The U.S. Governments War On Chronic Pain Patients, It’s All About The money Honey

(Transcript from Live stream by same name including documentation)

By Passionate Pachyderms

I came up with a mind blowing theory,

I’ve been mulling it over and over in my head, discussing it with a few members of the herd, we all believe i may be onto something REALLY huge.

Bigger than the CDC skewing numbers, bigger than Hillary Clintons emails, and bigger than whether or not Trump Colluded With Russia.


You all know how State governments, the federal government, the cdc, and even doctors are restricting pain meds for those who need them, I’ve spoken about this topic before.

Hospice patients, people at end of life, wounded Veterans, and Chronic pain patients are having their life saving pain medications cut severely, or stopped completely.

The Government is passing all sorts of “guidelines” regulations, and laws to limit prescriptions for pain medications claiming its because of the opioid deaths.

Well, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, for a very long time. This process of really making life difficult for chronic pain sufferers didn’t begin with the most recent heroin problem, it’s been ramping up for years, and all along, something just didn’t smell right, a lot of things simply don’t make sense about any of it.

So in my typical fashion, I’ve been searching for the answer as to why.

It’s always been my belief that if you can figure out the “why” of anything that happens, or things people do, you can usually then find a way to stop it, or at the very least

make sense of it.

So here is where I’ve gone with all of this.

How many of you are old enough to remember back in the 80’s when the Clintons were running cocaine in Arkansas to make money for the CIA, themselves, and the Iran contra thing?

Several movies have been made about it, most of them at least somewhat based on the actual events, but the most telling details were contained in the hearings of Oliver North, the high ranking military officer in broiled in all of it on behalf go the U.S. Government.

At the same time, Hospice patients dying of painful diseases and their loved ones were routinely being forced to suffer in unimaginable end of life pain.

The amount of pain medications allowed them was being limited due to the governments contention that if they were given what they needed to actually control their pain, the might become addicted, and they were heavily influencing physicians to go along with this misguided cruel thought process.

After all the government contended, ”they didn’t want these terminally ill patients to become “addicted” to those “narcotic” pain meds, did they?”

THE PEOPLE WERE IN HOSPICE, YOU can’t be in hospice unless you are dying, honestly at that point, who cares if they become addicted to pain medications?

But somehow, inexplicably, this logic seemed to escape not only the government, but many medical professionals at the time.

I remember this distinctly because my best friends mother was eaten alive by Cancer during that time, she was, after years of fighting, finally placed in inpatient hospice care at a local hospital, and was in just horrific pain.

She couldn’t even stand for her children to hold her hand or touch her skin, every nerve in the poor woman’s body was firing on ultra high, it was terrible.

I remember taking a turn sitting with her while the family had a break, she began moaning and crying begging for help making the pain stop.

When I went to the nurses station and insisted they help her, “do something to make her comfortable, I demanded, and they gave me that line.

I snarled back, “the poor woman is dying, what difference does it make if she passes addicted to drugs as long as she passes comfortably?” It literally made no sense to me!

Dr’s were being browbeaten from every direction, that “they must watch carefully for addiction” and avoid letting that happen, even in dying patients, after all, “families didn’t want to have to deal with not only their loved ones death, but the thought of them having died addicted to narcotic pain medications as well.”

Nope, not kidding, they literally said those things.

Even 30-40 years ago, the government was insisting that needlessly forcing those in severe pain to just suffer through it, because being “addicted” to a narcotic pain medication was a far worse fate than living with excruciating pain. There was and for the most part still is no distinction made between being “dependent upon narcotic pain medication for improved

quality of life and function” and “addiction”. If anyone needed to take pain medications to function, they were clearly addicted to them, Period.

Addiction was a bad, bad, thing.

It was Ronald Reagans war on drugs. Remember Nancy Reagan’s “Just say no to drugs” campaign?

