HELP Wanted Immediately:

Passionate Pachyderms are looking for individuals willing to start immediately, and interested in filling the following positions:

Team of hungry CONSERVATIVE Licensed Attorneys , legal researchers, and assistants  interested in making a name for themselves, becoming American heroes, history makers, and quite possibly a good sum of money if victorious.

Specialties needed include: Corporate law, Constitutional  Law, Civil Rights, Personal Injury, Insurance Law and others. MUST BE PREPARED TO STRIKE WHILE IRON IS HOT and lodge massive class action suit on behalf of all Americans affected and/or harmed in some way by The Obama Administrations breach of promises. This includes, but is by no means limited to the following classes;

1. Those who have suffered/are suffering from increased  mental / physical illness as a result of this broken promise.

2.Those who have /will suffer financial damages and hardships due to broken promises.

3.Those medical professionals who have suffered damages to their practices and businesses.

4. American citizens who have thus far incurred the loss of well over SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS of their hard earned Tax dollars due to incompetence and failed fiduciary oversight by the Obama administration.

5. The thousands of individuals whose personal information and privacy has been breached due to the lack of appropriate security measures put in place by the Affordable Healthcare act, and the Obama administration’s failure to put adequate or appropriate safeguards in place throughout all phases of their attempt to launch the FAILED Affordable Healthcare act.

6. All those whose names, addresses, and/or any other protected information may have been accessed, given to, sold to , passed along to, or in any way seen  by,  any agency, business, candidate,  political group, and/or any other entity or organization not directly and specifically authorized in writing to have been granted access to such information, by any individual who is in any way affiliated with, volunteering, or working for, any entity that collects data,  refers or helps individuals sign up for or process applications for the affordable Healthcare act.

7. All those who have suffered, or will suffer in the foreseeable future from damages,  physical/mental and/ or financial, due to the inability to obtain continued continuity of care, as a result of the Affordable Healthcare act, creating dangerous delays in treatment, life threatening mistakes, and inappropriate, inadequate, or effective healthcare treatment because of their inability to seek treatment at facilities and/ or with providers who are already familiar with that persons/patients specific healthcare needs and/or  ongoing illnesses and or conditions.

8.  The discrimination by the affordable healthcare act against EACH and EVERY Physician, clinic, hospital, lab, and other medical facility who have been excluded from continuing to treat patients, established, or non established,  under the Affordable Healthcare act.

9. All pharmacies, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and assistants, business associates and partners together with all customers/ patients who have been or will be adversely affected by, or will suffer hardships financial, mental, or physical of any degree, due to the inability to enjoy continued continuity of care with prescription drug services.

And others as deemed applicable.

Must be willing to start immediately and prepared to stay the course as well as all aspects of it, and devote all needed time, attention and resources through to the U.S. Supreme Court level.

Possible damages could feasibly go into the trillions of dollars range.

All interested legal professionals, affected individuals in one or more of the above classes, volunteers, and others willing to assist in any way are welcomed to contact Passionate Pachyderms via their web site at or via their Face Book page, for further updates and information.

**Since we at Passionate Pachyderms are NOT legal Professionals we want to make it clear that obviously, this action cannot go forward unless qualified legal professionals willing to step up, and take something of this magnitude on are found.

Based upon past events, and instances of retaliation by this administration, as well as various government agencies within it,  finding those brave professionals  may be far more difficult than one might think.  That said, we are certainly willing to do what we can to help facilitate the start of this conversation, and assist in any way we possibly can.**

Passionate Pachyderms, Brutally Honest, On The Move, and FIGHTING to take our country back!   Join The Herd!

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