by Passionate Pachyderms

They stood for you.  They fought for you. They trusted those who abandoned them.

They fought, they did their jobs, they called for help, No one came.

Our president was M.I.A. 

Though their commander in chief knew they were in grave danger, and without help that they would die, he did nothing.

As they fought through the night, tried to save each other and themselves, Obama prepared for a campaign fundraiser party in Vegas, and then went to bed.

He gave the matter no further thought. They died waiting for help he denied them.


When the news, gruesome pictures, and facts began to come out, and the parents of those murdered began to speak out, your president and his administration made up ridiculous lies. 

They spent hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars perpetuating those lies, and what’s worse, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, in spite of photos, recordings, written proof, eye witnesses, and video footage of the events, MANY Americans ignored the facts, accepted what they were told, and voted to re-elect the individuals guilty of murdering those killed on 9-11-12 in Benghazi.


Yes, Obama, Hillary, Panetta, Jarrett, and the rest of this Administration killed our Ambassador  and those who were in place to protect him, just as sure as if they’ed pulled the triggers and thrown the bombs themselves. They ordered those who would have, and could have saved them to “STAND DOWN” not once, not twice, but three times, and they have yet to explain why. They have continued their lies, oblivious to any possible consequences because in Hillary Clinton’s words as she testified (and lied) to Congress, “What difference does it make?”

Why isn’t this enough to spur you to action? If this doesn’t represent treason, If this isn’t the very definition of dereliction of duty, and failure to lead, WHAT IS?

You’ve been barraged with lies, one crisis after another, one outrageous infringement of your constitutional rights after another, one example of inexplicable idiocy after another, several terror attacks upon our country have been met with pep rallies,  constant vacations, million dollar birthday parties, and shout outs to Rap singers from our president.

Perhaps the reason Obama fails to act when our country is attacked, reacts by dubbing the Fort Hood massacre an incidence of “work place violence,” and  telling us “not to be quick to judgement” when innocent Americans and children have their arms and legs blown off while watching a Marathon in Boston, is because he is far too busy bowing down, rubbing elbows, and paling around with terrorists.  Thus he see’s nothing particularly tragic about it,  when heartbroken parents plead for answers. He finds nothing vile about his friends terrorist actions, nor the motives behind them.

I believe EACH of us need to ask and answer the following questions to ourselves.  If you care to, feel free to answer them here with your own comments, but understand, the only person you need to answer to, is yourself.  Please DO NOT attack me for being bold enough to ask them.


Perhaps if each of us ask ourselves, and seek the answers from within, they will become useful in redirecting our focus from where it currently is in some cases, to where it undoubtedly needs to be from this point on. 


Are you really going to keep accepting this?

Will you continue to stick your head in the sand, turn on your T.V, and ignore what is happening around you?

Are you seriously going to continue to bicker over petty differences of opinion, and tear each other apart, instead of coming together and spending your time making a difference, and changing the course of our children’s future?

If you refuse to stand now for those who died standing for you, will you also refuse to stand for your own children, your family members, or loved ones when they are attacked and refused assistance?

Why haven’t you contributed $5. 10. or $20. to those who ARE standing up, who ARE fighting, who ARE doing all they can, and yet, you freely surrender thousands of dollars used to continue footing the bill for lavish trips, vacations, personal assistants, golf outings,  unsupervised spring break vacations for the Obama children and 15 or so of their closest friends in Mexico with 30 or so secret service agents?

Why haven’t you supported local Tea Part groups, or Conservative business owners you know in your community or online by purchasing gear, t-shirts, hats, or even a conservative button, and encouraged your friends to as well?  

Have you checked out any of the small businesses who are struggling to stay afloat, but  are still doing all they can to support our communities? Like those at www.Pithypins.com ? How about those conservative small businesses in your own communities?

How often do you actually pick up the phone and call your Congressional Representatives and Senators?

Other than going online to chat, complain about how bad things are, how horrible the current administration is, what have you done to help in the past 6 months?

Consider that in five minutes, you could make five phone calls. In the 30 minutes you spend chatting, you could use that 30 minutes to write a letter, or speak to someone who didn’t know what you do?

Are YOU a part of the solution? Or are you are part of the problem? More importantly, going forward, which one do you intend to be?