All the while, unbeknownst to the American people, the very same government was flying Cocaine in from Columbia, South America, and where ever else they could get it, contracting private pilots services and paying them more money than they could spend, launder, or hide to do it.

Trafficking the Cocaine it all over the country by the tons, making trillions for all their little secret little CIA black ops they were running, and simultaneously, charging the DEA, FBI, local and state police departments with “cleaning up the streets”. Getting rid of drug dealers, traffickers and users. Lock em up! They shouted! These illegal drugs are a scourge on the American people!

They passed stricter sentencing laws, filled the prisons with people involved with the terrible poison, and even later instituted the catastrophic “three strike” law, dictating that any individual convicted of three felonies, immediately went to prison for life.

It didn’t matter the circumstances, it didn’t matter the level of the crime, three strikes, thats it, you’re out! Dooming thousands of low level dealers and users of the very drugs they were trafficking and transporting into the country for sale, to life in prison.

They created the problem, made it explode within our cities and communities, took the trillions of dollars it generated happily in one hand all the while swearing it was criminals and bad actors at the root of it, passing stricter, bigger laws to combat the horrible scourge of drugs in America in the other.

It was imperative the American people continue believing that the government and all those within it were looking out for us! Doing what they could to protect us, and rid society of not only the horrible illegal drug trade, but all those engaged in it!

They had to manipulate the general public into continuing to believe that the Government of the United States Of America was all Good. All the time. They would NEVER engage in such things. Only other governments did bad things for bad reasons! The American government would NEVER do such a thing, they were better than that.

This unquestioning faith and belief in government was then and remains a crucial element in the swamps ability to function with impunity. To continue to be “untouchable”.

It was/is crucial because that way, anyone claiming that a individual, agency or entity within the U.S. Government, let alone the U.S. military would engage in such things would be dismissed out of hand.

Called a crazy conspiracy theorist, and discredited completely regardless of any proof they had it was happening. It was perfect!! Brilliant in fact!

And for decades, it worked perfectly! The American people were lulled into a false sense of security and were 100% assured that their government was on the job! Protecting them from all things bad and unseemly. After all, We are the Greatest, most advanced, most industrial, most powerful country in the world!

The American people wrapped themselves in the cozy comfort of those thoughts secure in the belief of those they elected to represent them and their interests, secure in their belief that their government had always done the right thing in the past, and would continue to do the right thing in every instance in the future.

We, the American people, got lazy.
We stopped watching what the government was doing.

The media stopped doing their jobs as our watch dogs.

They stopped alerting the American people when something was amiss within the government, and helped facilitate the corruption within it.

They played a lullaby each night to the American people, soothing us, reassuring us that all was fine, the government was great, and in sort order, we, the American people, fell asleep.

Once that happened, a free for all began, and it hasn’t stopped since.

Prior to the Cocaine in the 80’s the government was involved in running drugs in the 60’s and early 70’s when Vietnam was going on. We don’t know where that $$ went to, but i’m guessing it was something as fucked up as a soup sandwich too.

Interestingly, In the 60’s and 70’s what were the drugs of choice?

HEROIN which was being brought in on military aircraft with the governments blessing from Vietnam, Cambodia ect. and LSD.

Where was LSD created? In U.S. government laboratories!!

Don’t believe me? Watch the net flicks docudrama “Wormwood” it will open your eyes to exactly what our government was doing with LSD and what they were using it and other

mind altering drugs for, as well as to how they used them on unsuspecting Americans who were not only severely injured by them, but many of whom died because of them.

Watch the Mel Gibson movie Air America as well.

While it was supposedly fictional, we all know now, it was based loosely on actual events of the time.

And because of the addiction created by the heroin the government was supplying and trafficking to American Citizens in the 60’s and 70’s, the all benevolent government decided they’ed make a wonder drug to get people off Heroin, Except that wonder drug ended up being more insidious than heroin, what was that drug?

METHADONE. A cheap government laboratory created, government controlled replacement for heroin that is far more addictive and difficult to get free of than the heroin it was created to replace!

