On Saturday August 16th a group of approximately 200 average Americans, all residents of the state of Tennessee, gathered together as they frequently do, to bid on items offered by a local auction house well known for selling fine antiques and collectibles. 


The auction proceeded as usual with several amazing antique items going for thousands of dollars, others in need of restoration sometimes going for next to nothing. 


After several hours and hundreds of items changing hands, a lot of collectible coins came up. Each coin was offered individually, many were very rare and in perfect condition.


 It was very clear those bidding on them, knew exactly what the coins would bring now and in the future. The auctioneer came to a particular coin, and appeared to be uneasy about presenting it.


He explained, “Folks I am going to set this coin aside for a few minutes and go on with this lot, and we’ll come back to it a little later”.


 No one objected and the collection continued with each coin presented bringing more than the last. Finally after a few minutes had passed, the auctioneer announced now was the time to sell the coin he’d set aside.


He began with a brief carefully worded description which included the words “rare, colorized presidential coin, in perfect condition” and deliberately saved the name of president until last. This is how the auction progressed from there:


 “Who’ll give me $50. For this Rare colorized presidential coin of Obama?”

The room went silent, no hands went up. 

“Who’ll give me $40.?” Nothing. 

“Who’ll give me $30 dollars for this colorized Obama coin?” Still nothing.


 “Who’ll give me $20?”


 “10.?” Crickets.


 “Who’ll give me five dollars for this colorized Obama coin?” Still nothing.


The crowd begun to snicker. 


“Okay, who’ll give $2. for this coin?”….. No one. The auctioneer, now fighting back laughing with the rest of the crowd, announced “NO BIDS”.


 Later, in order to get rid of the Obama coin, it was given away as a freebie to the winning bidder of a very rare Carson City Eisenhower coin. 


Upon seeing all of this, I had to fight an overwhelming urge to stand up, address the crowd and give them a standing ovation for unanimously voting to completely reject Obama money in their community!


 I’m proud to be a part of a community that feels Obama money is worthless, and prouder still to now be from Tennessee! 


I am Passionate Pachyderms and I Tell It Like It Is! 

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