Why President Obama’s Poll Numbers Keep Falling

by … Chuck Pithy

The mainstream media and the White House try to not report these falling numbers, and questioned about them, they deflect and blame the GOP or say they are victims of a faulty roll out of Obamacare.  Nice try but let’s look at things the way they really are.

There has not been a President in history that has promised more to his base than our current President.  Shovel ready jobs, free cell phones, extending unemployment benefits, stopping enforcement of immigration laws and then Obamacare.  Now with the first four items it was all benefits to his base with no cost to his base.  It was ideal, sort of like Christmas every day, with Obama being Santa.  In addition, no administration has worked so hard to seek out those who qualify for social welfare programs and get them signed up.  If you don’t qualify well then just lie on your application, nobody will know because nobody checks.  For those that feel this last sentence is a lie I suggest you look up Project Veritas.

Now up and until Obamacare came along, the President’s base was never asked to sacrifice for the cause, it was always someone else, big business, the wealthy, the Republicans, the tea party, anyone but the base.  Now comes Obamacare and the big change.

The President’s base are finding out for the first time that the healthcare they thought would be free or under a $100.00 a month is significantly higher.  Second, nobody told them about the deductible that they have to pay.  Third many have seen significant cost increases for employer sponsored plans which they are now required to pay.  So much for the promise that most Americans will see their healthcare costs reduced by $2,400.00 a year.

In addition, many are finding that the Drs. and clinics they regularly used may not be in network, so the promise if you like your Dr. you can keep it, comes with a price.  Just like the rest of us, the base has relationships with their medical providers and a trust has been built up.  The base can’t believe they are the ones to suffer and they have to make changes, it was always someone else.

Let’s talk about the younger supporters of the President, the 99% whom the President claimed to have their backs.  In some kind of pie in the sky idea, that only the left would think could work, they designed Obamacare so the younger people would help pay for the older people (translated younger pay more than they should so the older would pay less).  The problem with this idea is that the younger generation has been raised to expect the world revolves around them, that it is not their fault, it is not their problem and they deserve the best that someone else gives them.  So instead of stories about how thousands of younger people are signing up for Obamacare and proudly proclaiming that they are glad to help, the numbers are not there.  So the Affordable Care Act will become less and less affordable and the government will have to increase subsidies with money they do not have.  To call Obamacare a train wreck is like calling Hurricane Sandy a sprinkle.

The President has now made his base feel the pain the rest of us feel.  He was deliberate and calculated enough to do it after his election and now his base is furious.  Hate to break it to you Obama supporters, but, he does not need you anymore. You were thrown under the bus just as he did to the rest of America.  We tried to tell you, we tried to warn you, but you so bought into his lies that you thought it would be Christmas for the rest of his Presidency.  Can you say Scrooge?

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!!!

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