A herd member experienced in drug addiction and addiction treatment told me that, “coming off methadone is worse than coming off Heroin.”

I knew this because a friend of mine who suffered from chronic back pain was talked into switching from pain medication to Methadone because he had lost his insurance during the Obama years and Methadone was much less expensive.

At the time I researched it for him and advised him very strongly against doing it, because of the horrific stories about it’s effects as well as the nightmare of getting off of it.

You see most opiate based pain medications work via the blood stream, they are effective for a certain period of time, and then the body eliminates all traces of them typically within 30 days time.

With Methadone, it builds up in your body, it is stored in the bodies fat cells, so while a Pain patient taking something like Oxycontin for months or years and having it stopped suddenly will go through physical withdrawal from it, be miserable and horribly physically sick for a week or two, after that it will gradually get better until after three weeks to a month, the drug will be completely out of their system, and all physical withdrawal symptoms will be over, with Methadone this is not the case!

With Methadone, the person will suffer severe intense physical pain and sickness for months on end, and while it may ease from time to time for a few days or a week, suddenly that same intense physical pain and sickness will overtake them again without notice and last weeks again.

This can and often does continue for years after stopping methadone. It happens precisely because it is stored in ones fat cells, it’s impossible to flush out like opiate pain medications

can be. You are held a prisoner to it for as long as it takes for your body to rid it’s self of it completely.

Just like coming off suboxone and the like is worse than coming off of methamphetimines.

Now with all of that, we’ve established that our government has a long and storied history of trafficking in illegal, unsafe, unpredictable drugs with one hand, while cracking down on legal safe drugs, and creating laws that do harm to those who legitimately need those medications to function, or die with dignity with the other, making it look like they are trying to stop the problem.

When, the government is not only actively creating the problem, it in fact IS the problem.

They are the problem, linked in with big Pharma, who provides the Methadone, Saboxone, narcan, etc to keep people hooked on THEIR drugs while feeding them a fairytale about how much better, safer, and “cleaner” they are on the government created stuff…

Okay now, all of that having been said, Follow me here…

The obamacare bill contained a plan for death panels, a board of people who would decide who lived and died based upon the cost of what it would take to treat them vs possible return on investment, ( could they or would they ever be able to return to work, and resume paying taxes? How long might they be expected to do that? Will the amount of tax dollars and productivity they may contribute if treated, outweigh the amount of money it would cost to support them and treat them until they died?) If not, if the patient is beyond a certain age, or has minimal chance of survival, the death panels job was to be to refuse treatment. Too bad so sad your husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, friend is not worthy of the cost to treat. The expense is greater than any possible return they might give us, so it’s our decision he or she is beyond helping and they will not longer receive any medical services.

The death panel was to make it so that the insurance companies didn’t have to be the bad guy, the doctors and hospitals weren’t the bad guys, hell even the government wouldn’t be the bad guy,

it would be some unknown unnamed group of individuals operating in the shadows where no one could see them, or hold them accountable.

They would take all the blame, and the thought was, that eventually people would just wash their hands of it all acceptingly, because after all it was something the government created for the good of everyone, ::rolls eyes:: and say “oh well the panel has decided he or she is no longer eligible for treatment, gee thats too bad.” And simply accept the imminent death of their loved one without fan fair.

Remember that? It wasn’t so very long ago folks, less than 10 years.

Those who suffer chronic pain are some of the most costly patients to care for. They have complicated medical issues, and more times then not, can’t work significantly, and have very little or no financial resources or tax earning potential.

Yet they cost a huge amount to maintain, between drugs, doctors, procedures, tests, surgeries etc

So, if you are a big government wanting to get rid of this giant drain on healthcare dollars and resources, but you have to do it in a way you won’t be blamed for, a way that won’t cost votes, or cause political blowback, how would you accomplish doing it?

