Yet Another Obamacare Under The Radar Announcement

By … Chuck Pithy

The President’s signature legislation, the ACA, took another strange turn as the administration announced on Wednesday afternoon that the SHOP (Smallbusiness Health Options Program) will have its launch delayed until November 2014.  Here are the things that are interesting about this announcement.

1.  The timing of the announcement, Wednesday afternoon prior to Thanksgiving, to ensure minimal press coverage and almost zero discussion of what this means.

2. Let’s not forget when the Gov. shutdown occurred and the Republican’s demanded a delay of the ACA they were told no way.  Further it was stated that this was the law and nothing  either in part or as a whole, could be changed on it.

3. Does the President really have the authority to do this??  Of the administration was not ready to administer this part of the law after 3 1/2 years then perhaps this law is truly unmanageable.

4. Why is it delayed for almost a year, why could it not be fixed in 2 months like the ACA website?  A delay of this length deserves some straight forward answers as to why.

5.  If the ACA is such a great program for everyone in the country, then why delay it until after the midterm elections?  We all know the answer to that, no democrat, unless in a safe seat, wants to run on the Obamacare stigma.

Maybe the president can say it was just a few rogue agents in Ohio that caused this, maybe it is a spontaneous reaction to a youtube video, maybe a redline in the sand was crossed, I just don’t know?  I think the American people deserved some straight, honest answers which this administration is incapable of delivering along with way too many other things.

I am Chuck Pithy and I tell it like it is!

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