An Open Letter To President Trump’s Campaign

Dear Trump Campaign,

Let me introduce myself, I am Chuck Pithy, co founder of and Passionate Pachyderms Digital Media Group. We have a membership/following of several million people in addition to those of our members who are sharing our content on all social media platforms. We are strong supporters of the President and will be at the convention in Charlotte. When covering the convention in Cleveland we had the honor of speaking with Donald Trump Jr.

I will get right to the point, in addition to working hard to help ensure the President’s re-election we are nationally recognized as advocates for chronic pain patients. There is a very serious issue that long term chronic pain patients have. They are being treat like they are addicts simply because they require more medication than the illegally created guidelines suggested by the CDC. The problem is multifacited; physicans are afraid of being subjected to a raid and loss of practice by the DEA, physicans are being prohibited from seeing chronic pain patients by the medical group they work for, pharmacy’s refusing to despense opiates at all or limiting the dose to what they feel comfortable with rather than the dosage their client’s treating physican prescribed. Last but not least they are unfairly being lumped in with the opiate crisis despite the fact that less than 1% of chronic pain patients become addicted.

The perception of our members is that President Trump does not know or does not care about this issue. If you could clarify President’s Trump’s position on this issue and what he is working on either legislatively or through excutive order that would go along way in gaining the support of the estimated 20 million chronic pain patients in the United States. I look forward to hearing your response so this can be posted as soon as possible.


20,000,000 Chronic Pain Patients

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