Why not flood the market with heroin, (making tons of money for those involved in the process, government and individuals alike in the process, like the Clintons did with cocaine)

Make it easy to get, knowing full well, that in a bad economic downturn, people are more prone to seek out something to ease their “pain”,

Get loads of people addicted, make money off the illegal drugs, money off the rehab facilities, money off the Saboxone, narcan and methadone,

Then BAM! Put the smack down on doctors. Blame them for the entire thing. Raid offices, scare the hell out of anyone prescribing narcotics to a point where they won’t do it, citing the “new drug epidemic,” then blame it all on the doctors for starting it.

Mean while continuing to bring in the illegal drugs and make money off of them. The doctors will cut back severely on prescribing pain meds to an aging population, the baby boomers, most of whom spent their entire lives busting their backs and asses and beating their bodies to hell and then just as they are about to retire and become non tax paying non productive $ $ wise, make it impossible for them to have their pain treated.

Add to this the other 14 million chronic pain sufferers in the U.S., Wounded Veterans, elderly, disabled, sick, the ones who so often have no voice, and if they do, no one listens to.

What will they do? Many are children of the 60’s and 70’s after all….

They know about heroin, and street drugs, (in their minds they think they do) perhaps they even remember trying them back in the day. they decide if they can’t get what they need legally, they’ve got experience to some extent with getting them illegally.

Many of them will turn to street drugs.
Many will overdose, and die accidentally.
Far too many will commit suicide, either way, you’ll get rid of a huge swath of the most costly people to care for, saving the government trillions,

and best of all, the government won’t get blamed, because they are the ones making the restrictive laws to protect against drug addiction!!

All of the money people win,

Those who lose, well who cares? They weren’t worth taking care of anyway, they simply cost too much.

we have been set up for this…

I think I am right, or very close to it. Though I know some might be saying,

“Very few people will just accept that our our government is doing that”

to which I say, there was a time that was true, but more and more people are waking up to many things we never dreamed our government would do, and yet, here we are with them having done them.

Many won’t want to believe it, but honestly, the proof is right in front of us, in the obamacare bill, the entire idea was to get rid of those who cost a lot to care for, and were at the end of their earning potential, or who no longer had any earning potential

It’s all about the money, the power, or both.

They just found a way to not only make a ton of money, but to, through the elimination of costly healthcare patients, save a ton of it as well.

As I pointed out earlier,
Insurance companies win,
the government wins,
those involved in the drug trade win, big pharma wins,

the rehab industry wins,
hell even the Prison contractor industry wins with this one!

All of those who are more concerned with money than with life.

They all win. And they couldn’t give two shits about those who lose. We are nothing more than dollars they don’t have to spend.

you might be thinking, “So you go from granny not getting a knee replaced and just being treated with pills, to not treating her pain, wouldn’t that just create more health issues?

Hell yes! that is the plan exactly! You see, if granny isn’t cared for or treated, and suffers constant pain, what happens?

She becomes weaker, more susceptible to opportunistic disease, and when she gets those diseases her body is no longer strong enough to fight anything off

she dies. problem solved, money saved.

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for years trying to figure out the WHY of all of it. Because it just didn’t add up, ya know?

Why not let the addicts just kill themselves, problem solved.

Except nope, the government and those involved make and save way more money on all fronts if they do it this way.

Had they let the addicts do their thing, more and more people would realize the drugs are a bad bad thing,

Eventually, they’ed stop buying them.
The economy would get better, and the epidemic would go away.
Those involved had to keep it going to make as much off of it as they could.

All the while, the government appears as usual, to be the good guys because they are passing more and more laws in response to what they tell us are millions of people demanding they do something about this horrible drug problem.

The response? More laws restricting the treatment of legitimate pain patients.

Calling out all of those BAD Doctors who have the audacity to, treat their patients as human beings and relieve their pain!!

(Sarcastically say)



They actually manipulated the American citizens into demanding the government do exactly what it wanted to do, AGAIN!

