Have you ever had one of those truly profound moments in life when,  in the course of that 60 seconds or so,  your questions are answered without anyone having said a word,  your doubts vanish,  the smog clears, your faith, fire, and strength are renewed and become bigger than you ever thought they could be, and EVERYTHING becomes perfectly clear?  


I had one of those moments Thursday night at the “America’s Last Stand” event in Sevierville Tn.


As most of you know, Passionate Pachyderms has spent the past six weeks or so assisting our friends, fellow Patriots, and Passionate Pachyderm members at AJL Productions plan, organize, and promote the America’s Last Stand event with many of America’s BIGGEST “pull no punches” Conservative heavy hitters as our special guests including, Sarah Palin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Col Allen West, Senator Rick Santorum, and Grammy award winning country music icon John Michael Montgomery.


The list of VIP attendees read like a virtual “who’s who” of the Grass Roots Conservative Movement. There is no doubt in this Passionate Pachyderms mind, that this event,  though intimate, with a mere two thousand ALL AMERICAN Patriots in attendance, will in the days and months ahead, be credited as being the place where America’s Grass roots Conservative movement fired it’s first shot, and began reigniting the FIGHT and FIRE in the hearts of Conservative RIGHT America.


Amazingly though,  it wasn’t the six plus weeks of planning the event, any of our fabulous guest speakers, John Michael Montgomery’s rockin’ tunes, or the excitement of seeing it all come together that provided this unexpected  moment of divine clarity.


It wasn’t even the roar of the crowd singing “Rocky Top” led by Col. Allen West that did it for me, although as a recent transplant to the state of Tennessee, I do realize that “should” have been the case, and I don’t deny that was one of the many truly phenomenal moments of the event to be sure!


Instead, it happened interestingly enough, as I re-entered the event hall after having been called out to deal with a minor housekeeping issue just a few moments after Senator Rick Santorum  had begun speaking.


The lights in the hall down, and everyone’s attention focused on the stage, I entered one of the six sets of event hall doors on my way back to my seat. As I did, right there in front of  me was a man who appeared to be having a private conversation with a magnificent LIVE American Eagle. Apparently he was attempting to convince the bird to look up and around so a small group of onlookers could snap photos, but it being quite dark in the event Hall, the bird didn’t have much interest in what was going on.  


I entered, and stopped suddenly surprised by the sight. (Lets face it, a Pachyderm rarely gets the opportunity to be within trunks distance of such an amazing creature!)  The bird raised his head, turned, and looked directly into my eyes.  He continued to hold his stare long enough for me to regain my composure, take this photo, and be blessed with a moment of such divine clarity that it literally brought me to tears.


It seemed as though this magnificent creature and I were the only ones in the room. The crowd that had been cheering something Mr. Santorum said was instantly muted, and the the four or five people who had been watching the bird and his keeper, waiting for a chance to snap a photo before returning to their seats faded into the darkness.


I know it couldn’t have been more than a minute, two at the most, but the eagle and this Pachyderm continued to hold our gaze, and as we did, the utter exhaustion of the day instantly lifted from my shoulders and disappeared, followed by the battle fatigue born of the past 8+ years worth of fighting.  Both were replaced by a renewed resolve to keep fighting, and a sense of certainty so complete, and enormous in scope, that it made the questions I have been asking myself a lot lately, seem utterly ridiculous.


Questions about whether I was making a difference in this fight, whether what I’ve done over those 8+ years has mattered, or made any impact at all, and whether or not the battle & fight continued to be worth the very steep cost, especially when so many others have thrown up their hands in frustration over the endless scandals, examples of crony capitalism, executive overreach, and an impotent, impudent Republican “leadership” who, in spite of overwhelming public outcries, simply REFUSE to FIGHT,  too afraid of losing their positions and the lifelong gravy train that in many cases, has taken them from paupers to millionaires at the cost of America’s FREEDOM and Liberty, as those “LEADERS” sat doing nothing to stop it. Those “leaders” who perhaps long ago, went into public office for the RIGHT reasons, but have long since lost sight of what those reasons where, as well as who they went there to serve.


Right now,  literally tens of MILLIONS of American people are so desensitized,  disgusted, disenchanted, and downtrodden,  that they no longer remember the price that has been paid for them to live in this country.  Apparently the blood shed by generations of American citizens past and present, no longer amounts to much,  if anything at all to them, because while most continue to whine incessantly and complain that “someone” should do “something” to stop it all, they flatly REFUSE to stand and fight themselves.


Hell they won’t even go out and vote, let along get off their collective asses long enough to leave their couches or lazyboy’s to attend an event like this one, knock on their neighbors doors to remind them to vote, or even educate their own children on the importance of being civically active.


Apparently, they no longer  have the strength, will power, or courage to stand and FIGHT for all those things they have been lucky enough to enjoy throughout their lives. Things  their children and grandchildren will never know. The freedom to go where ever whenever they want to, the freedom to say whatever they please whenever they want to say it, the freedom to speak out against a government they don’t agree with, the right to raise their children and educate them as they see fit, the right to own a gun, or hundreds of guns for any reason they like, or no reason at all. The right to be free from a government that controls literally EVERY SINGLE aspect of their lives from what they eat and drink, to what medical care they can have, or whether they will have it at all.

The right to be free from public or private cameras, drones, and devices tracking their movements, purchases, and activities, watching, filming, recording, and reporting their every move to some unknown entity who then uses that information to further manipulate, weaken and dumb them down.


The right for their children and grandchildren to be able to excel on their own merit and abilities, rather than being assessed according to the rules on a piece of paper written by some unknown group of think tank whack jobs who have never met, or even seen your child, rather than being placed on specific tracks that force children into specific roles before they reach 8 years old based upon your income, your educational level, where you live, your occupation and some test your child takes which may or may not be administered in a manner best suited to your child’s learning abilities or environment.


The right to eat what you please, wash your dishes with soap that actually cleans,  control the ants in or around your home with anything you find that actually works,  the right to take whatever medications you need to or want to, or wipe your butt with whatever paper you like best!


To be free from the government rules and regulations from deliberately preventing you from finding gainful employment, starting or running your own business,  getting ahead financially, or even being able to afford to feed your children.


When apparently, Americans have become too obtuse to realize that when you don’t fight back, when you refuse to stand up and say NO! and keep government in its place, Government forgets it’s place!


That when you depend upon the government for your every basic need, rather than thinking and doing for yourself, the government controls you. You become a slave to that Government just as surely as if you put the shackles on your wrists and ankles yourself,  and tossed the key out a window.


So with so many seemingly content with the direction all of this is taking the greatest country on earth, with the most exceptional individuals on earth, is it really worth me devoting every ounce of my time, energy, efforts, and money trying to fight in their place? How much can I do? I am just one Passionate Pachyderm, what difference can I make, and is that difference worth the price I am paying for those who refuse to bother doing theirs?


In that moment, as I looked into the eyes of this magnificent creature, and imagined it soaring across the land that I love, that my father, grandfather, and I have fought to defend and hold onto… I got my answer. It washed over me like a cool wind on a hot humid Tennessee night, as if an angel flew past me in that convention center hall, and whispered into my soul, “you’re doing the RIGHT thing. This is your battle to fight, your cross to bear. It’s up to you to stand and FIGHT when others won’t, can’t or don’t! It’s your job to  keep on fighting with everything you have, to be “ALL IN”.


Is it worth the cost?  I heard someone ask… and as I turned away from the eagle still staring after me, with a tear in my eyes, I said out loud with a smile,  DAMNED RIGHT IT IS,  I AM  PASSIONATE PACHYDERMS AND I AM ALL IN!!



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