As most of you know, two years ago Passionate Pachyderms relocated it’s head quarters to Knoxville TN. From Wisconsin. The move enabled us to further gain support, add new members, extend our reach into the southern and eastern portions of the country, and effect needed support for our members here in Eastern TN. Who needed help getting organized, and becoming engaged. 

We’re thrilled to say our mission has been accomplished, and once again Passionate Pachyderms have managed to grow the herd beyond even our wildest expectation ! Thank you Tennessee, and thanks to all who have become new members of the Passionate Pachyderm herd!

There is absolutely ZERO doubt as a national Conservative political advocacy and action group that is adept at effecting change together we are most assuredly MAKING A ROAR THEY CAN’T IGNORE all over the country. From Washington State to New York, from Florida to Wisconsin, from Texas to Montana and all points in between, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, our members are enraged, engaged, and ready to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY one state at a time, get rid of the do nothing government representatives who have become welded to their Washington D.C. Chairs from the White House on down!

It’s working folks! We are being heard, and the are afraid, VERY afraid.

To keep the momentum going, when we were very recently offered the opportunity to move our head quarters much closer to the belly of the beast, enabling us to be in Washington at a moments notice to represent all of you, stand for and with you on a regular basis there, as well as be on the ground floor in the coming months and years as America experiences an amazing turn around, ushered in by new Conservative leadership, we simply could not refuse!

So as of  next week, Passionate Pachyderms will be relocating to Virginia! Stay tuned for all the exciting things to come, and tell all your friends who aren’t members of the herd yet, to get a move on, or get the hell out of the way, because Passionate Pachyderms are on the move to Washington!

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