Passionate Pachyderms …. Standing Up for what’s RIGHT

By: Passionate Pachyderms on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 5:22pm  

Passionate Pachyderms …. Standing Up for what’s RIGHT 

This group was founded, and exists to awaken, educate, Inform, enlighten, and engage ALL Conservative Republicans dedicated to Telling It Like it is, standing together, and Restoring America, with integrity, truth, honesty, and transparency.

Over the past 50+ years, our country has been methodically inched ever further down a pathway to a progressive socialistic  style of government.

While we were busy worrying about who had the best home, biggest boat,  and what tag was on our clothes,  as we worked to give a generation of our children everything they wanted, but  had little time, or energy left at the end of the day to give them much of what they needed, and rather than notice the direction our country had turned in, we closed our eyes and fell asleep oblivious to the enemy lurking in our midst.

 We became content in the belief that, as the leaders of the Free world,  and a preeminent and flourishing nation, we could safely let our guard down, ignore what went on around us, and enjoy the bounty our forefathers fought and died winning for us.  After all, we’re Americans right?

  Anyone who dared think, or believe  that the American way of life  was at risk from within was crazy! The very idea that some radical Left  Marxist based entity was busy working away in the shadows, scheming, planning, and quietly, methodically implementing their agenda, one tiny step at a time, moving it forward right there under everyone’s nose was preposterous.  So we never noticed when they infiltrated our educational system,  we didn’t see it when they infiltrated the media,  public  & private unions,  the Democratic Party, the entertainment industry,  our legal and judicial systems,  or  our government.

Because of this domination,  the Left, firmly rooted in Marxism, easily began promoting a message that, due to evil Capitalism,  the United States had become the bully of the world, and as such, is  an unfair and oppressive country. They began whispering softly into the ears of anyone who was willing to listen, that the Democratic Party is the “Big Brother,”  the “protector of the oppressed, and  guarantor of equal, fair, and just.”  Gradually that whisper became louder and louder, until finally  turning into a loud boisterous shouting,  from every direction, that the redistribution of wealth was assured for all, in exchange for votes.” 

As the Left gained more power in government, we’ve lost our individual freedoms through excessive regulations, high taxes, and the Gimmie/handout  mentality,  to a point that government has literally infiltrated every single aspect of our lives, from what we eat, where we eat it, how much we eat, when we eat it,  what we grow,  how much we grow, and  how we grow it,  right down to, how we will be cared for in our final hours, who will be allowed to offer that care, where it will be offered, how much of it we will be allowed to have, and literally everything in between. From birth to death and all points in between, Government control permeates literally every aspect of our lives.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the Marxist payday, all that shouting, commotion, and interference started waking folks up.  We began fighting back to save our Nation from collapsing and becoming a socialistic country.

 We, all the Passionate Pachyderms, Conservative Republicans, Independents, Patriots, began to UNITE TOGETHER to take back our Republic.  Our main goal is to stop Obama and his agenda, clean out the corruption, pull those lurking in the shadows out into the open, and put our government back into the hands of the People where it belongs.

This group is dedicated to those goals, to stopping Obama Marxist agenda, and the corruption that has flourished without restraint within the halls of our government at all levels,  no matter the cost.  We hold all government leaders accountable, we believe it is our job to uncover the truth, spread the word, and “out” each and every example of chrony Capitalism,  unfair, unconstitutional, illegal, unethical, immoral, dirty, or deceitful action big or small, and drag them all into the light of day, where every American can see them, and judge for themselves whether or not they are willing to allow it, condone it, or condemn it.  We are also dedicated to vetting each new candidate’s record and platform thoroughly,  discovering which ones hold true to the conservative standards necessary for our governments continued survival:

Fiscal responsibility

Free Market Economy

Secure Borders

Energy Independence

Small Efficient Constitutional Government

Strong Military Defense

We are actively working with Patriots across the country, helping those in the Tea Party,  Republicans Party, Conservative and Patriot Organizations everywhere, encouraging them, helping, & showing them how to be unafraid, undaunted, and uninitiated, organized and effective whenever they choose to “Tell It Like It Is,”  and “Make A Roar They can’t Ignore.”

American Patriots, The time has come to: 

  •    Shut off the T.V.
  •    Pull the plug on the Wii
  •    Get off the couch, and out of the recliners

It’s time to get educated, enlightened, and involved!

 If you refuse to stand for what you believe in, for your country and your children, and generations to come, if you refuse to do your part, join your neighbors, family, friends and fellow patriots in fighting for your country, Rights, and the American way of life NOW, know that you will have no one but yourself to blame tomorrow when they are gone.

Vet, support, and Vote COMMON SENSE CONSERVATIVES at all levels of government – local, state, and national.  ONE politician can’t save the day, it’s going to take a clean sweep, a fresh start, and an ALL AMERICAN effort!

“The road ahead will be daunting, but we must not lose our optimistic spirit. It is with optimism that America has always come through… We CAN get this country back on the right track.” – Sarah Palin

If you want things to change, YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE! Don’t expect others to do it for you.

Join your local County Party, Pay your dues, volunteer, become a voting member, and offer them support in any way possible, UNITE TOGETHER!! Insist on being kept informed, attend party board meetings, don’t worry about being politically correct, just be heard.  Chose your leaders wisely, know who they are, and what they stand for. If you don’t like them, or what’s going on, step forward yourself, volunteer, do what you must to change things. Remember, we can no longer take the easy way out, make excuses, or do things the same old way, it’s a new day, with new challenges, and new opportunities. It’s time to step forward, grab hold of them and see where they lead you, but don’t forget to, “Tell It Like It Is along the way!”

American Stamina

American Might 

American Integrity

American Loyalty

American Exceptionalism

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