SO, You Want TO Know What The Plan Is, And When We Begin…

by Passionate Pachyderms

Recently, I was asked some very good questions by one of our TPC members, Mr.Tom Hollingsworth.

Tom, like many of you, is anxious to know what the plan is, what are we here to do?  And perhaps more importantly,  when and where will we start?

Below you’ll find both Toms very well written comments, as well as my answer to him.

I am sharing this with all of you, because many may not have seen it at the bottom of aonther recent blog I also wrote, which gathered close to 200 separate

posts thus far, and I believe both Toms questions, and my answers will be of interest.


 (Here is a link to that blog if you’re so inclined to read it) ies-of-freedom-tpc-and-some-brutally-honest-observation s-from-the/

(Tom writes) PP~  after reading your statement and every comment, I only have a couple of questions.
You mention what this site is for, I read the mission statement several times since I have been here. The phrase mentioned more than any other form of action was, “lobby and petition”. I noticed you mentioned being a General”, speaking from a military background. This is not what Generals do. This is what politicians do.
I have seen many post go by in my time here, I have seen none of the “battle plans” or “rules of engagement” you mention are a MUST have. If YOU “generals” actually have a plan besides playing politics, please feel free to let me know. But as to being heavily engaged in this battle, at most I would say y’all are at the negotiation stage. And are taking too long at that.

Tell you what though. When you “generals” get tired of talking, please wake the WARRIORS up. Otherwise we will just have to go on without y’all. You mentioned “Experienced, Qualified, Trusted, Organized, LEADERS” just where does a warrior sign up for this duty?

Cause every action that I have seen suggested has been met at the most with avoidance. It has pretty much been four years, how much more negotiations do you expect? I only ask because just in the last year or so, there have been over 60 drone operating sites set up, according to the FAA website.
As far as negotiating goes, it is not going well for Americas side.
Cliff notes:
1 What battle plans/ rules of engagement?
2 How does a warrior sign up.
3 how much more talk can be expected?
And please don’t refer me to another statement about how we are going to talk everything right. That is foolish. How often have you or anybody else talked a landlord into dropping your rent, just because you thought it wasn’t fair?

 Passionate Pachyderm Response:

Tom, While I understand your very valid succinct questions, and intend to answer and comment upon all of them, fair warning, this may be a very long post!

First the term “General” is used both figuratively and literally in this thread. The majority of folks who have commented on this blog,  (including yourself) are intelligent adults with more than a thimble full of common sense, and realize, there are any number of different “terms” used to denote an individual that is a leader of people in any number of different “fight” scenarios,  “general” being one of the more common terms associated with this particular activity, which folks easily relate to.

 In my own experience I should have used Admiral, but didn’t feel it to be the correct context, as I’ve done my time on board ships, (21 years was quite enough for me, thanks.) and have now turned my attention to this particular LAND based battle for our freedom and RIGHTS.

 As for not having seen any particular battle plans, or rules for engagement, if indeed you had read ALL of the posts here, you would have read the one explaining that, (to coin a phrase) “Loose lips sink ships.”

What I mean is Tom, that I am aware of in the current period of time, nor any other in history, have any leaders of ANY battle, in ANY war, or conflict, broadcast their battle plans across unsecured lines of communication to millions of people including but not limited to those they plan to do battle against. (except of course for the moron we currently have in the white house) To do so would be to lose before any plan had the chance to be implemented wouldn’t you agree?


That having been said Tom, we understand that folks do need a certain degree of information in order to prepare. An example that comes to mind are the men who were being prepared to storm the beaches at Normandy in WWII. They joined the military, (all branches) went into basic training, then into various subsequent training programs, I.e. flight school, infantry, Radioman, navigation, Sonar tech, engineering, etc. etc. and then were loaded onto transports, (ships, and planes) and sent into battle.

 They knew NOTHING about where they might be going,…some toward Japan, and the South Seas, others towards Europe, and still others went elsewhere. No one knew exactly where they would arrive, nor what they might encounter once there. They were trained to do their jobs no matter where they landed, and they were ready to do EXACTLY what they needed to do, no matter how things might be when they got there.

