Politics, A Disgustingly Dirty Game Filled With Unbelievably Vile Things

How To Fight Back And Win Part 1 

By: Passionate Pachyderms

What I tell you here isn’t for those who are faint of heart. Politics is a disgustingly dirty game fueled by power, greed and money, all of which cause human beings to do unbelievably vile things,  and rationalize them using the most twisted backward thought processes imaginable. There is nothing logical or fair about politics. More often than not, in the end, it comes down to eat or be eaten. It’s that simple, and that complicated.

This is the first in a series of articles which will without a doubt, overwhelm you,  cause at least one major headache, and make you want to throw up…

 I don’t believe in pussy footing around,  and I’m unconcerned about hurting anyone’s whittle feel wings, or pissing anyone off.  Oh and by the way, WARNING:  I may use MILD  profanity…more than once, DEAL WITH IT.  I intend to call things as I see them,  and be brutally honest. Don’t like it? Oh well.  Suck it up buttercup, and grow a pair.  It is about to get real ugly,  FAST!  

It has to.  That’s the only way to expose the ugly truth of it all. Drag the stinking carcasses into the light of day, examine them,  call them what they are,  and then with God’s grace and help,  get to work on cleaning it all up, fixing it, and making sure none of it happens again.

So put your seat belt on,  grab a note book, a pen, and your favorite adult beverage, then for 30 minutes each night,  shut your phone and T.V. off,  and pay attention,  because we’ve got  a long way to go, and a short time to get there.

Okay, let’s start here >  Being a Conservative is not the same thing as being a Republican.  There I said it. They are two very different things.  It’s true, I swear! Go ahead and look it up if you don’t believe me.

Republicans = The Elite Republican beliefs and mentality. Basically, Democrat “Light”. They LOVE to spend as much as the Democrats do,  sometimes more, they aren’t particularly interested in smaller government either. Their biggest issue is less taxes,  they are the John McCain crowd, and the Lindsey Graham Gagglers. Stuffed shirts to their last breath,  good ole boys and girls who truly believe that only pedigreed individuals are worthy of holding elected office or leadership positions of any sort. And not just ANY pedigree, but only those they deem acceptable. This attitude is true from the RNC, on the state level, it most certainly applies on the County party level as well. They  allow the unwashed masses to join their ranks, pay their membership dues, and help them win elections, but rarely support their efforts to ascend into the ranks of  leadership.  Establishment Republicans tend to lean heavily in the direction of big business and K street lobbyists as well.

Conservatives= Smaller Government, lower taxes, states’ rights, Constitutional based leadership style, personal responsibility, God, pro-life, term limits, pro military, Ted Cruise, Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan.

Conservatives got grouped in with the Republicans because, the Republican way of doing things is closer to the Conservative way than the Democrats are. That said, make no mistake, Conservatives are an entirely different breed than Republicans.

 Republicans  and many Conservatives  tend to get overly hung up on the whole RIGHT/ WRONG, “follow the well defined dotted line which has been followed forever,  and never stray from it” mentality.

 Those of us on the RIGHT tend to think in terms of black and white, right or wrong, with very little grey area in between. We have morals and values, believe in God,  personal responsibility, and strive to always try to do the RIGHT thing, even if it is the harder more difficult way to do it. We want to win, but we limit ourselves by believing we must ALWAYS do so while staying inside that well defined, tried and true OLD box. After all, that is the RIGHT way! It’s the way it’s always been done, and always will be done.

The left on the other hand, believes in winning period.  Basically they have one tried and true rule; THERE ARE NO RULES. <PERIOD>  Their bible, road map, and “commandments” if you will, are Sal Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.”

 If you don’t have a copy of this book, GET ONE! The sooner the better! Read it, understand it, learn it, and remember it always! The moment you forget the rules, or forget that they are the left’s  play book, will be the moment they take the lead and once they have it, good luck getting it back. (We’ll have more  about this topic later, A LOT MORE!)

For now though,  it is imperative that you become familiar with them because the best way to defeat your opponent is to know him. To know how they think, how they act, how they respond, and what to expect from them. This book is a road map into their heads. It allows us to learn a great deal  about what makes the left as a whole tick, and what we can expect from them, thus it also gives us a huge advantage by showing us how to respond accordingly, and make them play by their own rules. For now though,  keep your mind open, and start thinking in terms of coloring outside the box.

The left is good at this. No, correction, they are phenomenal at this! Republicans suck at it, and as Conservatives, sadly, we aren’t much better. Sorry, but it’s true. We tend to get so hung up on following the dotted line, never deviating from it, that we limit our possibilities and forget that there are no rules against making new or different dotted lines and creating new boxes of our own, using our rules, morals and value system against them too.

