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A guest blog by  … Joe Schmuckitellie


The draft of young people into our armed forces has not been used since the 1970s. Guess what…I am reinstating the draft.
This is not an ordinary draft. The people that I am drafting are not average people. The positions they fill are not going to be entry level, grunt positions. The people I am drafting will fill the highest positions in our country.

I don’t care what it takes. You draftees are going to have to come to an agreement. You are going to have to work together and you are going to have to walk in lock-step in the leadership of our federal government.

Ted Cruz. Sir, you need to lay it all out there, as well as you do that now. You need to assemble your team, which I am drafting, along with you in these next few minutes. Assemble your team and send them to every corner of our country and tell the people the ways you want to do the different things that our government must do. Sir, Condoleezza Rice is known throughout the international community and is respected there. She needs to be your right hand, as your vice-president. She truly is one of the smartest people on the planet and would be able to walk your path in a heart beat, or after the last one of yours.

Jim Mattis needs to be your Secretary of State. He will tell our enemy’s exactly how it is. And our allies. This might seem to be an odd choice in the draft, but Americans are tired of bowing to Saudi kings and being bullied by a Kremlin that is as Soviet as she could have, ever been in the 1960s. We want no more war and we do not want to lose any more good people to terrorists. General Mattis, as gruff and hard as he is, is a decision maker, but he will not allow for the senseless slaughter of our ambassadors. Or any other Americans.

Your secretary of Defense can be no other the David Patreaus. He has come closer to winning 2 wars, being fought simultaneously, than any other General in our history. If he had been given the time in command, I and many other veterans from either Iraq or Afghanistan, or both, will tell you the same thing. I really don’t care about any of the so-called scandals he’s been a part of over the last couple of years. We know this guy will get marks  in win the ‘W’ column.

Since you are from Texas, Sir, surely you can understand why a former Alaskan Governor should be our Secretary of Energy.  She is a lightning rod. In this case, it Mrs. Palin can unleash the power of the common people who have to drive to work every day. She is also, should I need I state the obvious, a spokesperson for the Tea Party, which is actually the new base of the Republican party, less the rhinos that currently ‘serve’ the people.

Rand Paul knows what natural rights are, as well as you do, Sir, and should be your DHS secretary, so that we can purge the government’s law enforcement and protective agencies of those who would trample those rights. It seems as though the two of you have a viable working relationship, which is a must for the security of both our nation and our natural rights, as granted to all people, by whatever entity they call their God.

The Department of Justice needs to be led by Andrew Napolotano. He gets it. He understands right and wrong. There is very little gray area in crime and he is the kind of guy that knows what a government should and should not do when it comes to personal liberties. If not there, then maybe an appointment to the Supreme Court.

As much as I hate to say it, there should be a big duck in the Commerce Department. Don Trump has made so much money that it is absolutely obscene. He might be another lightning rod, but lightning is energy. Our economy desperately needs some of that! As a matter of fact, with his organizational skills, he could probably fit the bill of Management and Budget, Us Trade Representative, the Head of the Small Business Administration and would have excellent input for the Council of Economic Advisers. That might save a few almighty dollars in salaries. Sounds like they are all working together anyway.

As far as the Mission to the United Nations goes, I think they need to move to The Hague. Besides, we definitely need to look at where we spend the money we are borrowing. Natural disasters are one thing, but to give a country, that has nuclear weapons or a space program…Come on Sir. Do you think the family down the block should give money to the family at the end of the block, to buy a nicer SUV, or mission to Mars…Or to the family of adults across town, that all but Mom and Dad, want to burn down your house…Seriously…

Sir, call these people together, now. Moderate the group so that they can work out personal differences, explain to them what a football is, as Bear Bryant would after winning a Super Bowl, and let’s pick up the fumble that is the federal government and run with it! Time is wasting and the sooner you can show the American public your team, the sooner we can get back to restoring this once great nation to what she was. Money might be able to buying an election with cell phones, but to truly have a mandate to return to American principles, education is the key.

The election cycle started in early November of 2012. We’re burning daylight. The Sargent in me says “Doitnowmove”. Just ask any Marine about that phrase and what it means.

by … Joe Schmuckitelli

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