 No one knew. That was what made the plan ultimately as successful as it was. Had everyone/anyone known, they might have told their mothers, fathers, friends, brothers and sisters, any of whom, could have accidentally then “slipped,” and said something to someone somewhere, unintentionally “tipping off” the enemy, and thus allowing them to prepare and/or attack our forces before we could implement our plan of attack.

The mission statements are general guidelines, they explain “in general terms” what one might like to or intend to accomplish.

(In WWII they set out to accomplish taking out Japan for attacking Pearl Harbor, and in aiding our allies in stopping Hitler and his minions in Europe.) They intended to do it using everything they had available to them at the time.


 FDR (figuratively speaking,) more or less, declared the United States “mission statement” via radio address on December 8, 1942.


Often Mission Statements today, VERY minimally tickle the surface of what  intentions and goals might be, using “some” of the avenues a group or entity “may” opt to take to accomplish those goals.

As for where you sign up? You do so here, in groups you relate to and enjoy being with on facebook, twitter, other outlets of social media of course, but far more crucial, and far more importantly, you sign up in your communities.  You “talk” to, LEARN, and TRAIN, with others. YOU read, you PREPARE, you study, you get to know those you will be fighting next to, and you LEARN the tactics of the enemy that YOU MUST be prepared to face.  When your done, or think your done, you DO it SOME MORE. You keep doing it until everyone learns. Until EVERYONE knows not only their own job, but at least “something” about the jobs those around them will be taking care of as well. You teach others what you know, and you WAIT.

 *** This time can/is also being used to identify,  and/or “weed out” those who may be moles for the the other side. Those who talk the talk, but who, have no intention of ever “walking the walk,” when the time comes, and others are counting on them to have their backs in the trenches. To identify “Willy will do’s,”  people who never do what they say the will, can’t be depended upon, and always have some excuse as to why that never involves it being their fault.  To I.D. “Polly put it off’s” too. With Polly’s, it’s not that she doesn’t do things, but instead that she doesn’t do them when they need to be done. She often puts off crucial tasks until the very last moment thereby creating enormous potential for catastrophe when there isn’t enough time to implement any plan B options. These are two examples but you get the general idea.

A period such as this, is commomly used to determine which individuals are deliberately divisive, which invite and/or enjoy antagonistic discord, or creating distention amongst the ranks.


 It’s also spent looking for and determining which people could potentially be ideal candidates for specific jobs, duties, and/or tasks, especially those that require critical or tactical thinking skills, communication skills, or crucial abilities.

We can also use it to distinguish which individuals seem to be truly committed to doing what it takes, for AS LONG AS IT TAKES to get the job done, and which ones are likely to, at the first sign of conflict, or trouble, whine, carry on, complain throw temper tantrums, and are prone to “taking their toys and going home” if they can’t make everyone else play their games by their rules, who, in spite of their being low information individuals, demand incredible amounts of time, patience, and resources to deal with on a regular basis.  (One example of this, might be, the individuals who hijack thread after thread on a site,  attempting to draw every topic of discussion into the weeds with their own personal crusades that have NOTHING to do with the matter at hand rather than sticking to the topic, or contributing valid points for discussion.)


 You spend this time accomplishing/learning all of this and how to appropriately handle it, and …. 

 You wait until the time is right. Until it’s time to (again, figuratively speaking) “board the transport,” that will take you to the “battleground.”

That “battleground” may be in your city, state, or county. It could be in a neighboring one, or it may be in Washington D.C…


 You’ll know, I’ll know, We will know, when we need to know, and not one moment before! Which is, I think, (and I’m fairly certain most will agree,) for the best.

  I think I’ve answered all of your questions, perhaps not as you might have expected me to, or would have liked me to, but none the less, I’ve answered them with my thoughts / opinions, my unusual “Brutal Honesty,” and with all due respect.  PP~


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