Things You Need To Know Before taking over of the Republican Party

By: Passionate Pachyderms on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 8:44pm      



Theoretically taking over the Republican Party is possible, “THEORETICALLY”. I say this because, in order to make it happen, millions need to be made aware of the following information, and be ready and willing to act accordingly.
First of all, most Americans believe the Republican Party as an entity,  has great wealth, or access to it, with which they elect politicians and effect change. The reality is, that just isn’t the case.
Though the Democratic Party has always had an almost endless stream of funds at their discretion due largely to its affiliation with unions, and other bottomless sources of support like George Sorros, the same can’t be said of The Republican Party. This means that  the Republicans ALWAYS begin behind the money starting gate/power curve. 

In the past, the Republicans  were able to overcome this challenge via a combination of brains, ability, and support from members.  However, over the past 50 or so years, a cascade of events took place,  which in effect alienated many would be members of the Republican Party, and left a large number of them feeling strongly that, “their party had left them.”  As a result, those folks not only stopped financially supporting the party, they stopped physically supporting it as well.  To add insult to injury,  many of the “elitist” types  who remained, and were running the Party over the past 2 perhaps 3 generations,  enjoyed the idea of “their Party” being seen as that of the upper class, and social elites. They, to a large degree, began to take on the attitude that, except for the “need” for “Worker Bee’s” at election time to do those tasks the Elitists viewed as distasteful, or unworthy of their time,  they saw no good reason to upset the crony apple-cart they’d created by welcoming, encouraging, or  recruiting folks from other classes or age groups into the fold, regardless of how strongly held their political beliefs were.



 Of course this way of doing things quickly trickled down from the National level,  to the state, local and County levels.   As the years progressed, this  resulted in fewer and fewer active participating members.  At the same time, those who considered themselves to be part of the “In crowd” kept getting older.  The number of members in the Party dwindled,  and the gap between them and the (by this point) third generation of “missed” Americans, continued to grow.  In spite of the whole “Big Tent” idea, (When Republicans decided they would “remake” their image in attempt to increase membership numbers from any or all economic and social classes. These attempts failed miserably and only served to further alienate the working class Conservative base from the party. ) In 2006 when it became evident that the lack of member/voter/supporter situation had reached critical mass, and something “had” to be done,  but with the presidential election of 08 looming, they knew they couldn’t afford to lose or alienate any of the affluent, donors they currently had,  nor could they risk upsetting those “Good ole’ Boys” who pretty much knew which skeletons  where in what closets.(Politically speaking.) This put the Republicans in a very sticky wicket.
Add to this mix, the fact that the Republican presidential candidate whose “turn” had come, was John McCain, a war hero,  POW and current Senator of Arizona, now in his upper seventies, who could and would do absolutely nothing to attract the younger generation, or those folks in between, all of whom would be needed to win in 08 and beyond. To do nothing would ultimately result in another entire generation, or perhaps two being missed, and while making up for three missed generations would be tough enough,  adding a fourth, and possibly fifth to the mix was ill advised. Not only that, but the Democrats could now lay claim to having had two women run for POTUS so far,, while the Republicans remained stuck in Good ole’ Boy mode. A fact sure to, (they thought) come back and bite them with women voters.  They had to find an up and coming young female, preferably attractive, staunchly conservative, with a family, a clean past, strong enough to handle the pressure, but one that wouldn’t, in all likelihood present much of a problem in the handling department.  Someone who could bridge the ever growing gaps for them.  Of course in walks, Sarah Palin.
Sarah SUPER CHARGED the Republican Party in ways they couldn’t possibly have imagined. She instantly gathered support and devotion from millions who were otherwise thought to have been unreachable. She energized them in ways the powers that be couldn’t comprehend, and did it so well, and with such ferocity, that it shook them to their core. If she was able to instantly polarize millions, inspire devotion, and support the likes of which none of them had ever experienced,  it  meant she might also have the power to bring them down just as quickly.  Even more troubling they likely concluded,  was that she had courage, and a record for standing up in the past. It was one of the reasons they’d  chosen her,  but they hadn’t considered the possibility that they might be her next target..  Sarah was too much for them, they ere afraid of her. . But, they knew they needed her, and would continue to need her going forward.  So the only thing they could do, was discredit or destroy her, using what they knew she held most dear, as their weapon of choice, her family.
 Make no mistake, the people making these calls, and pulling the strings don’t care who gets hurt or how, in their minds, anything they do, anyone they use, it’s all okay,  if it means they achieve their ultimate goals, there’s far more at stake than any of us can begin to imagine. 
In order to take over the party,  those intent upon doing it must know these things, be prepared for them, and be prepared to stand strong in front of, beside, and in back of, every single target the powers that be set their sights upon, allowing no unwitting individual to go unprotected. There can never again be anything even remotely resembling a sacrificial lamb, or anyone who is sacrificed “for the good of the party.”  Protecting our own should have happened with Sarah, we had her.  She was right there, ready to take the plunge,  ready to lead. A more appropriate, perfect person for the job of POTUS at this time simply doesn’t exist.  But…instead, as so often happens,  especially in politics, I suspect that when she got ready to jump, she looked around for those who swore they’d jump with her, and they were M.I.A.  I suspect Sarah realized (brilliantly) that if they weren’t there now, before she jumped, they sure as heck weren’t going to be there with her when she landed,  nor, I suspect, did she particularly want them to be.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain she knew how much real ground level support she had, and how dedicated that true support was.  But, you and I, aren’t the ones with millions of dollars to contribute to a campaign.  Whether one is going up against a  monster with a billion dollars to throw around, or  an army of old chroneys, and a few thousand, they’re going to need help just keeping  their head above water.






