The Organized Destruction of America’s Soul

By Ken Crow

Today is without question, the angriest I have been in years. For some time now, I have in fact been in a quandary over whether Barack Obama was inept, on a mission of stupidity or whether he was just plain despicable. Today’s news headlines have answered my question. He is all three! I can honestly say that I have never in all my life felt such total “IRE” for an elected official or for that matter anyone.

Barack Obama has officially graduated to the same status as the much despised “Westboro Baptist Church“. You remember Westboro don’t you? These are the fine upstanding Christian (tongue in cheek) folks that go out and protest funerals of our fallen soldiers. These are the fine folks that go down to abortion clinics and protest, cuss and spit on young girls walking out of an abortion clinic and sling the slogans of “baby murderer” at them as they walk to a waiting car while crying. No question about it; Westboro Baptist gives an entire new meaning to the moniker of Christian. I have no doubt that the Lord Jesus would be extremely proud of Westboro and it’s band of zealots that exemplify such love and compassion (again; tongue in cheek) for the human condition.

As I flipped on Fox News this morning with my hot cup of coffee in hand, the first story out of the box was one of total shock to my system. The video that accompanied the story line were soldiers in coffins being unloaded from planes at Dover Air Force Base. The story line was how Barack Obama was suspending death benefits to the fallen soldiers families. I turned the volume up on my television thinking I had heard this wrongly. Surely not! For once in a very long time, my ears had not deceived me. It was true! Barack Obama was using our fallen soldiers and their families as political pawns in his personal chess game of chicken with the Republicans over the (FAKED) government shutdown.

I am calling it fake for the simple reason that this is not a true government shutdown. The fact is that some 83% of our government is not shutdown. Barack Obama has selectively chosen what is shutdown and what is not shutdown. His Congressional Golf Course and Country Club remains open. His gym remains open as does many other perks he enjoys and are/is remaining open. Reports are now surfacing that Obama has in fact ordered that pain is to be inflicted on the American people. The purpose? He is attempting to portray the Republicans as evil in the eyes of the American people. This man has shutdown our national parks and is even shutting down our memorials in Washington D.C., which as a side-note, are not even manned with government officials. The Vietnam War Memorial is an open aired memorial with zero staffing and it is even shutdown and barricaded.

The despicable acts that this President is inflicting on the American people are not only childish, they are truly evil. Unfortunately, these are just the beginning of what I term as “America is losing it’s soul”. Had Obama been President 50 years ago and attempted this sort of thing, he would have been met with such outrage from the people, he would have been forced to fly to Fiji to get away from it. Today? Nothing! Stone cold silence other than Fox News reporting on these actions.

America; what happened? Where has your courage gone? Where has your moral compass gone? Where has your patriotism gone? The only indication that something is there is in what Sean Hannity and Colonel Oliver North are doing with these soldiers families. There personal foundations are paying the death benefits for our heroes families. They are paying the $100,000.00 plus travel expenses to these families, not Barack Obama.

America today seems to have lost its spirit of “CAN DO” attitude. Between the degradation of our morals and the stripping of our once proud patriotic heritage, I am at a loss. The Boy Scouts accepting of the gay agenda? The general destruction of our once proud military. America is in a tail spin and of that I believe most everyone can agree upon. Our national debt is killing our willingness to fight back. We have a President that bows at the waist to foreign leaders. Americas churches are under attack and nobody is defending them. I ask again America, what has happened to your spirit of fighting back?

Make no mistake and understand this much. This is all organized by the left! They are stripping your fighting spirit America. They are stripping it through our religion, our laws and our check book. They are stripping your very will to say “enough” through labeling you as a racist and a hate monger if you speak out. It is not hate mongering to stand up say ” I do not want to see half-naked dancing men in the streets kissing and making love”! It is not hate mongering to say “I do not want my 11-year-old son” having to share a tent with a 16 year openly gay boy! It is not hate mongering to say that you’re opposed to seeing our President bowing to foreign religious leaders.

America; it is time to stand up! It is time to reclaim what we spent millions of lives developing and creating. It is time to reclaim our heritage and restore our decency and pride. If the gays want to dance in the streets, fine, let them do so in Paris. If the President wants to deny our families of our fallen and spit on them as he has done, fine! Let him do so after he has been impeached for the many reasons he needs to be impeached for. America; we must unite and fight this destruction of our very soul and nation. Who is with me?

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