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Join the herd!

Okay, D.T. Your supporters are starting to shuffle their feet and whisper.

These are the folks poised and ready to be the generals on the front lines in every corner of the country for you’re battle against crooked Killary. They are the type A personalities who have been in your corner and fought hard for you up to this point, the ones willing to step forward and continue fighting to the end WITH YOU from here.

But as I said they are beginning to shuffle their feet and whisper concerns that are well founded and well meant.

As leaders, we know what it’s going to take to wage war against Hillary and win. Most of us have been on the front lines before, and know well the time and effort it’s going to take from us and those we lead to accomplish a victory for you in November.

We’ve been doing our part, well, we’ve been doing our part to the extent you’ve allowed us to, but now we are becoming concerned.

You see we live in states across the country, we’re on the ground with those who will or won’t go to the polls in November and vote for you. We know what they are saying, we know their thoughts and hear their fears where your campaign is concerned, we know the things they are uttering, and those utterances are telling us the roads your failing to go down to get their attention.

While we know these things, and are perfectly willing to deliver this intelligence to you, there is one huge problem, we have no way of doing that.

You have no communications team set up, you have no contact people in place who can take this information, wade through the important parts, cull out the nonsense and deliver the information critical to your campaign to you or your surrogates.

It’s wonderful what you’ve been able to accomplish with only a staff numbering in the 70’s, however, at this point, that small staff of unreachable individuals is beginning to hurt you more than its helping you.

It’s FANTASTIC that your on all the news channels daily commenting on the day’s events and being seen, but your not reaching out to those who have been trying to get on board and be the conductors and ticket takers for the Trump train.

For example, I myself have been in contact with your advisor Sam Clovis for months. I’ve offered my assistance in Wisconsin where I know all the movers and shakers, am well respected and influential both in the grassroots and in the GOP, and would be happy to assist you in winning Wisconsin, as well as Virginia where I currently live. Both are swing states, both battleground areas. Both states that can not, and should not be discounted or ignored until the last minute.

It will take hundreds of loyal supporters to man their stations and do what it takes to get you elected in November. It will take still more trusted fire tested leaders to manage them, but those fire tested leaders can’t seem to find entry onto the train.

What we’re encountering are Windows which are all closed and locked, entry ways that are chained and bolted. While we want and need to be the first to board, and truth be told, should have been the first to board quite some time ago, we are still standing alongside the tracks unable to gain entry as we hear someone off in the distance calling all aboard!

We know that if we can’t find a way to get on soon, we won’t be able to arrive at our destination in time to do what we came to do, and you will loose to crooked Hillary whose people have been gathered and working for months already.

We realize your campaign is “different” and we’re trying extremely hard to have faith that you know what your doing and have a plan, but the hour grows late Mr. Trump, and time is growing short.

If you refuse to allow even the leaders on board, as leaders we know that with each passing day, would be followers and supporters are getting tired of waiting and they are turning, walking away and going home. Their wallets are closing up shop and going with them too.

This is not a time when you can afford for that to happen. You and we must be fighting for every voter, we have to find a way for them to be heard, for them to be involved, for them to “get on board” but sir, your making it increasingly impossible for that to happen.

You’re rallies are great! Your earned media fantastic! especially because it’s free, but neither of those things alone will win this election for you, and if you are truly serious about wanting to be the leader of the free world, then it’s time sir for you to open the doors, put down the steps, and get as many folks on that train as you can, starting with those who are willing to step up and lead.

You see, by keeping everything within your little seventy something group and not inviting, encouraging and allowing those of us on the ground to fight beside you, you’re doing exactly what the elite politicians have done for years, telling us what you think we want to hear, but not involving us in the process, not listening to what we’re saying, and certainly not calling upon us to help you lead. Without doing these things, there is little to motivate those on the ground to donate to your campaign, why should they? They see nothing coming of it other than you jetting around making speeches and holding meetings at hotels and golf resorts you own, and then charging your campaign for the costs. This is the reality of what people are seeing.

They are not seeing their friends and neighbors opening and running victory centers across the country, they are not hearing about fellow Trump supporters volunteering at those centers, they are not seeing any organized advertising, yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, focus groups, they’re not seeing any organized anything! And that sir, is the root of the problem.

The shuffling feet I’ve mentioned will in the coming days become more impatient, and the whispers will turn to loud voices of disappointment and frustration just before they all turn from the gleaming TRUMP TRAIN sitting idly on the tracks before them that they have not been invited or allowed to board, and go home to stay.

It’s time to open the gates If you intend to win Mr. Trump, you can’t do it alone and your army is growing tired of waiting to board the train en rout to the battlefield.




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