Limit the availability of healthcare to those most in need of it, and those who cost the most and return the least!

As fucked up as all of this is, one has to admit, it’s incredibly brilliant, devious, evil, and sick all at the same time!

Is any of this sinking in?

If Any of you still believe there is no way those within our government could or would pull this off, please Read the book The overton Window.

While fictional, again it too is loosely based on real events.

Okay now back to proving the point,
what happens when you cut tens of thousands of gulf war vets off their needed pain meds?

22 a day start committing suicide. Who wins if they commit suicide?

no more healthcare bills, no more potential law suits for giving troops tainted or experimental vaccines, no more va benefits, and no more disability checks.

The Government AGAIN!! Are we sensing a theme here?

If they kill off the injured, the disabled, the sick, the old, and those who predictably will become drains on the system, like those addicted to street drugs, what do all of them have in common?




their usefulness to that same government is done, (from the governments perspective anyway)

they can’t work, they don’t pay taxes

Fuck it, get rid of them.

But we have to make it look like they are getting rid of themselves.

How do we do that?

Have them commit suicide, die of opportunistic illnesses they couldn’t recover from or fight off……

But fail to mention why they couldn’t fight them off, or recover from them.

Because their bodies and immune systems where too depleted of energy from having to fight constant severe pain.

Mean time, the government is making trillions addicting what they see as “the weak members of society” to heroin and fentanyl.

Might as well get rid of them too.

They’ll be the ones who cost us money in the future.

Insurance companies save money.

Drug companies make money off of things like suboxone, methadone, and rehab facilities,

Prison contractors make tons off of the ones arrested for possession, dealing, trafficking, (even tho they all technically were working for the government)

Except those who lose, the sick, the disabled, the old, the veterans and those with the addiction gene
The Elite fucks win

They make the doctors be the bad guys who cut off granny and the guy who’s leg was blown off serving his country.

The doctors blame it on the states,

The states blame it on the feds,
and of course the feds blame it on who else? The drug dealers and traffickers
Who are in fact, The government!

My my my what a profitable circle jerk our government has going on. Everyone ends up getting off, making money, and feeling great except the ones they are screwing in the end.

Are you surprised? Is anyone shocked by this?
I did some research on this, guess when this current heroine issue began?

2007, one year before Zero took office with a 9,000 page National healthcare plan already written and in hand, coincidence? Probably not!

In 2016 they figure there were about 948,000 heroin users. in 2016 170 thousand tried heroin for the first time.

What are the chances that more than half of the 170 thousand who tried heroin for the first time in 2016 were chronic pain patients who had been severely restricted from their pain medications or cut off all together?

how many Americans need to take long term pain medications? 14 million.

100 million suffer from chronic pain.
Population of the U.S. is 330 million, so what they are saying is,

1 in every 300 people are heroin addicts, 3/10 of 1% of the population. yet the CDC and gov are telling us 1 in 5 have tried heroin.

how does that compute?
It doesn’t! but they don’t think any of us are smart enough to do the math and figure it out!

in order for 1% of the population to be heroin addicts, 3 million would have to be addicts. According to these numbers, in 2016 only 1/3 of that number were addicts, so how does that amount to an epidemic?

If it only affects 3/10 of one percent of EVERYONE in the country

Conversely tho, we have 100 million chronic pain sufferers, 14 million of whom take narcotic pain medications long term

by my math, that is 3.3% of the population taking pain meds. 33% of the population suffering chronic pain

sounds more to me like chronic pain is far more of an epidemic than Heroin use is.

when you look at all of this and really examine it, none of it adds up any other way than the way I’ve just laid out

it simply isn’t possible
The government is intentionally feeding customers to the illegal drug trade

When they go buy heroin, they pay cash, the insurance company doesn’t have to cut a check for medical services

If the government tells me it, it must be so, duh, why would my government lie to me? They would NEVER lie to me!!
Our government doesn’t do things like this!
where have you been the past 20 years?

