What If, We had a Plan?

By: Passionate Pachyderms 

Patriots, Thank you for the overwhelming response to our recent diatribe, “what If” and for doing your part to make it VIRAL with patriots across the internet.

Thousands of you have stepped forward to stand with fellow patriots, arm in arm, ready to fight, ready to save our great country. We are proud and honored to stand with all of you! 

Regretfully, we have only just begun, and have miles to go before any of us can rest.


This became more evident,  when we received too many responses from American citizens who are clueless to the fact that,  95% of the events we mentioned, have either already happened, or are happening RIGHT NOW.


This means, literally hundreds of thousands of American citizens remain ignorant about what is happening, and where it is leading us.


Needless to say, this is more than unacceptable. For those of us who have been in the trenches the past four + years, attempting to clean up the filth permeating our government, and our country at EVERY possible level, the job is almost impossible to comprehend… and still, we fight on, more enraged with each example, and more determined to stop it with every passing moment.

While we strongly believe that we are in the midst of a crisis so large and multi-faceted it is nearly impossible to imagine a way to raise our collective voices loud enough to be heard, let alone heeded, we also believe that to do nothing, to sit idly by as others decide our fate, that of our children, and of generations to come, is unfathomable.


We believe that together, we have fired several warning shots, and exhibited our resolve to not only be heard, and stand our ground quite effectively via the Tea Party grassroots movement, the 2010 election, and several others including the most recent Recall election of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin.  In short,  not only do we know how to get their attention, we know how to fight and Win!


The question then became, how do we make a collective roar so loud, so effective, it can’t possibly be ignored? How do we sound an alarm that tells each and every one of us to, effectively lock and load our weapons, (figuratively speaking) in preparation for the biggest battle to date, removing Barrack Hussein Obama from residence in OUR White House? And, how do we reach every American citizen who believes the United States Constitution was written to be followed and defended without exception, Without fail, and without excuse,  by each member of the THREE “separate but EQUAL” branches of our government, and together, send a shiver so bone chilling, so mind numbing, and so tooth rattling, up the backs of those engaged in spitting upon it with their actions,  that they spend the rest of their lives trying to quiet the shivering that results?  


The Plan: We surround them. We shut them down. We inundate every line of communication until we shut down the switchboards of the house the senate and the white house, call after call, fax after fax, over and over, relentlessly, we do not give up, and we do not let up. Fill their voicemail boxes, when one is full move on to the next. Have your adult children call and fax, your parents, your friends and family members, millions and millions of us calling with the same message, it’s been done before, lets do it again, bigger and better, all day… all night 7 days.


We shut down their mail rooms with millions of letters, buy a book of stamps, buy ten books, or 100 books, copy the below message and send it to as many congressional representatives, senators, supreme court justices as you have stamps available. Ohh and don’t forget to address a few to the white house as well. Begin mailing them on the Saturday before and keep mailing them until Friday. Encourage your friends neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and grocery store patrons to do the same. MAKE A ROAR, AND SHUT IT DOWN. Send emails to Conservative talk radio people, ask for their help, contact the media, demand that they report on it, if they won’t, let the public know how they selectively report the news. But keep going… Remember, if they are not with us, they are against us. 7 days, every day all day, 7 nights all night, don’t give up and don’t stop, shut it down, If they want to continue to do nothing about the problem, let’s make it so they can’t do anything but deal with the problem.

Email them, and don’t stop. Email is free, send copies to EVERY senator, EVERY congressional Representative, Every Justice, and again, don’t forget the white house. Keep sending them, compile a list of all the addresses ahead of time, cut and paste the list into the “send to” then cut and paste the letter below, along with any personal message you care to add.** Remember that your contacts will not be taken seriously if you do not include your name, address, and phone number. Insist that their office contact you immediately about the matter. Advise them that you are so concerned about it, the matter is so important to you as a citizen, that you intend to keep sending the emails as many times as necessary until you receive a call from someone in their office,  willing to discuss the matter. Keep the emails going, shut down their internet and email systems, close down their email boxes, jam their internet connections with incoming mail. Surround them, shut them down, shut it off. Remind them who they are working for, who pays the bills, and who will cast the next votes. It’s time they realized there is a new “Herd” in town, the “American citizens,” We’re not happy, our memories are long, and if they don’t act, they can and quite possibly will be replaced at the next possible opportunity. Remember, we put them there, we can, and will, send them home!


 Finally, Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday, WE SURROUND THEM. Anyone and everyone who can possibly get to Washington D.C. must do so. We had a flash protest for Obamacare with the”Kill the Bill” rally in March of 2010, 70,000 people showed up with one day’s notice, we surrounded the U.S. Capital, linked arms, and refused to budge or be quieted. This time we must have MILLIONS! We must line the streets, surround the capital, the white house,  the Supreme Court building, and fill every side walk and patch of grass from the Hill to the Potomac.  Hand in hand, arm in arm, neighbor helping neighbor, America standing to fight, refusing to compromise, or give up ground. It’s now or never folks, it is time to stand and fight, or cower in fear of the future.

Will we continue to be the land of the Free, Home of the Brave, a country where Justice and Liberty reign, or one where dictators are allowed to overstep their bounds, ignore our constitution, and act in defiance of the will of We the People?

You said you would stand, you said you would fight, it’s now or never…And then I thought to myself, what if….. what if, those of us willing to fight, wake up one day, to find an America that won’t?

Find a list of U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives, president, and Vice President addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses by clicking here:




 This is a copy of a letter we drafted that sums it all up. Please feel free to cut and paste into an email or word document, add your contact information, personal message,  signature, then print, copy, mail, fax, deliver, or do what you like with it.

Dear Congressman/Senator. 

I am a constituent and voter in your district. What President Obama has been doing by circumventing Congress to enact his own dictatorial legislation whether it be on changing  Immigration Policy, Gun control, or for giving him authority and powers over the lives, freedoms, and property of ANY American citizen, are in direct violation of our United States Constitution. I will no longer allow any elected official to ignore, violate or rewrite our founding document. 


I am asking, pleading, begging and with all due respect, demanding that you do your job and over rule these presidential proclamations. As a legislator you are well aware of the three EQUAL branches of government as spelled out in our constitution and as part of those three equal branches you and your colleagues need to stand strong and stop this illegal action. 

You have two choices, you can stand for America, stand for the constitution and do what is right to stop President Obama’s actions, or you can continue to just ignore things, and let them pass as you have been.  I will however remind you, that your action or inaction will become part of your record when you run for re-election.  I can promise you I have a long memory, many friends, colleagues and fellow patriots, all of whom I will remind of your response to this American crisis. I am including, my full name, address and phone number. I look forward to your phone call to discuss this constitutional crisis and your planed response/ position on and to it,  as soon as possible. 

Your constituent and registered voter, 

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