Why don’t they understand?

A guest blog by Joe Schmuckitelli…

Since our current government has more skeletons roaming the halls and having coffee in the war room of the White House (because the closets are sardine packed), I am starting to think our country is about to fall into a chaos far deeper than many would care to imagine. I’m going to ask questions in this article, and answer some. I’ll be talking about our election process, populations and things from foreign and domestic policy, to city crime. The topics to be covered here are definitely diverse, but they are the coffins these ghouls were buried in.

I’m not going to tell you how long this will be, or if it’s even going to be a single column or a series of them. I’m not going to address words counts with anyone. Copy, paste and send to so and so and I’ll let them make those decisions, if they want to run what I think.

First question; How do financial markets grow with the current unemployment rates…. I ask that question because there are rumors, that some are reporting as fact as early as this morning, that the unemployment numbers leading up to the 2012 national elections were cooked, to show a positive gain for this administration, by the Census Bureau? And the leadership there not only knew about it, but actually ordered it. How can Wall Street trust any of the numbers leading up to any election ever again? Are the current unemployment numbers correct or are they being cooked as well… I really think Mr. Romney would have a strong case in the court of the history of Man-Kind. But, hey, I’m just a layman. I do wonder if his lawyers have thought about it yet, though?

Speaking of Wall Street: Every janitor in the district knows that the monetary “funds” their employers get from The Fed is worth about as much as a 12 year old boy’s porn stash (mom, you better not look at his ipod pics). I don’t know about you people, but I can’t trust any of those people, either.

The Electoral College has got to change! We still call our country The United States, but the fact of the matter is, is that We now live in a Nation of city-states and rural peasant areas. When one or two counties are pivotal in a presidential election, with the media that the common person is subjected to every day, for hours on end, you can very easily create an atmosphere and mistrust and or an ‘us versus them mentality’. You can absolutely condition a person or a group of people to accept anything someone says, or does or writes, just about as quickly as Pavlov did with his dog. If you don’t believe me, look at young people who, if they participate in anything extra-curricular, win or lose, they get medals or trophy’s. Some of those people are supposedly entering our work force now, and our military. I think you know, in life we have winners and I hate to say it, but we have losers. As far as the military goes. There is no second place on the battlefield.

When this country was formed, there were meeting places where people would gather monthly, or weekly, maybe even every evening. I bet just as many men, per capita, ate at the local pub as they do sports bars now. And nearly everyone went to church. Carpenters, farmers, blacksmiths, lawyers and farmers traded thoughts thru verbal or hand written communication every day. They were hungry to learn of the world outside of their own little bubbles because you couldn’t just hop in the car and go over to the bigger town 20 miles away for a burger and fries…That would have been a three day ordeal! It’s not like that now. That’s one way that concentrations of people in city-states can influenced. Ask Rome.

How many people reading this article right now have some sort of fire arm in the house? There is a Stag Arms AR 15 between the front door and the place I am sitting, in my study. I’m even going to put money down on a pink .38 Special tomorrow. I wear pink well. Think about it, bald head, silver beard, 6′, 220 lbs…

Growing up in the middle of Kansas and with the career path I chose, I have been around guns, honestly, since the first few days of my life. Beer joints too, until a few years ago. I can shake a stick for a long time, but it would take years for me to shake one at every gun in just Kansas, let alone the entire nation. You will never take all of the guns away from law abiding people, period. You will never take all of the guns of criminals, either, period. And if you do think you can, may it be you, and not your sons and daughters, that that attempts that impossible feat. Don’t even try. The Second Amendment has already been trampled on enough. Social Security might be the third rail of politics, but the right to own a gun to protect yourself, your family and property is the other track, complete with train, going the other direction.

Because my mind has shifted towards that topic, I need someone to explain to me something I do not understand; Why are there more murders in a week in some of these city-states, where people have been brainwashed to support every piece of gun control legislation that comes to the ballot, than some states have in a month, or a YEAR… The only part of our country that has figured out that they had better pay attention, lately, is Colorado. I mean, come on people, what will it take…. The phone idea has already been implemented…Humph…How about giving everyone a big flat screen TV?? In order to get it, you must provide proof that you legally own a gun. Just flash it, nobody will take a photo or write down the serial number or capture any ballistics information from it. Oh, yeah, in order to own a gun, you can’t be a felon, you need to be in this country legally and how about if we require proof that you voted in at least one election in the last 4 years. Maybe a stamp on your voter id card.

I just don’t understand the thought process of parents who would let their children be slaughtered on a city street or in a public school just because someone told them to!

Now, I have seen mass graves. Benghazi is exactly that, and the administration is still trying to get it covered up, like a cat in a sand box, that got a gallon of milk too rich in fat. I bet I can name four men who, if they were able to come back to life, would beat the hell out of every body in their chain of command, until they got some answers. Let the beatings begin!

Oh, I just read an article about the Army going back to a woodland camouflage pattern which was the uniform of the day until about 2003. I would really like to know who makes the decisions on uniform policies and what, if any, investments they have? I wonder if any of those people have won a lottery recently, or had a long lost uncle will them a couple trillion dollars? And another about the Pentagon losing over 8 trillion dollars of the last 25 years! That’s half our national debt! And the other day I read about India sending an unmanned mission to MARS!!! WE GIVE INDIA BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR!!! AND THEY HAVE NUKES!!! PAKISTAN, TOO CONCERNING THE NUKES! Man, talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul so he can go out and party with the sheep!!! Holy cow…

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