The Boundries of Freedom,

Some Brutally Honest Observations From A Passionate Herd Leader                                                                                                                                                                               By : Passionate Pachyderms


Most of the people who are members of PP~ at this point, are “warriors” if you will, of this movement. We are those who have been organizing, planning, and fighting  for some time, who haven’t stopped, some not even to rest, when most others have. For many of us, we are heavily engaged in this battle, in some way, shape or form, every moment of every day. Because we are the “warriors,”  and “Generals” we are acutely aware that there are “MUST HAVES” for an army preparing to engage in battle. In no specific order, here are some of them:

Troops (Battle Ready, Disciplined, Committed Feet On The Ground)

Experienced, Qualified, Trusted, Organized, LEADERS

Clearly Defined Battle Plans (With Achievable, Realistic, Short  And Long Term Goals)

Clearly Defined Responsibilities and Rules of engagement Funding

Without  any one or more of these, “MUST HAVES,” an “Army” or organization can survive, but likely not for long,  it won’t grow or thrive, and it certainly can’t successfully engage in any serious battle. 


I am one of the Generals. A Brutally honest one who doesn’t believe in mincing words, here are my observations with regard to my web page and site Passionate Pachyderms.


First, while I have a strong faith in God, and I’m unafraid to speak of it, I believe that someone intent upon constantly, “thumping bibles,” commenting on everyone’s posts with scripture quotes, wallpapering Feeds with “Share if you love Jesus,” and constant anti-abortion graphics, are in my opinion, probably not helping us achieve our goals, objectives, or mission plans. In fact, it  is very likely, these individuals are probably turning “off” and turning away far more would be “warriors,” and “contributors” then one might think.  


 Now before those God fearing, scripture quoting, members start attacking me, please, hear me out, then if you still feel the need to do that, Go for it!

As I explained, I have as strong if not stronger faith in God than most, and I definitely want him and his son on my side in any fight, and at all other times for that matter.

However, there is a time for every season under heaven.

 It’s fine to carry your faith with you, and never leave home without it, there is a time and place to wield that powerful sword, and one to keep it in reserve for when it’s needed most. That said, right now, as we attempt to get organized, focused, and headed in one direction, the RIGHT direction,  now is NOT the time to pull out that sword, and swing it around with wild abandonment.

Next, for those who’s frustration, anger, and/or poor judgement, move them to post racial slurs, graphics and/or disparaging remarks about race, religion, (yes this includes ALL religions,) or who make such remarks about people whose sexual preferences differ from their own, four words come to mind; “KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF!”

IT’S not FUNNY, IT’S not CUTE, it doesn’t make you look tough, or intelligent. It makes you look like small minded bullies, with zero self control or respect for other human beings.

This country was founded on, among other things, FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Not my religion, not YOUR religion, NOT what ever religion we may decide to recognize as individuals, but “ALL RELIGIONS.” You’ed do well to remember that.

Respect people for who and what they, “prove themselves to be” not for what your notion of them is, or for what others may have influenced you to believe they are.

There are good and bad people of every color, religion, nationality, and personal lifestyle. 

To condemn folks you don’t know, have never met, and have no clue about, is NOT consistent with the beliefs of any TEA Party organization I have EVER been involved with or been a part of, (and there have been MANY.) Nor do I believe it should EVER be a part of, or allowed in any community.

This brings me to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

I’ve used this analogy before, I believe it’s applicable and worth repeating here.                                                                                                                                                       (If you don’t know the definition of “analogy,” please look it up before attacking me for my comments.)

Yes, we all have a right to free speech.

 Armed with that  RIGHT,  you can go on any street corner, in any city or state in this country,  scream what ever you like, for as long as you like as far as I am concerned, and so can I, at least for the moment. Your FREE to do that. Go right ahead!

 But, what you are NOT free to do, what that does NOT give you the RIGHT to do,  is come onto my property and do it, Nor I yours. 

It does NOT give you the right, to come into the business that I created, and do it.  Nor does it give me the right to do so at your business.

And it certainly DOESN’T MEAN I have to force my business partners,  customers,  friends, or community members to endure it while they are on my property either. 

It makes no difference to me whether you like those rules, agree with them, or want to follow them. They are MY rules, about my property.  Live by them, follow them, and respect them, or leave. It is that simple.  When I come onto your property, post at your site, or on your wall I will expect to follow your rules. That is called RESPECT.

All of that being said,  admittedly, it is difficult to follow rules if you don’t know what they are, or that they exist.  Now you do.

There will more than likely continue to be those who believe they can just take what someone else has worked for and created,  and either ruin it, or attempt to steal it, and make it their very own bully pulpit in spite of the fact that it does not belong to them.

I intend to STOP that from happening here and defend this place,  I hope all of you do too.

I am Passionate Pachyderms, and these are my  Brutally Honest Observations.





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