Did you know big Pharma always contributes to campaigns against the use of medical Marijuana?

They are doing this shit ALL THE TIME!! and whats worse, they are doing it right in front of us.

Either we’re not paying attention enough to figure it out, or we the people don’t have balls enough to call it out when we see it, and do what it takes to stop it!

I don’t think there is a drug epidemic.

When you get some congressman’s kid or someone like Eric boilings son that dies because they did heroin for the first time,

I’m sorry for your loss, it’s horrible, tragic,
but guess what?
They put that needle in their arm, Chronic pain patients didn’t.

No one pinned them down and forced it in there. or held a gun to their heads.

Using heroin is a choice.

My kids have never done heroin, they don’t smoke, they don’t drink, they don’t do drugs, luck of the draw?
good parenting?
Smart kids?

who the hell knows,

Maybe i just got lucky. My point is, most of the population manages to get through their teenage years and lives without doing heroin.

Why blame the deaths of those who didn’t manage to, on anything or anyone except the ones who stuck those needles in their arms and pushed the plunger in, took drugs not prescribed to them, mixed those drugs with other substances, and/ or washed them down with alcohol.

What makes their deaths my fault or responsibility?

What makes it perfectly fine to punish me and other Chronic pain patients who engage in none of those illegal, irresponsible, and quite frankly stupid behaviors for the actions of those who do?

Why restrict the availability of narcotic pain medications from those who need them, not to get high, or use recreationally, but rather to function.

From those of us who take them responsibly as directed by our licensed physicians.

From those of us who have proven our legitimate need for those medications and presented that Objective proof via Ct scans, MRI’s, X-rays, blood tests, bone marrow biopsies, and other irrefutable medical documentation to the physicians writing those prescriptions.

Those of us who need those medications to function, be productive, engage in life, and have some quality of life in spite of our medical conditions, based solely on the illegal irresponsible actions of others with whom we have no association.

It further pushes the idea that Pain meds are bad bad bad

Convincing the world who doesn’t need them of that, So they will agree to then restrict them for those who do need them, why? well because they are bad bad bad!! of course!! As are the doctors who dare to prescribe them!


Do the insist upon doing this so the legitimate pain patient has nowhere to turn for relief other than EXACTLY where the government wants them to turn,
the streets and the heroin they are trafficking?

It certainly appears that is the case.

Are they they deliberately manipulating the numbers to paint what ever picture they need to in order to accomplish their objective. yes, the most certainly are!

As I see it, in this there appears to be several objectives,
1. get rid of those costing the government and the healthcare system the most money.

2. If they can’t get rid of them, get them into one of the big Pharma or big insurance rehab facilities and get them on other drugs that are much more difficult to get off of, and convince them that by taking these government developed and controlled street drug replacements, that it is some how better, that it makes the addict “Clean”, when in fact the only time an addict is “clean” is when they are free from all substances, not just the street drugs that got them addicted to begin with.

3. Get as much heroin out there on the streets as possible, make it available on every street corner, and make as much money as possible off of it to further fund the governments dirty deeds, killing thousands of addicts, and casual street drug users as possible, (after all, they’re only costing, or will cost us huge sums of money anyway, right?)

All the while scaring the rest of the public into thinking, if they take one pain pill after having their hip replaced they’ll become addicted and end up on the street begging for the heroin the government so willingly and happily supplies.

The government Creates the problem, so that the government can then come riding in on a white horse, passing laws, drawing up new stricter, “guidelines” for treating chronic pain based upon manipulated statistics, falsified numbers, and baseless opinions uttered by individuals who have no expertise in the area of pain management, pretending to solve the problem they created in the first place.

