Pachyderm Herd Leader Schools Liberal Media On Loyalty And 2020 TRUMPVISION

Pachyderms by their very nature are loyal creatures. We NEVER forget, and yes, because we never forget, we tend to hold a grudge. It’s nothing personal, well, scratch that, it is in fact very personal.

For instance, did you know that the Matriarch of a herd of Pachyderms will lead her herd on a wild rampage and literally destroy villages and sometimes those living within them if the Matriarch believes her herd has been endangered or egregiously wronged in some way?

By that same token, Elephants have been known to save the lives of those who have treated them with kindness, cared for them, and shown respect for the magnificent creatures they are.

That said, the Jack Asses out there wandering aimlessly across the Savannah poking, kicking, and otherwise annoying the herd would do well to remember just exactly who controls the watering hole for the next 4, possibly 8 years.

As the matriarch of the Passionate Pachyderm herd, after the very long arduous campaign and election cycle, I decided it was time to step back, and quietly bask in the glory of our CRUSHING VICTORY, attend the inauguration, perhaps a Ball or two, and relax a bit as we watched the magic that is Donald J. Trump happen for a while.

I”m proud to say I made it through the past four months with little or no comment or opinion one way or another about cabinet picks, Presidential appointments, executive orders, protests, mindless calls for a Trump impeachment, (come on left wingers, can you really be THAT stupid?Oh wait, you elected Obama TWICE, never mind that last question.) and lest I forget, the ever present, Never accurate, full of fabrication Main Stream Media and their endless hate filled, seething attacks on MY PRESIDENT, FIRST LADY, and THE FIRST FAMILY.

Not good folks. Did I tell you that Pachyderms roam in herds and tend to go off when provoked? I mean really, imagine the weight of three or four cars coming right down on top of you, or worse, being gored with the tusks of a pissed off Matriarch. Sigh, I’d say those situations are best avoided at all costs. Yes I believe I have mentioned something to the effect.

Donald J. Trump has been in the White House less then 30 days and already he has done more for the American people then OBAMA did during his entire eight years 1term.

Trump and his AMAZING staff have worked day and night addressing the multitude of “misdeeds” in need of undoing. Things like TPP, Obamacare, open boarders that had every Tom, Julio, and Habeeb just waltzing into our country unvented, undocumented, unemployed, and unwanted without consequence.

In 30 days, the man has created more jobs with a phone call than Obama did with the billions of tax payer stimulus dollars spent on “shovel ready jobs” that need I remind you, never turned out to be shovel ready, or real jobs.

While OBAMA took endless expensive tax payer funded vacations, went golfing and lounged around watching T.V. Rather then attending his daily security briefings which resulted in the deaths of American citizens, our new PRESIDENT, D.J.T. is frequently working in the Oval Office until well past midnight, and back at it before Washington D.C. Wakes up every morning.

The new POTUS appears to be something of a cross between the energizer bunny and a Timex watch who takes a licking from the liberal left, the media, and elitists, but keeps right on going and going and going.

THAT IS THE MAN The PASSIONATE PACHYDERM HERD and millions of other American citizens elected to office. He is the man we need and want there, and whom we have every intention of keeping there until 2024.


But I digress….

My point is, there is a new herd in town folks, and I’m not talking about the Jackasses who screwed everything up! This herd is Loyal, Strong, and Fighting mad, if I were a member of the Jackass media, I’d be very careful about who you poke and how hard you push, you could end up jobless and running for your life from a herd of pissed off Pachyderms who haven’t forgotten.


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