Where did the Robert Gates Book Go

by … Chuck Pithy

The media has a fascination with “tell all” books about famous people, politicians or an administration.  Typically they will use parts of the book to poke and prod for weeks, exposing what they call the real look behind the scenes.

What makes the Robert Gates book “Duty” so different is that it was a hot topic for the mainstream media for a day or so and now we hear nothing.  Certainly there was enough controversy with his statements that Obama made his defense decisions based on politics and not on what is best for country.  If that wasn’t enough his harsh criticisms of Vice President Biden would have certainly fueled the fires for days.

The White House response was first to deny the claims and say it was a surprise because there was a great working relationship between the President and Gates.  Later in an effort to shut down the narrative they stated that a sacred trust had been violated because conversations with the President and his Cabinet should have never been disclosed.  While the breech in the sacred trust may well be true, had this been a Republican administration they would have just used the “public’s right to know” as the reason to cover the book.

The mainstream media in an effort to protect their messiah backed off and stopped any coverage of the book except to discredit it.  When Scott McCallum, former Press Secretary for George Bush wrote his tell all book, the media was almost giddy with glee at how the real George Bush was being exposed. This is just another example of media hypocrisy practiced by the left.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!!!

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