They created the problem of making our military members sick with gulf war syndrome by using experimental aids vaccines and depleted uranium, and made every attempt to hide and deny the fact that it happened, that it is likely the cause of the disabling condition known as Gulf war syndrome which of course they are still attempting to deny even exists. (See article with accompanying research on this matter on our web site Passionate

They created the problem of making Vietnam veterans sick with agent orange, making not only the veterans sick from it, but their offspring as well causing birth defects, serious illness and death for decades as they continued to deny having done it knowing full well the health ramifications of having used it, but not wanting to take financial responsibility for it’s effects as they promised and swore to those young soldiers they would.

Of course the soldiers believed those promises, after all, it was the U.S. government who made them, and they would NEVER lie to the troops going off to fight on their behalf!!

They created the problem sending our military to Iran and Iraq and then not allowing them to fight to win costing hundreds of thousands of injured military personnel who would then come home to need extraordinary, expensive care which the government promised they would provide,

but then of course, once again reneged on, leaving many of those veterans with no where to turn for help.

Presto changeo, Here is Heroin the wonder drug, something to ease their pain until the government got around to processing those disability papers, and found the time to get


them in to see a doctor at the V.A, after months or years of waiting on some secret list meant to hide their existence and the fact that they were not being cared for in a timely manner. The V.A. who will then treat them like shit, refuse to acknowledge or appropriately treat their injuries or pain, including emotional pain, and blow them off until in utter frustration and exhaustion, they become one of the 22 American Veterans each day who commit suicide

How much more proof do we need America?

How many times will we allow them to keep doing the same things generation after generation before we wake up and demand it stop?

Until we roar in one united thundering voice ENOUGH!!! We will no longer look the other way, or allow you to manipulate us with your lies developed in hearings on capital hill and in back rooms “closed to the public due to national security”

If we are indeed a country OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE” WHY IN GODS NAME DO WE ALLOW THEM TO DO ANYTHING, ANYTHING in a closed hearing, under the guise of “National security” that will not directly result in the immanent deaths of 100 or more American citizens?

We MUST DEMAND all hearings, all discussions, all negotiations, and all decisions affecting the American citizens be done in full view of the American people. With the exception of those where National security truly is at risk. Where 100 or more Americans could die should that information be made public.

Those hearings are where they decide what lies they will use to cover their tracks, where they will hide the costs associated with their corrupt deeds, how they will twist and turn the facts to suit their narrative, how they’ll get away with denying responsibility for any of it, and how they will get the media to be complicit in assisting them by paying and rewarding them for lying to the American public, or keeping the facts from them completely.

Just remember ladies and gentlemen, while today you, or those you love and care about may not be one of the 14 million chronic pain patients needing narcotic pain medications to treat their pain and allow them to function and have some quality of life, right now you may not have Cancer or some other equally painful devastating condition or illness, and right now, you may not be suffering from the effects of a debilitating car, work, or other accident, tomorrow that may not be the case.

Tomorrow, your entire world may come crashing down around you. Tomorrow it may be you in horrific pain unable to obtain adequate pain medication, or perhaps any pain medication, or even worse, tomorrow you may be standing next to the bed of someone you love who is begging you to help them, or begging God to let them die because they can no longer live with the pain they are in.

What will you do then? What will you tell your wife, mother, son, or daughter when you can’t find a way to get the doctors to treat their pain, or when the small amount of pain medication

they are given doesn’t begin to help control their pain? When you have to look in their eyes, and see their very life draining from them more and more each day?

If you fail to act on this, if you fail to make it your mission right here, right now, there is zero doubt the day will come sooner or later when you will regret it. None of us will leave this life never having suffered chronic pain, or been forced to stand by helpless while someone we love does. When that time comes, do you want to know you were the hero who helped, or the one who could have, but never bothered?

I am Passionate Pachyderms, The Brutally honest Elephant in Every room, and I tell it like it is!

If you liked this video please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button, if you like this subject matter please subscribe to the Passionate Pachyderms channel. If you are a chronic pain patient or the loved one of someone suffering chronic pain that has had their medications severely reduced or stopped all together, leaving them in constant uncontrolled pain, please join me in making a Roar they can’t ignore by writing calling and visiting your elected representatives and demanding they stop this insane war on pain patients and their doctors.

