The Sky is falling, The Tea Party is shrinking, The Government is here to help us and other lies you shouldn’t believe

by Passionate Pachyderms


Please consider the following things, keep them filed somewhere in the back of your mind, always as distinct possibilities. Remember above ALL else, in the coming weeks, months, days, and years, THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY APPEAR.

We all know that the current regime and it’s minions manipulated the 2012 election poles, and made very clear threats to the companies doing them, in fact if you google it, you will find copies of those threats sent by Eric holder and his “Justice Department”.

Further, we are all aware of the targeting and victimization of those belonging to conservative, Tea Party, 912, Patriot,or affiliated groups,and conservative religious organizations by all departments of the administration, IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, JUSTICE, ICE, FDA, DEA, USDA, Agriculture, and others. Anyone stepping forward to speak out or take positions against the current administrations policies and practices, are subject to feeling the wrath of folks like Valarie Jarrett, and Eric Holder, who have made it their quest in life to silence/ruin/and bankrupt as many of us as they can, and have devised devious ways to make prosecuting the government entities responsible or involved,  impossible. One need look no farther than Congressman Darrell Issa, and his Fast and Furious investigation, the hundreds of thousands of documents, emails, and inter office memos they keep getting, after years of demands supenas, promises and hearings that are so heavily redacted, they amount to nothing more than pages covered in black ink.

 That said, consider for a moment, that people tend to join in things that are popular, if they think their friends and neighbors are doing it, and it’s something they relate to in any way, it’s very likely they will at some point join in and do it too. The same can be said going in reverse, if this administration wants Americans to believe their fellow countrymen and women no longer care about FIGHTING BACK, no longer want to take part in having a voice, or stopping the progression of the lefts agenda, what then is the easiest way to help make that happen? 

 First, create a chilling effect, silence as many members as possible by targeting them. Then make folks think the interest no longer exists. Third, use fear of being targeted to paralyze those who would still speak out and fight back, thereby further reducing turnout at marches, events, and protests. MAKE PEOPLE THINK NO ONE CARES ANYMORE AND SOON THEY WON’T! Because their is courage in numbers. “They can’t arrest or target all of us.” But that only works if the numbers exist to make it possible.

 They ARE AFRAID OF US, THEY ARE AFRAID OF OUR NUMBERS!They know we outnumber them, and we can and will bring them down. How soon, we do that, and how much they will get away with between now and then is the question.

  They have forced many groups into hiding, forced them to go underground either completely or partially. Some of the largest groups, some with millions of members, maintain a low profile presence online, make it appear as though they are of marginal significance to the eye of Big Sis and her cronies who might peek in from time to time, but in fact, under the surface there lurks complicated communication trees and structures which reach out to, inform and include millions of their members who are ready and willing to FIGHT BACK when called.  

you were warned

Yes the TEA Party has learned one of Sal Alinsy’s rules for Radicals well, “It’s not what you have, but what you can make the enemy think you have that is important.”

We can make the enemy “think” we are millions, Tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, or we can make them think we are dwindling, fizzling out, and backing off, so that when under the surface, we plan and organize our battles, the enemy is taken by complete surprise when tens of millions show up in Washington D.C. to “Take back our Country” and “Clean The House.” 

And so my friends, don’t be fooled by anything you hear on the main stream media, or read online. Question EVERYTHING with BOLDNESS, look, ask, dig, make lots of noise and let the world know your asking and looking. When you find the answers, shout them from the roof tops till someone listens, join as many groups as you can, online and in person. Learn from them, support them, and help them. In time, they will help you.

 But above all else, DO NOT GIVE UP! Don’t believe any “Poll” announced on the news or some web site. (Have you EVER been asked to participate in any of these polls? I haven’t! Neither has anyone I know, and I know A LOT of people!) PARTICIPATE!! Show up at your state capitals, show up in Washington! Make those phone calls, write those letters! Make appointments to speak with your elected officials, let them know where you stand, and make yourself heard . MAKE A ROAR THEY CAN’T IGNORE!

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