Surrender is in our Creed

Why stand and fight when surrendering is much easier. Our founding fathers sacrificed their live, homes, and fortunes to fight for what they believed in. Too bad many of our current crop of Representatives is more worried about winning their next election to fight for us.

George Washington did not win every battle but he fought. Americans fought despite facing the best equipped and trained Army in the World, The British Army.

Today, as Obama threatens to shred the Constitution by Executive Order, Republicans worry more about how to get more Republicans elected that about standing and fighting.

Now, we find out that Republicans are surrendering the battle on illegal immigration.

On Jan 29, 2014, Ryan said this regarding illegal immigrants, “We’ll give them a work permit, we’ll give them probationary status.”

Last I checked Americans want Congress and the President to focus on the economy not immigration. But okay, if Mr. Policy Wonk wants to talk about immigration, let’s talk immigration policy.

Business owners, I am sure love this Republican idea of granting every illegal immigrant in America a work permit. What a great source of cheap labor plus they don’t have to worry about getting caught hiring illegal immigrants.

But according to the laws of supply and demand, a greater supply of legal workers without a growth in jobs will mean more unemployment, lower wages and benefits, and a downward economic path. This means fewer entry level jobs and higher unemployment of Americans, especially the youth.

Once this new immigration status is enacted, illegal immigrants will gain a right to stay in the US. So does anyone believe that Congress will ever have the courage to rescind this new status if the new border security efforts fall apart or if Obama simply refuses to carry them out?

Just like any other entitlement program, once it is on the books, congressional cowardice will make sure that it never goes away. Do you see Ryan or any other GOP running in 2016 saying they want to revoke the new immigration status since the borders were not secured?

Republicans will whisper about the need to revoke the new status but it will never happen. Why? They will be afraid of losing the next election and their big business contributors will want to keep their legal low paid immigrant workers.

I could write more even about how these new “Legal” immigrants will be able to walk boldly into government buildings to demand their Medicaid, In-State Tuition, Unemployment, and all the other entitlements they will receive as legal residents.

Don’t be fooled by the smooth talking Ryan and cohorts while they will tell you one thing as they have their hands out for a donation, they will be giving away America to Obama who they really are afraid of.

For instance, look at the Debt Ceiling, Obama has said he won’t negotiate, Republicans have said that they are not going to allow a default. So despite the anti-Obama rhetoric you will read in their request for money, they will do a deal that gives Obama a clean debt ceiling hike because after all they can’t do anything unless more Republicans get elected.

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