What Is the REAL reason behind Obama’s Manufactured Immigration crisis?

By: Passionate Pachyderms


As I perused all of the countless news articles telling tales of

tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors flooding into the

United States from lands far south of the border, minors who

in “some” cases supposedly traveled over a thousand miles to cross

the border into this great land of ours, making this trip completely

 alone, without any money, nothing but the clothes on their backs,

 tattered and torn, filthy, and now as we are finding out, carrying

scabies, lice, tuberculosis, and God knows what else, I began to wonder…

What is the REAL reason behind all of this?


Some believe it has to do with future votes, but let’s take a closer look

at that thought. Those crossing the border are minors. those under 18,

in many cases significantly under the age of 18. They have no identification,

no education, no money, nowhere to go, and no one to look after them.


They are hardly those Obama describes as the “DREAMERS.”

Not the best and the brightest who will go on to become

nuclear physicists, engineers and Neurosurgeons, but rather

those who will more likely be future dish washers, maids, and

car wash attendants  if they work at all. And if they don’t… as we all

realize will happen in the majority of cases, they will instead become

further drains on the American economy as they and their children collect

public assistance, and further challenge America’s failing educational system.


The next thought perhaps is that the left is so hell bent upon allowing this

invasion of law breakers, (and make no mistake, they are all CRIMINALS,

just because they are under age does not change that FACT) is because

 they in vision them voting at some point in the future.

But when we dissect that thought, how much validity is there in that

reasoning? Not much when you consider that in order to vote,

one must be a citizen of the United States, and in order to become a citizen,

 they first have to go through a long legal process which involves getting

an attorney, which costs money they don’t have, proving who they are without

 any documentation or birth records, proving why they came here, learning our

language, history, laws, and more importantly, prove that they can support themselves,

and stay completely out of any kind of trouble. Now considering

 they have already broken the law by coming here, I find it difficult to believe

 they will have much regard for our laws going forward, so just exactly how

 likely is it that more than a handful of them, figuratively speaking, will

proceed to actually achieving becoming American Citizens.


Now, we already have a HUGE unemployment problem in the United States.

Regardless of the numbers the Obama minions release each week in their

attempts to manipulate the population into believing things are

much better than they actually are, those of us with brains in

or heads know the truth, our unemployment rate is at best double

what they claim, and more than likely closer to triple that number.

This is particularly the case with young people, interestingly those

who are the very ages of the “DREAMERS” the administration has insisted

be allowed to invade out country.


So just exactly what is at the real bottom of this invasion? Why is it so incredibly

crucial these individuals be allowed to stay, when it costs far less to put them on

buses, planes and trains back to where they came from?


Mark my words, there is something terribly nefarious at the root of all of this.


Consider the most absurd, ridiculous, bizarre conspiracy theories imaginable,

 add to them the most wild frightening Hollywood story line creations, and I think

we’ll start coming close to the REAL root of the situation.


If you think I am way out there in my hypothesis, stop and ask yourself, 10 years ago,

if someone would have told you that our country would be where it is today,

would you have believed me?

If I had told you that our president would be an enemy of the people, that our attorney general

would be his very literal partner in crime, that together, they would leave Americans to die

begging for help on a rooftop in Benghazi after holding off armed terrorists all night,

and then blame it all on a video made by a production company employed by the government.

 That they would sell guns to the drug lords and human traffickers in Mexico who would than

kill Americans and hundreds of Mexican nationals with them, that the IRS would target and

use its power to intimidate and silence American citizens because of their political affiliations.

That our president would make the entire U.S. Congress and all of its representatives obsolete,

and that those representatives would be too cowardly, to corrupt and in it themselves too deep

to do anything to stop it, or fight back in any way until it was far too late. That the government

would be deciding who gets healthcare and who doesn’t, as well as how much of it your allowed.

That they would decide what medications you can have, and how much, without regard to how

much you might actually need. That they would so completely control and manipulate the media,

that more than half of all American citizens literally have no clue any of this is happening, and the other

half are prevented from finding out how, when, or where tens of thousands are gathering to fight back,

and thus are left believing no one IS FIGHTING back. Because the government has effectively “blacked out”

everything they don’t approve of. That our government would negotiate with terrorists, and trade

five terrorists for one American who abandoned his post in a time of war and went off to join the other side.

That  individuals who have blown the whistle on any or all of this, or are about to,  seem to mysteriously

keep ending up dead of heart attacks at age 42, car accidents that couldn’t possibly happen,

suicides in people with no mental illness, strange accidents, diseases with no cure that no one

has ever seen before, victims of drive by shootings in residential suburban neighborhoods, or

any number of other statistically impossible incidents and “accidents,”



forgetting it and wondering about my mental stability?


And yet…. AND YET…. all of it has happened…IT IS HAPPENING!




Don’t you think it’s about time we started figuring that out and preparing for it?


Understand my fellow Patriots and Pachyderms, this is NOT A DRILL.

IT IS HAPPENING and it is happening RIGHT NOW. If we don’t stand up and fight back,

If we don’t band together and put a stop to it RIGHT NOW, mark my words, tomorrow will be too late.

I am Passionate Pachyderms, and I am The Brutally Honest Pachyderm In EVERY Room!

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