If we learn to color outside the lines, and build our own new boxes creatively, using our own belief systems and values, together with our standards of  right and wrong, we’ll always remain within our comfort zones, which makes operating within those new boxes comfortable and much easier!  Generally speaking, Conservatives are creative strategists, we’re intuitive, and forward thinking. That said, we should have zero problem accomplishing this and doing it well enough to gain a valuable edge over those on the left and RIGHT,  because they believe we’ll be stuck doing things inside those same old tired boxes that they’ve been confined to for years too!

 Since many of them have been wandering the halls of our nation’s capital in D.C. or state capitals since the dark ages when the lines and boxes were created, (no doubt some of them helped draw them) they of course like them.  And why wouldn’t they be? They know every dark corner, nook and cranny of them. They know where the doors and windows are, under which rugs the most foul things are buried, and in which closets hold the most skeletons.

To them,  there has only ever been one dotted line, and that one line is the only one anyone can follow no matter what!  They expect it, they plan for it, and on it,  and they react/respond accordingly. But as the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt, and since I can’t think of anything more contemptuous than our current government, I rest my case.

Thus, they will have no clue what to do, how to react,  or respond when we opt to shake things up fist by cleaning  the house, and then  the senate.

 It’s time to shake things up, change the rules, and get in the game, OUR WAY, and leave them standing with their mouths gapping open in our dust,  wondering what the hell just happened!

So now we come to the question, “Gee PP, how do you propose we do that?”

EXCELLENT QUESTION!!! I am so glad you asked it!

The easiest, fastest way to learn how to think outside the box, is to look inside it at the examples of what’s been done to death. What worked, what didn’t,  and more importantly why. It also shows us what was learned, and what we need to avoid.

For example, recently, there was an open seat for an elected office in a district where the populous was primarily black, and they had always elected black left leaning candidates. This made it nearly impossible to show the voters in this district that there could be other ways which might just work out better.

This particular position, had been held for as long as anyone could remember by a black individual who had never done much of anything for the district. Each election cycle, the individual was re elected because those living in the area knew his name since it had been on the ballot for longer than many of them had been alive! No one knew the person, he rarely if ever showed for anything going on in the community, no one knew what he stood for or what his positions were, they just kept electing him because his name was familiar to them.

It was clearly time for a change. So when a white  forward out of the box thinking individual decided he wanted to try his hand at making the positive changes he thought might better serve the community, he decided to lodge a campaign that led voters to believe he was a black individual. His flyers pictured individuals from the district, his commercials depicted two black women having a conversation about the differences in the two candidates, and pointing out that the current office holder had never done anything for the district, good or bad, so why not take a chance on someone new?

This individual thought outside the box! He broke no rules, didn’t lie to anyone, and followed all the usual protocols. He shook up the status quo, and did what he had to do in order to help his future constituents see,  that what they had been engaged in all those years, was a form of reverse racism and discrimination.  

He of course knew it was happening, heck it’s happening in districts, and with seats for elected offices at every level,  all over the country!  He also knew that he was never going to be able to change minds, or show them what they themselves had in fact been engaged in doing without realizing it for years!

He  used that knowledge, and turned a negative into a positive by using it to his own advantage. He created his own box, colored outside the lines, and created his own dotted line, then followed it to victory.  They never realized they’d voted for a white male until the returns came in, and he’d won the race!

As I mentioned earlier, we must get know our opponents. Learn everything about them.  this is best done by looking hard at their past. By doing this we learn how and why they do things. How they think, behave, respond and react in any given situation, what motivates them,  and frustrates them, what makes them see RED, as well as all the little things that get under their skin, what needles them, what they have to hide and/or be afraid of,  and all those things, they’d rather weren’t talked about. One example of this that comes instantly to mind are the personal and professional financial records of  the current POTUS from age 16 forward.

Take those records, and compare them to things we already know, things that have been made public knowledge, like long trips abroad for someone who wasn’t working and had no real source of income, how is that possible?  Or perhaps how this same person financed the cocaine and drinking binges he engaged in while in college. Those are expensive habits for a college student with no income.

And  later on, once B.O. arrived in Chicago. Where did the money come from to purchase his home and furnish it? Was he involved in illegal activities? Why was he asked to voluntarily resign his license to practice law? Why was Michelle asked to do the same? Does this sound like the sort of action one would take who wanted a career in politics? Or does it sound like someone who did something REALLY wrong like, oh say, lying on the application for that license, and/or committing some sort of crime?  And what about that early political career?  Having all of this information is going to help us learn what our opponent is capable of, and what we need to plan on protecting ourselves against as we attempt to bring him down.

 So, do your homework!  For those who want to get up to speed in a hurry, you need to start by reading all 10 parts of this > http://www.passionatepachyderms.com/the-truth-is-out-there-what-the-main-stream-media-never-reported-about-obama-and-his-friends/ . I’ll be providing more here as we go along, but by reading the above mentioned articles, you’ll have a much better understanding of how everything fits together.  

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important ones
 Albert Einstein










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