Same Old, Same Old, Unless……

By Chuck Pithy


Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that the GOP had such a great midterm election and won back the senate, but for those looking for a huge change in your life you’re going to be disappointed. If the GOP does not change its ways it will just be more of the same and our executive order President will just continue. So where do we go from here?

First, we need to be continually sending bills to the president. Do not load them up with other things, just a single bill on a single subject. Make the bills so good for everyone and so practical that it is almost impossible to justify veto. If the bill was authored by democrats and it is good for the country support it and send it to the president. Show the country what leadership really is.

Next the GOP needs to make use of every possible media and social media outlet to let the public know what bills are being sent to the President. Urge everyone to call and email the Whitehouse urging the President to sign them. Overwhelm them with calls and faxes urging him to sign the bills, melt the phone lines if necessary.

Finally set up a website where the bills are listed. Provide links to the bills so they can be read by everyone. Then show when the bill was sent to the President. I would also show the status of the bill, awaiting signature, vetoed or signed.

This action plan would stop selective media reporting, stops the President from being able to lie about the content of the bill and makes him accountable for his actions. The President stated he was going to have a transparent government; this would just help him live up to that promise.


I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!



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