Will you STAND for those who have stood for you?



Passionate Pachyderms continues to be SICKENED by recent the events that occurred in Benghazi, and infuriated over what has happened since then within the Press, The White House, and this administration.

Obama continued to lie, party, and campaign, as if these events were NOTHING. His main stream media minions, even now, continue to yip, wag their tails, and pant like the lap

dogs they are, hanging on their master’s every word.




The snail’s pace at which our Government’s wheels are turning is unacceptable.

The foot dragging, and failure to act on the part of so many elected Representatives is unfathomable. This is especially true, now that we are beginning to get a clearer picture of

just exactly what those currently in the White House have been doing, or perhaps more importantly, what they haven’t been doing.

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It is imperative that Those Representatives act quickly, gather all available information, documentation, intelligence, etc. for this and similar debacles that may have occurred, but

which we may have been prevented from knowing about. This must happen NOW, before that information can be shredded, corrupted, destroyed, conveniently “misplaced”

misfiled, lost, redacted, or otherwise hidden.

We the people, fail to see what part, if any, of this indicates leadership on behalf of the current administration. Many of us feel strongly that any administration capable of such

outright betrayal and incompetence cannot be trusted, and further, that they must not be given the opportunity to bury information pertaining to this matter.


Additionally, we believe, that indeed what it does indicate, is a dereliction of duty so profound, and so far reaching, that it appears downright treasonous in scope and size.

These actions (BENGHAZIGATE AND IT’S SUBSEQUENT COVER UP) are indicative of much of the blatant, almost psychotic, desperate actions those in the White House seem

 consumed with, constantly rushing to cover their own backsides. Telling one lie, then covering it with half a dozen others, all the while scurrying about like panicked rodents,

plotting and planning their next attack, and doing as much damage to our country, and the American way of life as possible.


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The behaviors exhibited by Barack Obama, and the minions he has placed in key positions within his administration, (without Congressional approval, I might add, many of whom,

have criminal /questionable backgrounds themselves, associate with known criminals, domestic terrorists, and other persons of questionable character.) These minions apparently spend much of their time trying to cover up the consequences of their colossal incompetence, and their ongoing intentions to manipulate, hide behind, and/or skirt the rule of law.

As American Citizens, WE DEMAND IMMEDIATE action from our elected Representatives. Representatives whom we have entrusted with making sure our country, it’s citizens, and MOST ESPECIALLY, MEMBERS OF OUR MILITARY FORCES are safe, and NEVER left dangling in the wind begging for help that never comes.

The huge ramifications of what happened in Benghazi haven’t even been mentioned, let alone addressed.

 Follow me here, as I try to explain; We now have an all volunteer Military force. All of whom have now been made aware of some painful truths.

When they are in trouble, and calling for help, none will come. None can or should be counted upon.

They also now know beyond any shadow of doubt that, if they do what they are supposed to do, follow procedures, obey orders .. and do what they’ve been trained to, when the

shooting starts, and the bombs are exploding around them, or they are under siege, they should plan on being left there on their own to die. Betrayed. Heartbroken. Alone. The

last thing they’ll hear, is the echo of their commander in chief telling those who might have rescued or saved them to …. “STAND DOWN”. “STAND DOWN”. “STAND DOWN.”

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We have an all volunteer Military force, who also now know, they will be DELAYED, STOPPED, AND PREVENTED, from saving their brothers and sisters in arms, and forbidden from doing what they have been trained to do,… They will be forced to abandon their own.

Now, knowing this, just how many young, smart, qualified, talented individuals do you think, are going to continue to step up, raise their right hand, volunteer, take an oath, and

sign their name on the dotted line, to serve their country, when they know they are signing their own suicide note?

How many will bravely take their chances, when they know, their government won’t protect them, help them, or save them, when they are ordered in harms way, and encounter

unexpected problems? When they know they won’t be paid well, Won’t be provided with proper working equipment, and their government won’t honor promises to honor their

memories by taking care of their families who will be left behind to pick up the pieces, and mend broken hearts alone?When they understand that government won’t take care of

them if they get hurt, won’t allow them to actually ever do the job they’ve been trained to do, and most especially, when they know that their government WILL NOT EVER KEEP IT’S WORD to them about ANYTHING.

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