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So on the conspiracy scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate this??

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    My Drs are taking me down on my doses and I have an acute pain problem right now and when I told my regular MD after 3 years of being prescribed diazepam, now he’s saying “You don’t need it and you’re going to get addicted.” Even though I told him it helped with the pain & we never had any issues up to that point! All of the sudden “I don’t think you need it I have terrible anxiety attacks also! I just do not understand how Drs get into your body & tell you what you need and don’t need. It’s all about this stupid opiate thing. I think they are trying to kill us off because we are “a drain to society.” I knew something was up, and I know it’s all about money it ALWAYS is….follow the money….I’ll die before I take heroin….NEVER touched it NEVER WILL I guess I’ll just die in my bed unable to do anything no life….some country land of the FREE I don;t feel free now and these idiots don’t get alcohol kills more people than opiates EVER will! These is turning into a barbaric country where you have NO rights, you have to suffer I bet they have all the meds they want you know Ivnaka Trump didn’t take tylenol after her surgery so c’,mon President Trump stop & realize what you are doing to this country and many suffering people who don’t abuse our meds or divert them we are being blamed for something we did not do! We are GUILTY before proven innocent we need to do a class action suit! The DEA is totally out of control since when did they go to medical school?! SMH….

    •  by  PP~

      I am so very sorry you are going through this. I understand your anger and frustration all too well, and encourage you to join us in the fight for the rights of Pain Patients. Together we must all tell our stories, get them out to the media, and make a noise loud enough to be heard over the narrative they are using to stop or greatly reduce our medications. There are millions of us, and we can change this if we work together.

      Don’t throw up your hands and become resigned to dying in your bed! Use your anger, frustration and outrage to change this, channel it into speaking out and taking action in EVERY way you possibly can, because if you don’t…. if we don’t, we allow them to continue to do this, hurting the millions who now suffer, as well as the millions who will going forward. Join us in making it our mission to fight this!


    •  by  ellynarizona

      I love that narrative : “going to get addicted….”. When exactly? I’ve had opiates for monthly issues since I was 17 (I am 55); now with a chronic incurable condition- daily for the last 15 years. No early requests, no lost scripts, no failed UAs- and NO increases…. So- when EXACTLY am I at that addiction risk? I REALLY want to know.

  2.  by  Keikimako1

    Oh, THANKS so much for your kind response, PP.
    This kind of thing, unless we all stand up and say, “We will NOT go away quietly
    into the night…we will NOT vanish without a FIGHT (remind you of a movie? Independence Day…of all movies…I am very sad since I think we are loosing our freedoms) I want to join the fight, my dear chronic pain friend…just tell me how…I have signed the Class Action Suit one I believe…anyways if the CDC and DEA and DOJ aren’t already being named they sure should be esp the DEA for practicing medicine without a license! Thoise are GUIDELINES not the LAW. This is just barbaric and when I read all the above I can totally see it and how EVIL the world is getting in its last days….and people that are good will be persecuted the poor will get poorer, the rich and powerfuk more so but for me I know that God is in control so I need not worry as much as those who may not have their FAITH to rely on. Not trying to preach or anything. Jus’ sayin I have HOPE in My Father.
    How do we drown out this stupidly biased media? Gosh I’m tired of how they ALWAYS pick on Trump….even though I am angry with him right now for letting the puppetmaster string him along they way THEY do all the Presidents and don’t tell me the President is in charge because he’s not theres another group and they don’t answer to anyone not even God they are above the law and are rich & powerful & VERY evil and covert

  3.  by  ellynarizona

    I’ve been saying this since I realized what your article is about- it’s no better than the Nazi death camps- but hey- a heck better of a lot cheaper!!! Build a camp=$$$$$; suicide= 0$.

    Really- can it get much better? Hitler has nothing on these guys…..

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