PRESENT” rather than leading is WRONG, FAST AND FURIOUS was WRONG! Benghazi was WRONG! His lies are WRONG! The constant over-reach from his administration and interference into the lives of American Citizens is WRONG! Sicking the IRS on his political opponents to keep them from effectively making him a one term president was WRONG! Threatening those companies performing polls for the election was WRONG! Having his campaign advisers sitting in on IRS and other government meetings is WRONG! Taking constant vacations, throwing lavish parties, and spending the money of the American Tax payers like the spicket will never be turned off, while many of them struggle to eat and live is WRONG. Knowing these things are WRONG, is not exclusive only to those of us who happen to cling to our guns, Bibles, and pick up trucks, nor those who prefer RED over blue politically speaking.

There is no way on Gods Green earth I will ever tell those who believe, that this president has broken laws, committed acts of treason, and deliberately brought this country to its knees with his lack of leadership, and his allegiances to shadowy characters,  who’s backgrounds are in as much question as his own is if not more so to,  “back off, shut up, sit down and not rock the boat.”

 In fact, I say ROCK that boat, and keep on rocking it till it capsizes!

Then we’ll see what falls out.  

 Because honestly, I am VERY well versed in politics, and VERY active within them, I know the dirty little secrets,  the games they play, I know the games that were played to get Obama in office, and as long as there is breath in my body, I swear those games will not be played again, if I have anything to say or do about it.

 Fact is we need a Conservative FIGHTER in office.

Someone who is willing to FIGHT hard to win my respect, and yours, someone who is willing to fight for the office, and most importantly, someone willing to FIGHT for this country and all we hold dear. Anything less is…. in a word… UNACCEPTABLE!

“I don’t believe you and I differ on ideology. I’m just as tired as you are of holding my nose as I mark my ballot. We differ on approach. Its all marketing and unfortunately, the left has out marketed us. There is a big part of me that wants to be “in your face” about Obama and the Left. But the facts on persuasion prove that to be a failed method of changing a person’s mind. Its not a matter of rocking the boat or not, definitely rock it! The real art is how to rock it. A person can be as right as the sun coming up in the east and going down in the west and STILL lose the argument. Certainly fight! BUT be smart about it. Winning the argument is not the same as winning the election. Winning the election is what its all about, the rest is only conversation. We can be right all day, all week, month-after-month, year-after-year but NOTHING will change unless we win elections! And let me be clear, I’m not advocating compromising conservative principles to do it! We have to do what Reagan did and articulate the message in a positive and hopeful way and layout a coherent no nonsense plan to reclaim America. Obama won with his “Hope and Change” mantra. As we both agree, he is a false prophet! My point is, that shouting that Obama broke this law, shat on the Constitution, committed treason, on and on may be true, BUT if you REALLY want to change things, sticking your finger in someone’s face and wagging it ain’t gonna do it. Winning elections brings about change! Strong candidates rooted in Reagan Conservative values who know how to persuade and not merely confront and articulate a positive vision of America will win elections and bring about the change you and I seek.”

I don’t know if your way is possible at this point. It might have been 2 years ago, perhaps even 1 year ago, had it been done effectively. The republicans had a chance, they could have pulled it out, but they took the “make no waves” approach and lost the base because they once again REFUSED to fight. Refused to show any backbone, and refused to stand for what conservative Americans want. I think perhaps you may be one of many Americans who are confused about the difference between Republicans, and Conservatives. They are NOT the same thing, though admittedly, Republicans do have more in common with conservative than Democrats, the fact of the matter is that the “Republicans” in office are perhaps two hairs width to the right of Democrats, and are just as guilty, if not more guilty of tax and spend as Democrats are. They are those like Mccain, Boener, Graham, and many others.

They have NOTHING conservative about them. They have made lifelong careers of positions that were NEVER meant to be held for a lifetime, completely corrupted and bastardized the rule of law, and developed a sickening unending maze of systematic quid pro queue that has rendered our government so completely dysfunction it cannot /has not even passed a budget in over 4 years.

Millions of Americans who ARE informed such as yourself, continue to believe that if things just continue to be done the way they have always been done, it will work it’s self out.

THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Things have been too far corrupted. Our government has become far too big, and far too intrusive & controlling of the lives of all Americans. The way things used to be done, the old studies, the pundants, the old “political analysts” are ignorant to the fact that, the old rules no longer apply.

Elections aren’t won or lost anymore according to those rules. They can’t be, when there are people like Obama illegally manipulating the electorate in EVERY possible way including fake numbers, from fake polls,  skewed /manipulated versions that have nothing to do with facts. When polling companies are threatened by Eric Holder, the IRS, DEA, homeland security, or whatever government office can/will do the most damage to the entity in question. We saw this on an even more disgusting level with the IRS and the TEA Party.

Hell we saw it yesterday in Washington D.C. when the National Park service refused to grant a permit to the Bikers, but instead granted one to the Muslims. THUG tactics and this overall practice of manipulation runs RAMPANT even at the lowest levels in government now.   

Americans, REAL  Americans are wise to it. We know it, we see it, we are disgusted by it, and we know if our country is going to survive, (if it isn’t already too late) we are going to have to FIGHT!

 We’re going to have to get mad,  get dirty, get down in the mud, and engage in figurative hand to hand combat.

We are going to have to learn to, and become committed to FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS RIGHT in manners similar to the way the bikers did, but on a MUCH, MUCH bigger scale.  

The Bikers said “screw your stupid little permit, we’re doing it anyway, and you CAN’T STOP US!  And, THEY DID! …. But, … even in that… look what happened…

The powers that be who are in play here, did everything possible to downplay what some of us witnessed in D.C. yesterday. 

They placed the traffic cameras in D.C. on a loop, so people across America  couldn’t see what was going on, controlled the narrative, controlled what those not in Washington, not right there in the thick of it,  could see, or hear about it. They controlled what other Americans could see, and therefore be encouraged or discouraged by.

If folks saw what really happened, how many were there, and all that occurred, Well, they might become embolden! (GASP) WE might begin to realize that,  YES WE DO OUT NUMBER THEM.  WE DO HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THINGS.  WE CAN FORCE THEM OUT!  

 But, on the other hand if America can’t see it, and it wasn’t reported appropriately, if we couldn’t see it happening as it was happening,  couldn’t see the throngs of people who were there, nor hear it being reported,  because most individual communications out of Washington D.C., was blocked, or rerouted, or “lost in the cloud”, few if any Tweets, or FB posts were posted, they were either blocked,  significantly delayed, or  perhaps deleted all together, so that news of the event couldn’t leak out to the world and encourage Americans to join in the protest, or  God forbid, give them any ideas about doing it again, only bigger, BOLDER, LOUDER, and more insistent next time. “After all, (I am sure they were thinking) wasn’t it bad enough we had to deal with them this time?”

So Perhaps they manipulated the media into downplaying the event, minimizing it, making it look/ seem as though it was less than what it was. Blocked participants from sending photos and digital recordings out to those waiting to share them with the world, etc.

 Sir, If you think we can win against that,  in conventional ways, taking and getting information from them, and depending upon them to deliver it,  be upfront, open, and honest when delivering it, if anyone  thinks we “THE PEOPLE” will EVER win again playing by the rules they make up, their thinking is either misinformed, uninformed, or delusional.

We have to get smart, determined, organized, and creative,  but most of all, we have to be prepared to  FIGHT…together,  on a huge scale!

 They did what they did yesterday for a reason… they know we out number them.   Imagine what would happen if five or ten times the number in D.C. yesterday had arrived there for the  protest…. Do you not think they would have crapped in their pants?

No my friend, we won’t win this the old way. We won’t ever win again unless we harness the anger, frustration, and despair most Americans are feeling right now.

We have to fuel that fire, use it to motivate American citizens to STOP just accepting things as they are,  and start demanding more, DEMANDING BETTER, and refusing to settle for less than we deserve and are paying dearly for,  EVER again.


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  1.  by  Nick

    I completely agree. The go along to get along crowd has helped kill this nation. We need to orgsnize more and more demonstrations until they can’t ignore us. More numbers. More events. Let the World hear our roar and then they will know that we will take NO MORE!!!

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