Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a little liberal who claimed to be the self appointed guardian of “tolerance” and “diversity”.


The little liberal was always on watch for anybody who disagreed with him, and if he had no reply to their reasoned argument, he would try to shut them up by crying “RACIST”!


This was a very effective tactic, because the (usually) conservatives he most often disagreed with actually cared about racism, and had worked long and hard to eliminate it from their land, and even though they had made much progress, racism was still a problem, and it would most often shock them into silence, leaving the little liberal as only voice being heard, and that suited him quite well.


He did not care that he was falsely accusing them of what they themselves had been fighting, because he had been taught that the only thing that mattered was “winning”, at all cost, and by any means necessary. To him, history was not something to be learned from so as to avoid previous mistakes or even to grow from past sins, but only a tool to be twisted to fit his agenda, “and besides” he thought, “even though they never said or did anything racist, and actively spoke out against it, they MUST be racists, or they would agree with me!” So he carried on without care for the hurt and harm he caused.


For a while, this tactic seemed to work, as nearly everybody he used it on would either over-react which he would then use to his advantage by painting them as out of control, or they would simply stop talking, and retire the field, just as his uncle Saul had said they would in the playbook he had written. So effective was it, that the tactic became commonplace, and was often even used pre-emptively, to silence his opposition before they could even speak.


Unfortunately, the tactic became so common that those he had previously silenced with it became numb to the assaults, and would ignore them completely. I say unfortunately because, suddenly, actual racist were getting away with their garbage because nobody listened when they heard the charge of “racism”, and so in short order, the real racists were not only going unnoticed, but began using the charge as a badge of honor, and recruiting formerly reasonable people, who would have otherwise never have considered the racist’s rhetoric, over to their side.


Now contrary to what you might be thinking, the moral of my tale is not to stop crying “racist” any time somebody disagrees with you, because our little liberal friend has been so conditioned to believe in the pabulum he had been spoon-fed his entire life, especially in supposed bastions of “higher education”, that he will not hear anything that doesn’t fit his agenda, no matter how reasonably presented, or what facts were cited.

No, the moral of this tale is for his opponents, and it is simply this…

If somebody calls you a “door-mat”, it doesn’t mean you have to let them walk over you or silence you, and also that just because somebody falsely accused you of being a racist, doesn’t mean there aren’t real racists out there, quietly spreading their poison.


Silence equals consent, and tolerance of racism, is support of racism. You know who you are, and you know your heart. If you are not a “racist”, don’t allow yourselves to be cowed, and don’t allow genuine racists to use your indignation as cover. Keep answering lies with truth, fabrications with facts, and hate…

…with love.


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