Let’s Talk Christmas Miracles…

At a time when far too many Americans are struggling to keep their heads above water, and everywhere we look there is another example of the decay of America’s once incredibly strong moral fiber, it occurred to me that this year, right now, each of us has the chance to help deliver a Christmas Miracle to someone who needs one.

Some folks need nothing more than your thoughts and prayers, others need helping hands, and still others just need to be inspired by your Christmas Miracle Stories.  So those of us here at  Passionate Pachyderms have decided to try to do our part to help things along by  providing a spot where people and ANGELS can find each other, help each other, and hopefully bring the true spirit of Christmas  to those who might be having a little trouble finding it these days. 

Please take a few minutes, look around and let us know about someone who needs a Miracle, or tell us about a special time when the true spirit of Christmas filled your heart, mind or life and provided a miracle to lift you up and renew your faith. Maybe together, we can remind each other that Christmas isn’t about Black Friday Brawls at Walmart, or maxing out our credit cards, and instead help each other find the true meaning of Christmas. Please share this with your friends and groups. The more folks who contribute, and participate the better!  Those of us here at Passionate Pachyderms wish each of you a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and Christmas Miracles!

We invite anyone wishing to have their Christmas Miracle request or story published on the Passionate Pachyderm web site/Command Center, to please feel free to Email it to me, Jen@passionatepachyderms.com and I will be happy to post them for you, or if you like, you can join the herd by registering at passionatepachyderms.com and post them yourself under this story thread. 


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