 This is what we face in taking over the party at all levels, It’s always the same story, perhaps different circumstances, but the story is ALWAYS the same. Good qualified people whose hearts and minds are in the right place,  willing to do all they can, give it all they have,  are encouraged to take on the powers that be.  They work themselves to exhaustion, as others sit back watching, swearing they’re “right there with them” and “Supporting them all the way!”… Yet each and every time they stop to take a breath, or look up from the battle, to see  who has their back, or who can take over for a minute while they take a break, no one’s there.  When the going gets tough and the fight becomes heated,  again they look around for  those folks who swore they’d be there, for those they’ve been working for, who swore they’d help, and guess what?  AGAIN, few if any are there.
 No one can win a war without an ample supply of well heeled boots on the ground willing, and unafraid to engage the enemy.
To take over the Republican party, you must begin at the local level,  be willing to join your county party, pay your dues, get involved, attend meetings, conventions, and caucuses, and you MUST be willing to support those who are willing to lead, and who  have  demonstrated that ability by example. This does not happen overnight, it can’t.
Once you have successfully gained control of your county, you can try to gain control of your state in the same manner, followed by the nation. None of this is as easy or as simple as merely “taking over the party.”  It absolutely REQUIRES an ample supply of well heeled boots on the ground willing, and unafraid to engage the enemy.
Boots on the ground that have not been there consistently for many of those attempting to get the ball rolling, as a result of those boots being M.I.A., the sight of those good people once the wrecking ball has come through with them standing watch alone,… well it isn’t pretty.
What I’m getting at here is, unless you have an army that is,  awake, ready,  willing, and able to consistently do battle non- stop until they are victorious, no matter  how long it takes, how hard the work is,  or what the cost ,  and are willing to do it with ACTIONS,  not just  words, please don’t assume it can be easily done!
Make no mistake, It is possible, it can be done.  It MUST be done if we are to save this country.  But until each and every one of YOU are WILLING to WAKE UP, and decide that while you may have been a part of the problem in the past, you are now going to STAND UP,  GET OUT, and DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES to be a part of the solution TODAY. Stop just “telling” others  what YOU THINK should be done, or what’s wrong, and start actually DOING something about IT!  STOP being an “arm chair general,”  and start actually fighting the war!



Begin by joining forces with,  standing up for, and behind, those who’ve been deep in battle the past four years while you’ve been safe at  home watching dancing with the stars. Realize that because you were safe at home while they were deep in battle all this time, they probably know what they are doing, and what they are talking about.
I haven’t taken the time to write this because I want to offend anyone, it’s far too late in the game for that  nonsense.  Rather I’ve done it to help those just waking up to realize that we’re in the midst of a war fighting for our Country, our Rights, our Freedom and our way of life.
If you believe electing  another “good ole boy” MUST be done simply because he has an (R )after his name, or because there’s no one else to chose from,  in spite of knowing he stands for EVERYTHING we are fighting against, KNOW, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!
There ARE  better choices available. They are waiting for us to call them.  To stand beside them, in front of, and behind them.  But most of all, they are waiting for us to STAND FOR THEM AND FOR OURSELVES.

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