Tea Party Dead??? Wrong Again Mainstream Media and GOP!!


Sadly, because the GOP and the Mainstream Media has not taken the time to really learn about the Tea Party Movement, they profess total shock over Eric Cantor losing his primary race.


Once again I will try and explain to them what we are about. The name “Tea Party” came from the original Boston Tea Party and has nothing to do with being a political party. We do not have county, state and national levels of this movement like the Democrats or Republicans. There is no national leader or national spokesperson. We are hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large groups that act on their own accord based on the specific interest of the group. They work on local, state and national issues, often with multiple groups working on an issue from different ways. We will meet with elected officials, put forth our concerns, suggest legislation and encourage votes cast in favor or against bills like anyone else.


Because we do not have the party structure and baggage of the GOP or the Democrats we can react instantly without worrying what the party line will be on an issue. We have learned how to use the power of social media, electronic media and cell phones to react at a moment’s notice when issues arise. Many of us have our legislators in our contacts so we do make the calls and we do voice our opinions and that is why we are effective.


As to the Media and the GOP, who seems think/hope the Tea Party has diminished, lost its momentum and is no longer viable, sorry but your wrong again. The reason for this is because the Media is only interested in seeing and reporting the Tea Party the way they want to believe we are so we simply stopped worrying about them, wasting time sending them press releases or trying to change their opinions of us. There are too many more important things that need to be done and we are doing them.


I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!!!!

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