Here’s a question for you; What is it that you deserve?

A guest blog by Joe Schmuckitelli…

About a billion years and a lifetime ago, in 2004, I told my banker that I thought I deserved that new Dodge pickup. I had been in the service of our country and or state for nearly 20 years, then, and I bought into the train of thought that I should have what I want, when and the way I want it. I saw that a lot back then, amongst my peers and civilian friends, as well. The thought process was easy to understand. I had done good things and been screwed around a bit, so I thought I deserved better than what I had. I still see that, more than ever, but as I mature I realize that I don’t really deserve anything that I don’t actually earn, with just a few exceptions.

These are the things I now believe that I deserve. It has changed greatly over the last decade. I am sure that a little more education, some more time seeing what some people do NOT have and by listening, sometimes with amazement, about what other people think they deserve.

1. I believe I have the right to say what I want, any way I want, as loudly as I want, and anywhere I want to say it.
As long as I cause no physical harm, do not lie about any person, entity or situation. This entire country is a free speech zone.

I can believe in whatever I want to as God, and I can proclaim God’s love for one and all, in any manner I want, within those same guidelines. I’m going to display a Nativity Scene this year. If you don’t like it, don’t look at my home.

2. I believe that the American People are the “well regulated militia” that The Constitution talks about. I know that most think the states’ National Guard is the Militia, but since the National Guard can be federalized by any person, with the proper authority, with no more than the stroke of a pen. That means they no longer represent the will of the people, but the will of maybe, just one person, so the National Guard can not claim that responsibility.

I am to provide myself with the ability to defend myself and family, and anyone who needs defense. I should be able to provide for the same. I also believe that although our government is set up so that one branch is no more powerful than the other, The Militia, the people, are actually a fourth ‘check and balance’ that the history books have failed to recognize. When The Constitution was written, it was written by people who were exercising that check and balance against what was then their government! Simply put, it was a thing that need not be said. It was that hand shake and nod to tell someone that you are thinking the exact thing they are thinking and that the two of you are in agreement. It was that glance that tells the people around you that you love them. Or not. They were living it!

3. I can not go into someone’s home and take things unless a warrant has been issued to me, by a proper authority. I doubt that the American people would elect or allow the appointment of any person who would issue a warrant for me to pull up in your drive way, walk in your home and confiscate your dvd collection. I would also assume that any person with that authority would not allow this type of behavior by any government, as well. Problem is that, we have allowed this.

4. If I am dumb enough to lie about you, cheat, steal from or harm someone, I don’t have to tell you about it.

You can’t take my fishing pole to feed the masses, unless a proper authority says you can, and you pay for it. Current law says that the government can now take over your water well and all the food in your freezer. They can take your vehicle, your home and everything else that you have earned thru your labors.

5. If someone thinks I did something wrong, tell me who said it, allow me the opportunity to defend myself and if I need a little help, I should get it. If the people think I did do wrong, they should decide how wrong the thing that I did was, and they need to do it now.
If those people don’t think I did wrong, it’s over. Simple.

6. Even the brightest people on the planet do not know all, and just because it’s not on paper, doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. If I want to walk around naked (reference not harming anyone) and no one else can see me, why would anyone say that I can’t.

If the federal government does not think you should be able to do any or all of these things, which is pretty much every part of The Bill of Rights, but your elected state representatives do, focusing their efforts from the thoughts of those people, that state can decide not to subscribe to what the federal government thinks. We’ve had that discussion before. As a people, we decided that what is our current government, does have boundaries about how much they can dictate from afar. We just haven’t told anybody for a while.

Food…Water…Shelter… Absolute needs of mankind.
You just may deserve those things as well, maybe, if you earn them, but you don’t deserve them from me.
You don’t deserve any more from me than what I deserve from you. You do not deserve for me, or me for you, to give up what you or I have, to provide for the other. I don’t deserve to pay for your poor life decisions and you don’t deserve to pay for mine.

I’ve got to ask you again; What do you deserve?

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