A Storm This Way Comes!

For all the Cruz supporters who feel once the rules are changed and Donald Trump is not the nominee all will be right with the world, this is what he will be facing.

Potential Hilary Commercials

The Republicans ask you to vote for them and they promise to carry out the will of the people. However over 14 million people voted for a candidate and they choose someone else. Sure seems like the Republicans feel they know better than the American voter, this is not representation, this is tyranny.

Ted Cruz is asking for your vote to be president, however during the primaries not even his own party trusted him enough to vote for him to be their nominee, he got it through back room dealings like most Republicans do. The Republican voters must know something they aren’t telling us, do you want to take that much of a risk with our county.

Ted Cruz, America’s 2nd choice in the primaries and second choice now, vote Hilary.

Yes I know Abraham Lincoln was not a first ballot choice, but that was long before the age of digital media. The Dems will have a field day with this happening and lord only knows what other things they have waiting. I am glad you feel so confident that Ted being a constitutionalist and an evangelical christian will be more than enough to win, but the truth is who ever the nominee is they need support of the independents and the moderates to win. Ted Cruz will be portrayed as such a hard line right winger that his stand on abortion and gay marriage will make him appear to be way out of touch with main stream America. Look what they did with moderates John McCaan and Mitt Romney. If you think Trump is unelectable you have not seen anything yet.


I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is.

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