Are You Talking To Yourself Again?

A guest blog by … Joe Schmuckitelli 

Well, here is a snap thought.

I call on Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS-1) and Senator Jerry Moran to work together to repeal the “nuclear option” that Harry Reid saw fit to impose yesterday. The minority is not protected with these new rules in place. Stand Up! See your place…I know mine, and it is not quiet.

Are you talking to yourself again

Do you ever catch yourself talking to yourself, and believing it makes sense? It really does make sense, I mean, you’re simply confirming your beliefs, right?

Who wants to be labeled a troll? I just ate, so I’m not going to go look through the search engine of facebook “friending” liberal, groups, organizations and people. But really, have you ever thought about that? Maybe you don’t care to write an article about something that you feel like you need to say, or to state the obvious. Most people can’t pack up the car for a weekend and go protest on The Mall in D.C. I am sure if it were to be known, some people might be able to go to the county court house, but the state house for your state is probably out of reach, as well.

I’m talking to myself. I’m talking to you, too, and we can take that a step further: We are talking to Ourselves!

How do site administrators catch every liberal out there trying to post stuff on their sites? Or do they? You’re already on the internet, if you’re reading this. Why not go find a couple libtard facebook pages and when you see an article out there that makes sense, copy and paste a reference to it? Don’t you feel a little ornery right now? I never leave my ornery on the nightstand. It would be like leaving your fishing poles in the garage when you go to the lake.

HEY, STOOOOOOOPpppppp! I do a very good double knife hand when I carry that O for more that a second or 2.

Joe, what are you saying?!!! Should I go out in the world and spout my mouth off? Should I organize a conservative group to espouse what we commonly believe in one voice? Run for office… I just might lose my lunch after all. No, you don’t have to do any of those things. I would encourage all of it to anyone on Earth, though. It feels good and sometimes it tosses a smile to my ornery. It’s all relative.

We all want to do our part. Some of us do some things and others do what they can. I happen to have a bit of a wild streak sometimes, so I write. Ornery just jumped up on my lap. Time to quit talking to ourselves!


by … Joe Schmuckitelli

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