Is PC And Agenda Driving Killing America?

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Mosque located near Dearborn, Michigan

Army Major Nidal Hasan walks into an army processing center at Fort Hood, Texas and opens fire while screaming Allah Akbar. We now know a couple of truths about this incident, in the light of a very lengthy trial where the shooter was found guilty and might very well be executed for his crime. The Department of Justice almost immediately labeled the massacre a “Work Place Violence” incident rather than a terrorist attack.

Larry Elder the outspoken conservative radio host from Southern California made a very interesting assessment on Fox News. Not only did he accuse the government of missing some very important red flags on the shooter at the recent slaughter at the Washington Navy Yard, he went one step further and laid the blame at the feet of Political Correctness as the cause of the shooting in the first place.

In the case of the above two incidents of the slaughter of innocent human life, a couple of very key points must be made before proceeding.

1. Both cases were in fact accomplished in gun free zones. America and our federal government doesn’t trust its own soldiers and sailors to possess weapons on its own bases and installations. Therefor anyone with a gun can walk into (assuming they can smuggle it in) most any military base in America, open fire and kill and wound dozens if not more before being stopped.  

2. In the above two cases both were of a Muslim background with heavy sympathies toward the Muslim plight globally. Both shooters hated America and wanted the United States policies changed on a world-wide scale. Of course with Hisan; we now know that he was a follower of Anwar al-Awlaki (the American born Muslim turned terrorist cleric). This terrorist soldier had given many talks to large groups and it was very apparent that he was and had turned on America in terms of his sympathy towards Islam and the goals of Islam. The evidence is coming in on Aaron Alexis and his anger issues towards America. The Navy and his personal agenda do point toward him wanting to kill Americans for his twisted Islamic agenda.

To save time (a complete novel can be written about this topic), I will only cite these two instances, America needs to wake up and she had better do so very rapidly. We are under attack and that is the bottom line. The political correctness police known as the media, liberal government and policy wonks in Washington had better come to the realization that Muslims want to kill Americans and that is the end of the story. It is as simple as that.

Within the Quran, their Prophet Muhammad calls for (a total of 106 times) the murder or slaughter of Infidels that will not become a Muslim.  They (the politico’s and media) tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. Then tell me if this verse in the Quran sounds like a religion of peace to you. Quran: {The infidels are your sworn enemies; Sura 4:101} Still not convinced, then let’s read this verse; Quran: {Prophet, make war on the infidels; Sura 66: 9}

I do want to go on the record here and say this; I do not hate anyone and that includes the Muslims or even the Islamic warriors for Allah. I feel this way because; I am a Christian and my Bible teaches me to love everyone as we are all children of the Lord. I pray for these people and pray they will all come to realize that the Lord is merciful and wants us all to love each other and take care of each other. I do not have to like what someone does and I am entitled to protect my family and property. And this I shall I do to the utmost of my abilities.

America; when we have a faith that teaches ( Quran; Kill  The disbelievers wherever we find them (Sura 2:191) ) this sort of hatred for our people and our faiths in a different religion, we have a problem.

Why is America allowing the Islamic faith to build Mosque’s in our inner cities and have clerics teach this sort of hatred? The reason lies within our society that has become so politically correct. Travel to Michigan and witness for yourself the unmitigated hatred of America during the Muslim celebrations. Videos on the Internet clearly show Christians being stoned for simply being Christians on American soil and nothing is done. Schools in Tennessee take children to Mosque to teach them about Islam, but do not take them to Churches or Synagogues.

America; you are in fact under attack! It actually began long before September 11, 2001. It began back in 1979 with the seizing of our embassy in Tehran, Iran. Since that date, we have had dozens of our embassy’s bombed, airlines hijacked or blown out of the sky. We have had our Navy warships attacked, our soldiers and sailors murdered and travelling tourist citizens abroad attacked and killed. Since 1979 we have had thousands upon thousands of our American citizens slaughtered in the name of Islam. Not just aboard, I might add, but here on American soil as well. And yet, we keep opening our arms and welcoming these people in to keep killing us? Why?

Soldiers and sailors go through a very rigorous process of background checks and processing before you can even attend basic training. Then once in basic training, your further evaluated and taught to use weapons in most cases. Why cannot these trained professionals carry a firearm on a base to protect our government property and civilian workers? Does this make sense to you?

My fellow lovers of America; we are indeed under attack and we are losing this war. Until we recognize who the real enemy is, we will continue to die needlessly. I fully expect the Mall of America to come down one day just before Christmas. I fully expect the Golden Gate Bridge to meet the same fate at 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon. I would not be shocked to see the Statue of Liberty and the Jefferson Memorial be shattered as well.

Until America is willing to recognize that we do have enemies on American soil and globally, we will continue to be sheep being led to slaughter. Until America realizes that the safest society is one where everyone is allowed to be armed at all locations at all times, we will continue to die in mass by crazed religious zealots whom think they are given 72 virgins upon death. For the life of me, I have enough trouble handling one wife, what would I want with 71 more of them? Just how intelligent is that?

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