Trumpeteer or Trumptard

If you are one of many Americans who support Donald Trump you have probably been called both of these names many times. Why republicans spend so much time trying to destroy each other with names and slurs is beyond me, but thanks to social media it is the norm.

People are continually asking me how I could have be such a strong republican and yet support Mr. Trump? The answer is complex and I will try and explain it below.

For years we have had only establishment GOP candidates to choose from. If you look back, there was George Bush, John McCaan and then Mitt Romney, certainly all good men, but intrenched in the mainstream. Then as a country we elected Mr. Obama and our whole world changed! While the GOP talked tough, time and time again the establishment rolled over and conceded more and more of our personal liberties. It has become painfully obvious that the GOP has lost its fight. Don’t get me wrong, I do not mean the GOP members, I mean the people we elect to represent us. Which brings us to the present fight for the nomination.

There are at present 3 candidates who are what is being called top tier, meaning they are doing best in primaries so far and doing best in the polls. While two of three are trying hard to claim they are outsiders and the GOP does not want them, they are still firmly entrenched in DC politics. I do not believe this broken system can be fixed by someone who is part of the system, all too often they focus on the way it has been done and don’t look outside the box to change things.

What I see in Donald Trump is someone who looks at the problem from all sides and then chooses the best option to get done what is necessary. His success in business is legendary and while his critics point to the four bankruptcies, I view it more as those who never try, never fail and when you balance it against the hundreds of successful things he has done, the odds are way in his favor. His brash, tough talking, sometimes offensive behavior is Mr. Trump being himself. Many find his antics over the top and offense, many others like myself, see it as Mr. Trump using the media to get even more attention. He has changed the way a successful campaign can be run, by thinking and acting outside the box. Early on, when he first announced his intent to run, they said he was a joke, that he would be out of the race by Iowa and he could never get support. Now we are getting ready for the South Carolina primary and he is still in the lead, has won New Hampshire soundly and nationally is polling out front by a large margin. While the elites still see him as a joke, many regular americans see him as the last chance. So next time you choose to call someone a Trumptard or a low information voter you need to remember that these Trump supporters want many of the same things you want, they just see the path to getting our country back as being outside the box.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is.

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