Open Letter to; Elected Officials in Washington, D. C.

From; The American People

To; America’s Elected Representatives on Capitol Hill

Dear Congressman and Senators;

Suggestion; If you enjoy your job as an elected official on Capitol Hill, I would take 3 minutes and read this letter.

For several hundred years, the federal government left the American people alone. In that time, we became the largest and most productive economy the world had ever known. For several hundred years the American people thrived. We worshiped God, our speech was usually respective and we put our elected officials (for the most part) on a pedestal. We thought highly of our government and our elected representatives. Not anymore!

The American people today view Washington as nothing more than a cesspool for corruption and cronyism. The government’s involvement in our homes has taken on a frightening light. Your zeal for power has left us with debt that is crippling our nation. Example; had you left home loans to the bankers, we would have not had the housing crises. In your arrogance, you decided that every American should have the right to own a home. You decided to force Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo and the rest to grant loans to every Tom, Dick and Harry that came along. Did you not stop and think that a banker who has been reading credit reports for 20 years might not be able to decide who is a worthy credit risk and who isn’t? Hundreds of billions of tax payers dollars later we are deeper in debt. You thought in your arrogance that if you gave a home to a risky borrower, you could garner that person’s vote. And you did, but at what price to our nation?

You Democrats take it upon yourselves to decide that “WE the People” want government health-care. In order to pick up a few million votes, you spend astronomical amounts of our money on television advertising to convince us that we need this garbage known as Obama-care. In order to garner these few million votes, you punish an entire nation with a bill you have not even read.  If you truly wanted to help the people who could not afford health care, simply fund Medicare with a bit more cash, and allow anyone that is uninsurable to enroll and pay on a sliding income scale. But that wasn’t your true intentions. Your true intentions were to seize the American medical industry and force yourselves into every business in America. Your true intentions were to further drive your cronyism and solidify more power. Do you think we don’t know? Are you stupid enough to think the American people don’t know just how corrupt you truly are? Yes, Mr. President; I am speaking to you now also.

In your zest for even more power, you now decide to re-educate our children with Common Core. You have decided that our 6 year olds don’t need to be children anymore. They need to learn about sex? Have you lost your flipping minds? NO, not only no, but hell no! I will not tolerate my grandchildren learning about sex at 5 and 6 years old. They need to be playing with G.I. Joe and Barbie, not learning about private parts and what they’re used for. And gender identity crises with school children? Do you want your daughter using the bathroom and have boys walk in? Have we all lost our minds?

Somebody or better yet, anybody, think about this for a moment on Capitol Hill. We have a religion that calls for our deaths over 106 times in their version of a Bible. They bomb our embassy’s, hijack our airplanes, blow up our ships, bomb our marathons, shoot up our military bases on American soil and murder us by the thousands. Tell me again please; just when are you going to decide that these people are not friendly and want to kill us? When are you going to decide to stop coddling them and label them for what they are?

When Barack Obama took office, our national debt was just over $9 trillion dollars. Today we are passing the $17 trillion mark. That is nearly a 100% increase in the national debt. Our economy has in fact shrank and you know this. We are paying $3.50 a gallon for gasoline that should be around $1.50 a gallon if we were allowed to burn our own oil and stop importing oil from countries that hate us. We are shutting down coal mines and electrical power plants that burn coal with nothing to replace it. Our energy rates have skyrocketed for no good reason other than ideology. When is this insanity going to stop? The worst part, the above is transpiring because of corruption and cronyism. We all know it! Again; do you think the American people are this stupid?

I have only touched the surface of what is driving America’s furry toward our government’s intrusion on our lives. Know this; Washington’s finest.

The America people are livid with each of you except Senator’s Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and few more. America is livid at nearly all of the House except Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Darrell Issa and few more. When we have 535 representatives on Capitol Hill and only a dozen or so care anything about America, we have a problem!

I am personally putting most if not all of you on notice. Get ready to feel the wrath of the American people. Get ready to feel the wrath of the Tea Party. Know that there are tens of millions of us. Senator Harry Reid, you want to make fun of us? You want to call us names that are less than polite? Know that we will be replacing Senators in 14. You will no longer be the Majority Leader in the Senate. Speaker John Boehner, we want someone with the courage of Ted Cruz in your seat. We want someone who will not cower to a President that is very obviously trying to destroy this nation. Personally, I think Congressman Jim Bridenstine would be an excellent choice.

Know this also; America is angry. She is livid with anger toward most of you. You have grabbed power over the people, you have trashed our economy with government intrusion into our lives and businesses. You have spent money that we didn’t have to spend and for what? More political power or so you thought.

The party is over Mr. and Mrs. Politician! We are coming in 14 and the only ones that will be safe are those that adhere to our Bill of Rights and Constitution. We are not stupid, we know the difference. Your smooth talking rhetoric, we have heard enough of. We wanted results and we did not receive those results. We have crushing debt and government intrusion between our doctors and our families. We have lost our full-time jobs and had to replace them with two part-time jobs. WE ARE OVER IT!

If you think for a moment the Tea Party is going to let the American people forget about this, you would be sadly mistaken. We are mobilizing and we are organizing. We will do whatever it takes to replace you.

The days of politics over America are over. We are taking our nation back! You are our employees, not the other way around! The days of cronyism are over. As someone famous once said, “we are made as hell and we aren’t taking it anymore”.

Very best wishes:

Ken Crow

Co-Founder/Tea Party Community

Author/Writer/Speaker of all things conservative

PS; Yes, go ahead and laugh at this letter. But tonight, look into the bathroom mirror and ask yourself, do I sound like I am kidding? By the way; America wishes to thank you Senator’s Cruz, Lee, Paul and everyone that spoke what we have been thinking so very eloquently. You all did a great job. As for Senator Reid, you want to laugh and insult the Tea Party? Enjoy it while you can Sir, your about to be just a Senator again.

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