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And the list keeps growing

Another day and another possible scandal brewing for the Obama Administration. One of the biggest questions amid the recent (at least from my point of view) hearings on Capitol Hill regarding this Healthcare.gov website has been this.

1. Why did a website cost some $600,000,000.00 of tax payers money? I can almost understand $75,000.00 for a special toilet seat for airplanes and submarines. You want it to be made of special unbreakable material etc., but $600 large for something that should have been $20, 30 or even 50 million seems to me to be so far over the top, it is ridiculous. That was the first red flag for me personally.

2. Why is this contract awarded to a Canadian firm? Let’s all stop and think for a moment. Silicon Valley in California is the home to the largest collection of Geek anything on planet earth. You trip over comic books and Incredible Hulk souvenirs while traversing the area. You don’t have a Starbucks on every square block, you have them every 100 yards and in the curio shops as well. It is the home to every major web company, designer, engineer and thinker this side of the planet Mars. Not to mention if you travel a short 8 hour drive North, you end up in Mr. Bill Gates back yard.  Why Canada? We are reaching out to flipping Canada for our healthcare website?

3. Last question; why was this a NO-BID contract? Not one company was allowed to bid on building this website. This contract for some $600 million dollars of your hard-earned and now wasted tax dollars was awarded to a foreign company to build and then wasn’t even allowed to be tested (coming out of hearings) before being shoved down the American people’s throats like so much else from this Administration.

Allow me to be very clear here. I have been involved in the construction of websites. I can tell you personally, you can build a very large website and turn it into a major social media website for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. I am talking about a site that will handle millions of people and allow them to play games, chat, watch videos and the entire nine yards. You can duplicate Facebook for $50 million complete with your own server systems and the like. Marketing is another issue to sell your site, I am only talking about the raw construction of the site. No, you aren’t going to run out and duplicate the entire Facebook experience and round-up over 1 billion customers for 50 million dollars. But you could construct and code the site for that.

Conspiracy Theory #1~ Why was this contract awarded to the company where Tony Balkissoon 29 is a company executive? Oh, I’m sorry, you’re wondering who brother Tony is? Tony not only works for CGI in Canada as an executive (the company that wasted the train load of money) but he is also the Son-in-Law of Valerie Jarrett. Yep, he is married to our fair Valerie’s daughter. Starting to connect the dots here?

Conspiracy Theory #2~ According to The Daily Caller.com, it seems that our beloved first ladies classmate at Princeton (the class of 85) is also a corporate executive with the same company. She is not just an executive, she is the Vice-President of the company. For myself, this is beginning to smell like a can of rotten sardines.

Again; I want to emphasize the possible gravity here of the nepotism and corruption of the health-care website. In the Silicon Valley as I provided a link above for, you have some of the largest computer firms in the world. Oracle, Yahoo, Cisco and the list goes on,  are located in America and in California.

Why is the media not reporting this? Valerie Jarrett’s son-in-law is an executive (with the company) whom the United States of America writes checks for a very obviously over bloated and ripped off rate of astronomical proportions and nobody says a word? The American people under the penalty of fines are expected to sign up for something and they cannot and nobody says a word about this obvious nepotism. Oracle, Cisco, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Micro-Soft are shunned and locked out of a bidding process for hundreds of millions of dollars and nobody says a word?

Yes my friends, it is time once again to witness the sweeping of total cronyism, nepotism, lying, cheating and the fleecing of America under the rug. Another day and another scandal and nobody cares except of course the American people.


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