PP~ & PP “A Practically Perfect Partnership”

A Nationally known Political action/ advocacy Group of more than 2.5 million RIGHT Minded Brutally Honest Individuals.

Passionate Pachyderm’s videos and activities are made possible through financial support from our family owned and operated small business www.Pithypins.com.

At Pithy pins we proudly design, print, assemble, and sell our unique buttons for nationally known events, and individuals, as well as national, state and local elected officials, candidates,  TEA Party groups, State and County Republican Party organizations, Conservative political campaigns, events and causes,  as well as local and community based special events.  We also design custom buttons for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and more, in any quantity needed, at prices that can’t be beat!

We offer personalized friendly service, that is often difficult to find elsewhere.

At Pithy Pins, we understand the unique dynamics associated with TEA Party events, rallies and conferences, as well as those of Conservative political organizations, both large and small, because we’ve been RIGHT there planning, helping, advising, organizing, campaigning, and attending those events for years as the founders / leaders of the nationally known political action groupPassionate Pachyderms.”  

We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk right along with you!

Pithy Pins has attended, sold their buttons and bumper stickers, and delivered rousing motivational speeches along with partner Passionate Pachyderms at events all over the country.   We offer special pricing for groups interested in fund raising with our products, and can help you achieve your organizations financial and event goals, via our innovative, simple fund raising and consultation services.

We have a wide selection of buttons, which are designed, created, printed and assembled in the U.S.A.  then shipped or sold via events to Conservatives around the country!

 We’re committed to helping RIGHT minded groups, candidates, campaigns,  and individuals succeed!  Therefore,  proceeds from the sale of  Pithy Pins are donated / used to support our political action group, Passionate Pachyderms, and other Conservative organizations and causes, deserving RIGHT minded Republican and TEA Party candidates, as well as help fund events, and Conservative RIGHT minded educational programs.


When you purchase a Pithy Pin, and encourage others to do the same, you are helping support the fight for FREEDOM,  the United States Constitution, and Conservative Right individuals who join us in working to see to it America remains a FREE and EXCEPTIONAL nation!

**Pithy Pins is a licensed and insured retail seller.  We do not design or sell buttons containing profanity, nudity, inappropriate, threatening, or offensive graphics or wording.

To see some of our best selling buttons, please visit us at www.pithypins.com

We’re proud to have created buttons/bumper stickers for the following people and events: (Among others)


  •   McCain/Palin Campaign 2008
  •  Joe The Plumber
  •   Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  •   Sarah Palin
  •  Americans For Prosperity
  •  Grandsons Of Liberty
  • Glen Becks Restoring Honor Rally Washington D.C.
  •  Kill The Bill Washington D.C.
  • Patriots Woodstock St. Louis Mo.
  •  Milwaukee God Squad
  •  Republican Party Wisconsin
  • Multiple County Republican Party Organizations throughout the country
  • Multiple U.S. Senators
  •  Multiple U.S. Congressional Representatives
  •  Andrew Breitbart
  •  Breitbart Is Here!
  • Vicky McKenna (Talk Radio Host)
  • Multiple National State, and local elected official candidates
  • Multiple national state and local Tea Party groups and Organizations
  •  Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney
  •  Rick Santorum
  •  Newt Gingrich

Our unique graphics and catchy phrasing have made our designs some of the most popular buttons and bumper stickers of RIGHT minded people.  

Don’t let the simple design of our website fool you.  Our time, talents and financial resources are spent creating our designs, and helping support worthy Conservative RIGHT organizations and candidates.  

 See our designs and buttons at www.pithypins.com

  • Passionate Pachyderms (PP~) 

We are the founders and leaders of “Passionate Pachyderms,” National political Watch Dog/Action Group which consists of more than 2.5 million Conservative Right friends, members, national talk radio and television personalities, national, state and local elected officials, Conservative artists, musicians and writers, Internationally known activists, speakers, and bloggers, National, State and local Tea party Organizers, and Patriots from every state in the nation, all of whom speak out with BRUTAL HONESTY, and take action when they see something “WRONG” or “QUESTIONABLE”  that concerns the American people.

We are also, two of the most active, engaged, and involved individuals you’ll ever meet, and The Brutally Honest Elephants in every room!

Graphic designer/Artistic Director

  • Owners of three small businesses
  • Professional Fund Raisers
  • Large Event problem/crisis resolution professionals
  • Large Event planning/organization consultants
  • Video producers / Directors
  • Event Security consultants
  • Event promotions /Advertising Consultants
  • Motivational Guest Speakers
  • Presenters of the  Educational programs:
  •  Fighting Back
  •  How the Radical left took over Washington, the White House, and America, and what we need to do to get them out, 
  •  Rules For Conservative Radicals
  •          Campaign Consultants
  •          Activists
  •          Bloggers
  •          Event vendors
  • Video producers and Directors

Our opinions are just that, personal OPINIONS.

The opinions of Passionate Pachyderms may not always be popular, but they will always be BRUTALLY HONEST.  

We Tell It Like It Is, and We Never Forget!  Elephants ROAR,  We don’t bow, or apologize, and neither do the American people.

Please visit our new state of the art command center and web site www.passionatepachyderms.com  

“Like” us,  on Facebook www.facebook.com/passionatepachyderms  and “friend” Chuck Pithy on Facebook as well. You can also Contact us through our web sites:  http://www.pithypins.com/ and http://www.passionatepachyderms.com

Don’t forget to invite us to your event, and contact us about our unique button design options, fund raising opportunities and ideas, as well as your Organizations volunteer and event staff buttons and campaign/ candidate buttons!

Pithy Pins is a small family owned and operated business, our staff is made up entirely of volunteers. That’s RIGHT, NO ONE GETS PAID! The funds raised from the sale of our merchandise is used entirely to help finance continued participation in the fight to save our Country, and preserve it as our forefathers intended for future generations, They enable us to make contributions to worthy RIGHT minded Conservative candidates, help support the Grassroots Tea Party Movement, many of its individual organizations, as well as helps limit costs associated with the presentation of our educational programs, political Conservative advocacy, and helping/ consulting on rallies and events nationwide.




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