The QUEEN OF CORRUPTION, Hillary Clinton is putting on a good show in spite of the crushing death blow to her presidential campaign that came out of nowhere Friday afternoon.

F.B.I director James Comey defied DOJ Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s advise not to make the discovery of illegally maintained state department emails on CLINTON aide HUMA Aberdine’s electronic devises which they seized as a result of estranged husband Anthony Weiners investigation for sexting with underage girls.

Apparently, in the course of the F.B.I. Weiner Raid on the couples apartment, the electronic devises were deemed to possibly contain evidence of the sexting underage girls crime, and in the process of looking through contents on the devices, well over 10,000 state department/Clinton Foundation/ CLINTON campaign emails were discovered most or all of which were never turned over as ordered to the FBI and congress when they were supena’ed, emails which HUMA swore under oath she did not have in her possession.


If I or any other individual tried to pitch this as a story line for a movie or book, we’d be laughed at, then thrown from any decent editor or producers office followed by the door soundly being slammed in our face.

Add to all of this the steady damning drips of Julian Assange’s WIKILEAKS, and proof of racketeering, pay for play, collusion, obstruction of justice, inciting riots, illegal campaign contributions, and a laundry list of other federal crimes committed all in the pursuit of having the Queen of CORRUPTION crowned POTUS, and it is something out of an alternate universe.

Folks, we here at PASSIONATE PACHYDERMS have been doing our very best to alert our members of the depth of CORRUPTION that exists in American politics which stretches from the local school boards all the way up to the office of POTUS.

We have experienced much of this ourselves, and when we did, we called it out and fought hard against it, just as we did when we discovered voter fraud on the Democratic side during the 2012 presidential election.

We have for the past 9 years been the place to go for BRUTAL HONESTY, and the TRUTH no matter who was involved, or how deep it went.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built, and value each and every one of our over 2.5 million Passionate Pachyderm members. We respect differing opinions and viewpoints, and encourage open civil debate. We are the place where Republicans go when they come to the conclusion that they didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left them. We have Republicans, Conservatives, Tea partners, Patriots, and those in between. Our members include talk radio hosts, t.v. Personalities, politicians, activists, advocates, many of whom are household names who look to us for information and opinions about the real boots on the ground state of political affairs within the United States.

That said, trust me when I say that the time has come for ALL AMERICANS TO STAND AND FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. It is time to stand up and say NO in one loud collective voice, and begin the monumental task of cleaning up the stinking cesspool of CORRUPTION that has permeated our government at every imaginable level.

It is time to find your voice and join the ranks of American patriots who refuse to allow this filth and CORRUPTION to continue unchecked.

Donald J. Trump is not a perfect human being, he has done some distasteful things, lived a rather unique lifestyle by today’s political terms, but he is a wildly successful businessman, real estate developer and multimillionaire. The man knows how to get things done, of that there is ZERO question, and he is committed to being the first president to stand against it and begin the long hard task of cleaning up the mess and draining the swamp.

In sort, he needs us. He needs all of us, he needs our hands, our feet, our voices, our eyes, and our votes. He needs us to help him in this Herculean task, and as Americans, it’s our duty to do our part.

If you’re unwilling to endorse and support the type of illegal activity HILLARY CLINTON clearly engages in on a daily, perhaps hourly basis, and see’s as completely acceptable if committing these crimes brings about her desired end result regardless of the law, who is hurt, or who dies, then the only possible way to stop it is by making sure she is NEVER elected to any office EVER again. Right now the first step in that process is to elect Donald J. Trump.

Show your support now and do all you can in the next 10 days in support of electing him POTUS.

The FBI reopening the CLINTON email case is exactly the boost our side needed to gain momentum and spotlight the need for a POTUS who is intent upon draining the swamp.

My fellow Passionate Pachyderms, now is the time to step forward out of the shadows and be seen and heard. It is time to make them feel the thunder and hear our collective roar. Together we can and will “Make a roar they can’t ignore” and strike fear in the hearts of those who have betrayed not only the United States of America, but the people who sent them to Washington to represent us. We MUST expunge any doubt in their minds as to our resolve, and the first step is to deliver the sound “Bitch slap” they need by not only electing DJT but keeping the senate and congress right as well. One step at a time my friends, and we can be a part of making history happen in a good way. If you choose to sit this one out, another chance will not come in our lifetimes. Those are simply that facts, choose wisely.

I am Passionate Pachyderms, and I tell it like it is.

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