So Much To Be Thankful For!

by … Chuck Pithy

For many folks, today is a day of eating too much, watching football and planning the Black Friday shopping trip.  I look at this day a bit differently.  I have always taken this day and looked at my life.

I thank God for the gifts, talents and abilities he has given me.  I have a career that I love, thanks to the talents and abilities God gave me.  It has offered me the opportunity to help folks at a time when they need someone with kindness and compassion.

Although it took a second try, I have been blessed with my soul mate, lover and best friend as my wife.  Lord only knows why, but she tolerates all my quirks, me being set in my ways, and my moods and loves me unconditionally no matter what.  She has blessed me with two wonderful daughters who we watch with pride as they make there way in the world.  My in-laws love me and I love them as if they were my birth family.

My own family includes two sisters who would do anything for me as I would for them.  As far as they are concerned my wife is a sister to them and at times I think they love her more than they love me, lol.

Lastly, we are blessed because we have two little poodles who thinks the sun rises and sets on their momma and daddy.  The unconditional love they give us could never be described in words, it could only be felt.

While there are many things I could complain about, today is not the day for it. Let me end this by saying the following.

Lord, thank you for the many many blessings you have given me, may I always appreciate and cherish them and use them all to do good works in your name.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!!!

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