Time For A Plan

by  Chuck Pithy

We are being inundated every day with crisis after crisis and threat after threat. As we come to yet another anniversary of 9/11 it reminds us that we never know what is in our future. If you do not have a family crisis plan now is the time. Now I know many out there are preppers and that is wonderful, but this is more of a mini prepper plan. This plan would cover natural disasters too.

1. Have a primary and secondary meeting place other than your home. I usually suggest a spot that is easily accessible by car or walking. For us it is a spot near a stream. We have a signal at the primary spot that tells everyone go to secondary.

2. Have a few short codes you can send via text to loved ones. Long texts are much more likely to hang in the system during an overload than short ones.

3. Keep some warm clothes in a backpack in your trunk.

4. Keep some energy bars in the backpack with your clothes.

5. Water is more critical than food so keep some water in your car too.

6. If you have other family members that have homes in the area consider bringing them in on the planning.

7. A week of extra food should take care of most emergencies. Do not depend on frozen food in case the power goes out.

8. Keep a week of prescription medicine in your car in case your home is destroyed or you are unable to get to it.

9. Consider getting a camp stove so cooking can be done and water can be boiled even when utilities are down.

10. Remember your water heater is a source of 30-50 gallons of water.

11. Keep some bleach around to help purify water (use approx 16 drops of bleach per gallon according to Law, Science & Public Health Program Site).

12. Have a good first aid kit, do not skimp on this, get the biggest best one you can afford.

While there are many more things you can do to prepare this is a good start and it is easy. Remember the worst part of any crisis is the beginning. If you can get through the beginning of it help will typically be on the way in a period of time so you just need to hang on until it arrives. FYI I am not directly aware of any eminent threat the time to plan is before you need it.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!!

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