A Passionate Dear John To Obama

By: Passionate Pachyderms                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Dear Obama,

Though this is supposed to be a “Dear John”  letter in which customarily, one individual (ME) involved in a relationship seeks to inform the other (you) that said relationship has come to an end as far as that individual is concerned.

Mine will be quite different however, because not only have I NEVER had a relationship with you, I am one of those pesky God fearing, Bible thumping, truck driving, Constitution loving, military supporting, flag waving, hard working, self reliant,  middleclass, RIGHTWING NUTJOB American terrorists your administration warns folks about, and considers to be a DANGEROUS THREAT.

Now, before I shatter your narcissistic little fantasy world in which every living thing, (including yourself) see’s you as something akin to God’s right hand man, I just want to set the record straight on a few very important matters.

First, I don’t like you,  never did, NEVER will.

I don’t trust you. NEVER did, NEVER will.

I don’t believe anything you say. NEVER did, Never will about ANYTHING.

I’ve never found you interesting, enthralling, intriguing, brilliant, or “dreamy,” (barf) quite the opposite in fact, I found you to be an unbelievable bore, and a liar.

In fact, the first time I saw a picture of you, it made my skin crawl. Each time I’ve been forced to see your face or hear your voice since then, I’ve had to fight the urge to throw up in my mouth. Fighting this urge has become increasingly a losing battle over the past four years, as I’ve watched you systematically ruin MY country, which many, including myself have fought for, sacrificed for and died to defend.

I’ve been there in Washington D.C.  watching and fighting against you as your ridiculous notions  resulted in closed businesses, unemployment, home foreclosure, bankruptcy, lower standards of living, and increasing dependency of the American people on government. I’ve been there standing in the way as you have attempted to run our lives, lure us into entitlement programs, and mandated your twisted notions of RIGHT and wrong.

I’ve watched and battled against you,  as your failed policy ideas ruined our once strong economy, and more recently, I’ve watched, stood my ground refusing to budge trying to block the effects of your buffoonish lack of leadership, as your Marxist beliefs have taken apart our once thriving healthcare system, and tied the hands of brilliant medical professionals who have spent their lives caring for others.

I’ve battled and screamed out against your administrations willful invasion of my privacy and that of every other American Citizen, as well as when you and your spouse have in one breath told us what we can eat, drink, use to wash our bodies, our clothes and our homes, then,  in the next breath, run around the world lavishly taking extended  expensive vacations every six to eight weeks,  on the dimes of hard working Americans like myself, stuffing your faces with ice cream, cheeseburgers, Milk shakes, French fries, lobster, steak, and Kobe beef,  washing it down with expensive Champaign, wine, and top shelf liquor.

I’ve protested sickened, as you’ve  held lavish multimillion dollar parties inviting the world’s most “beautiful people” to MY HOUSE, while refusing to allow the children of American citizens to even tour that house on school trips, and doing NOTHING to ease the pain of those whom you’ve made homeless and penniless.

 I’ve been there watching,  and pushing back against “your,” (NOT THE REPULICAN’S) closure and barricading of the national mall and it’s monuments,  built and paid for with the blood sweat and tears of millions of Americans.

 I’ve witnessed  your goons arrest those of us standing in your way, attempting to hold those monuments open for thousands of American heroes as they visited them for the first time in their 80’s and 90’s. Monuments built to honor them, their friends, and their shared sacrifice.

 I was there to see you effectively block the American people from seeing more than 1.5 million American Bikers descend on Washington D.C. to honor  9-11 victims, and speak up against your tyranny, and again, just a few weeks later as you attempted (but failed) to do the same to the truckers of America.

I’ve stood with thousands of others against your actions as you ordered the Internal Revenue Service to attack American citizens who opposed your political beliefs and policy decisions,  then watched disgusted as you leaked their private information to political opponents.

I BOLDLY objected to your actions and those of your flunky,  Eric holder, as you facilitated and approved the sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels, got American border guards killed, as well as thousands of Mexican citizens,  then lied about your administrations involvement in it over and over to the American public, and to the United States Congress with Fast and Furious.

 I stood against you and fearlessly objected to your actions and that of your subordinates whom you shamelessly  FAILED TO LEAD, as you ignored your duties went off to play cards with your (ehh hemmm) “FRIEND”  leaving those in Benghazi to die alone and begging for help, then once AGAIN  as you and your administration tried and failed to cover your tracks,  creating completely false stories about a video being the cause of it all, lying through your teeth for weeks, even to the victims parents and loved ones,  in spite of all evidence clearly exposing those stories as  proof of the treasonous actions of those telling them.

I’ve watched, and shouted to the world what I witnessed when your political party committed election fraud in my full view, to facilitate putting  you in office a second time, and as the lot of you continued to rape and violate the American people as you steal our very way of life from us.

I fought against your being elected the first time, and I haven’t stopped fighting you and your minions since.

For the past seven + years, my life has been committed to exposing your lies and fighting to save my country and my fellow Americans.

Therefore this letter is not written to end my relationship with you, on the contrary, it is written to put you on notice, MY FRIENDS AND I HAVE ONLY BEGUN TO FIGHT, We have amassed an army of patriots made up of AMERICANS, NOT Black Americans, or white Americans, but Americans of EVERY color from EVERY ethnicity, all of  whom join with us prepared to defend this country from the likes of you and your ilk.

We intend to FIGHT for our country with every ounce of energy, time, effort, and pennies we can muster.

 You may well have started this Mr. Obama, but mark my words, in true American style, with Gods good grace, morals, values, intelligence,  the Constitution, and good old  American strength, WE, The American Patriots, We The People, will be the ones to end it, and to win.


Passionate Pachyderms 

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